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  1. Perri-Lee

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    Aug 27, 2011
    Lexington SC
    I had somebody ask me and I said I would post this question. If a urinalysis shows protein and or ketones but does not show sugar is that a dot physical turn down? Or what does the doctors do? do you still get your card?
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    If it turns out you are type 2 diabetic, yes but you will have to get certified every year instead of two.
  3. joplinlocal

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    Sep 25, 2010
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    I seriously doubt you'll have trouble. I've also wondered about this since several doctors over 20+ years have told me my urine ketone levels are high... but it has never kept me from obtaining a yearly DOT medical card. From what I've learned having high ketone levels can be perfectly normal... but there is always the possibly it's a sign of an underlying condition.

    Of course having a high sugar level will fail you right out of the gate. One of our drivers went for his DOT physical and failed due to high sugar. He worried for days until he could see his doctor thinking he had diabetes. Ended up he drank "one too many" beers the night before the physical. He passed the DOT physical with flying colors the second time around.
  4. Preacher Man

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    I've had chronic nephritis syndrome since I was four. The major sign is high levels of protein in the urine. It may not fail you on the physical, but if it is more than +1 on the dip test you need to see a doctor and get it checked out. High levels for too long a period can create some serious physical problems and it is a sign of kidney problems.
  5. foofy

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    Sep 23, 2011
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    I just had my physical Saturday and the doc said I had a low level of protein in my urine, no blood, no sugar. He said it is nothing to worry about and gave me my card. It must be noted he also told me to keep and eye on it in the future. He said the meds I am on could cause the protein to leak over or I could be a little dehydrated. THE ANSWER TO YOUR QUESTION IS IT DEPENDS ON THE EXAMINER.
  6. Perri-Lee

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    Aug 27, 2011
    Lexington SC
    i will pass this along to my friend that asked. he would not take it just from me
  7. GSWx

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    Protein in the urine without other medical testing would typically suggest either some form of diabetes, kidney stone formation, inflammation within the kidney itself or kidney damage such as trauma. This is something that needs to be followed up by a physician.

    Ketones are typically a result of a diabetic condition. However, ketones can appear in a normally healthy person if one is doing a low carbohydrate diet such as eating meats and vegetables only or fasting.

    This too is something that should be talked about with his or her physician.
  8. hup

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    Oct 19, 2010
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    well I've only had two dot physicals done.. The first one, if I had a bad result they "let me try again" and again.. they skipped over many things, and even though I was on glyduride and lisinopril (diatebetic med and high blood pressure med respectively), he signed my card for 2 years.

    After a year.. I got myself an honest, decent GP. And while on home time, decided to get my dot exam a year early; and offset any future conflicts that could arise.. Anyway, he was strict as hell. Tested everything properly and fully. He wasn't going to sign my card cuz my blood pressure was a few points high (142/90) Thankfully I had a record of previous blood pressure scores (I monitor it daily) to show that result he got is not my usual. He accepted that..

    Anyway, long story short.. 2 doctors, two totally different treatments. Oh and also.. if you have 4-5 days off, get the exam at the beginning of your break and not the end like I did. :D
  9. REEAL101

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    May 17, 2017
    Quick question! Im a new driver, Just took my DOT physical today. I believe everything went okay, I almost got the minimum certification due to high blood pressure, but thankfully they were patient & allowed me to rest for a while to get it down as much as possible before submitting the final numbers. One thing I was concerned about was the "trace" of protein in my urinalysis, but the blood & sugar columns were 0. They also checked normal on all body system physical examination boxes, except 1, in the General section was abnormal. The Dr just told me to check with my Dr about blood pressure but told me he's going to go ahead & certify me for 2 years. Gave me 2 copies of drug screen sheet, 1 for me & the employer. It said I meet standards; qualified for 2 year certificate. QUESTION IS AM I OKAY?! Thank you Good people<3
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    May 30, 2011
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