Vibrating, flapping straps

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    More tips to help the new Drivers/Owner Operators out there avoid damaged cargo claim, or a ticket for a cut strap.

    Fluttering, flapping, or vibrating straps. However you choose to describe them, when you’re going down the road and straps are flapping in the wind they can get cut on the freight, and/or damage the freight. And the motorists passing by you, to them they appear to be loose. You don’t need them calling the highway patrol saying your load isn’t secure. This vibrating, flapping will happen even if a strap is tightly cinched down.

    The rule of thumb is, on freight that is over 4’ in height, you should put a twist in the strap on both sides of the trailer. This stops the strap from vibrating, flapping in the wind.

    Another thing, take a few extra minutes and secure your excess strap ends to the bump rail using a bungee cord. You don’t want it flying around like a kite tail in the wind slapping other people’s vehicles, be dragging it on the highway, or be running it over with your own trailer tires.

    The law use to say if a 4” strap has more than a 1/4 inch cut in it, it cannot be used to secure freight. This may have changed, they may not even allow a 1/4 inch cut, it’s hard to keep up with all the changes. Many of us use 2” steps so a 1/4 cut will definitely get you noticed rolling through a scale house or by a highway patrol rolling by you. I say if a strap has any damage to it at all, replace it immediately. Tickets for this type of stuff, even warnings will likely effect your safety score. Insurance companies, Brokers, and Shippers are all checking your safety score these days. You don’t want Brokers, and Shippers seeing a bad score and refusing to load you. And you don’t need your insurance going up at renewal time.

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    When I pulled flatbed I always put a twist in the strap like you suggest. That works perfectly; no noise from flapping and vibration of the straps.
    Some driver not too long ago claims he got a ticket for that and the DOT officer told him the twist makes a stress point in the strap which is illegal. I find that hard to believe.
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    i had a driver look at me funny when i said that I WAS told to put a twist in the strap.

    and so it goes. some believe to do it, others think it's nuts.
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    Years ago, I was hauling motorcycles that were crated. Because too much downward force would crush the wooden crate (company I worked for didn't provide corner boards). I used a twist on both sides to prevent flapping. Got all the way across Ontario, then stopped near Ottawa at scale. DOT tells me it's illegal to have twist in strap... WTF! No ticket, but makes me re-strap whole load. Get into Quebec and get stopped again at 1st scale. DOT there says it's illegal not to have a twist! Again re-strap whole load. This was before Federal tie-down regulations became consistent across the Country. Back then each Provincial Government enforced their own "interpretation" of the law. Ontario and Quebec were the worst for contradicting each other. The number of Pilot vehicles, flagging and using beacon lights still varies to this day.
    Back then, the Provincial Governments couldn't agree on the color of ####.
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    The only thing i hate about twisting my strap is the hook end is on the wrong way that i like it. Ive come up with the bright idea of starting with the way i dont like it and when i twist it will be the way that i like it , but its to much for my brain to handle and i havent figured it out yet LOL
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    Start regular, twist, over the load and twist again. No?
    I'm not a flatbedder so I dunno if what I said makes sense
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    Aug 26, 2014
    Just attach your hook, give it a half twist toward the rear of the trailer, throw the strap. Give it another half twist on the other side, again towards the rear of the trailer, drop it through your rub rail and winch it up.
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  8. D.Tibbitt

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    Apr 26, 2013
    Sweet makes sense. I always throw them then twist and hooks always get turned around . thanks for the help fellers, im mentally challeneged most of the time lol
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    I don’t use the hooks go winch to winch
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    Apr 26, 2013
    How do u like doing that? Ive heard a couple guys doing that. How much extra time would u say it takes?
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