Wal Mart cell phone policy

Discussion in 'Wal-Mart' started by braceface, Apr 2, 2012.

  1. braceface

    braceface Light Load Member

    Aug 4, 2010
    I heard that Wal Mart drivers are no longer allowed to use cell phones while driving, even while using a bluetooth device...Is this actually the policy???
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  3. 58Skylane

    58Skylane Medium Load Member

    Mar 31, 2012
    Cody, WY
    That's my company's new policy, too. And we only operate 3 rigs. However, we have been told we can use the Blue Tooth through the C.B. radio. But, my company would really prefer us not to use the cell phone until we are parked legally and safely. They just don't want to take on any possible liability, plus the very heavy fines that were recently enacted. It's fine by me since I'm not much of a phone person anyway.

    In fact, we have that policy for all company vehicles including vans and cars. The only people allowed to use cell phones with headsets, ear pieces or Blue Tooth are the sales reps and regional reps that travel in a car.

    DIESEL DOG Light Load Member

    Nov 15, 2009
    No that is not true. They thought about it but with all the negative feedback from the drivers they changed their minds.
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  5. braceface

    braceface Light Load Member

    Aug 4, 2010
    Thank you for the info DIESEL DOG!!!
  6. foggy

    foggy Medium Load Member

    Sep 2, 2013

    This has changed. Yhey are only allowed about an hour a day and must submit phone records to prove it. Glad to be an OO..at least I am free:)
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  7. Extreme4x4

    Extreme4x4 Medium Load Member

    Jul 6, 2013
    Your are allowed to talk, while driving, in 10 minute intervals with no longer than 1 total hour in your 11. They also do not want you talking during rush hour traffic. You can talk as much as you want when not driving.

    The only time that phone records will be asked for are if you get called for a random alcohol test, which is very infrequently. If you are caught talking when you shouldn't be, you will get a step. You will not be terminated. If you have an accident and are talking on the phone, you will be terminated.

    Yes, I had the class a couple of weeks ago, and we go live on Oct 1st.

    This is far from an outright ban and is much more lenient than many carriers no phones ever policy.
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  8. braceface

    braceface Light Load Member

    Aug 4, 2010
    Your phone records will only be checked if you have a "PREVENTABLE ACCIDENT" At that point, the driver has to provide the phone record for "THAT DAY ONLY"

    I went thru the distracted driving class, and ZERO was said about providing phone records if you have a random alcohol test..
  9. Desert_Skies

    Desert_Skies Medium Load Member

    Aug 30, 2012
    You like flying the Im free flag. Do you even have a clue as to how good these guys have it at the private fleet? Our "freedom" comes with a high price and others need to understand what we put up with out here as "business owners". Maybe you should share some of the negatives involved with being an owner operator so the newer people that might be on the fence could have some decent input to help them decide. If your lucky enough to be a successful there are alot of "issues" that the private fleet guys will never have to deal with.

    Actualy the best set up for me would be to have my truck on at Landstar and a nice secure job with the private fleet. This combination would give me a very nice income with lots of comp time off and I still get the freedom to run my business. With some of the programs available at Walmart I might not even have to hire a driver. I might need to look into that....
  10. mustang970

    mustang970 Road Train Member

    Mar 27, 2009
    Nobody's free.
    We are all bound ny ever tightening rules regulations, and laws.
    Your so called freedoms are being stripped away daily.
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  11. gizmo57

    gizmo57 Bobtail Member

    Oct 21, 2013
    Northern Colorado
    I was a Wal Mart driver for 23 years. This month, Oct, I was involved in an accident. No other vehicles were involved and I did not leave the roadway. High wind and slick roads were the culprit. I was NOT on the cell phone at the time of the accident. I passed the drug and alcohol screens. I took it upon myself to provide Wal Mart with my cell phone records. I simply downloaded them from Verizon wireless web site and gave them to my safety mgr. Not only were the details from the day of the accident on the records but all the days going back to the first of the month. As you know, Wal Mart instituted the new Distracted Driver policy on 10/1/ 2013. I was up to date with it and agreed with it. As a result of the cell phone records search it was discovered that, while in driving status, I had responded to a text message that a family member had sent me on 10/01/2013. To the best of our recollection I texted back the number 2 or a smiley face. It was in response from a text that said "I love you daddy". It was a completely mindless response on my part and done without thinking. My accident was 3 days later. It cost me my job of 23 years with Wal Mart. I was called into the office to discuss, what I thought, were details regarding the accident on 10/04. When I got there I was dealt the cell phone records find. I cant begin to tell you the shock and confusion that followed. There it was in black and white along with the OBC stamps from the truck detailing Driving status at the time of my misjudgment. My head was spinning. Then my GM said the words to me that I will NEVER forget. Your terminated. I'm married, 3 teenagers in the house, a mortgage, car payments, and all the bills that a family of 5 can incur. My head was swimming with horror. I cried in front of my GM and safety mgr. Who wouldn't. 23 years with a sterling record, great reviews, and awesome relationships with the office, gone. One, 1 digit text, and I was terminated. Again, I was fully aware of the new policy and I did send the text. I AGREED with the policy. I made a thoughtless mistake that has turned I and my family's world upside down. Healthcare, vision, dental, ( I have kids in braces), college aspirations of my kids, retirement, and on and on. What's going to replace the Wal Mart benefits? As I am finding out, nothing. I have been encouraged by my Mgmt. to take advantage of the "Open Door" policy, which I am doing. My fear is that I have become the new "Poster Boy" for the Distracted Driver policy. Wal Mart makes it known in safety meetings that it will terminate drivers, no matter how long the service, for infractions concerning company policy. I guess the reason for this post is to let anybody who may read this know that Wal Mart is not joking in regards to their Distracted Driver policy. Random records ARE being pulled and drivers ARE losing their jobs. I hope that you will NEVER know the pain that I and my family are experiencing. In my life, I have never had a more gut wrenching, agonizing experience than when I had to walk thru the front door of my house and tell my wife that I had been terminated. Many tears and much disillusionment. PLEASE heed my warning and put the cell phone down! If this post only keeps one driver from making the same error that I did it will have been worth it. I am a solid Christian and have much support from my Christian friends, both at Wal Mart and church. I have received many calls from my Wal Mart family, and that's what we are, of encouragement and support. My only critic would be that, after much reflection, I do not believe that the punishment fits the crime. This is as harsh as it gets! I would have taken a month off without pay and lose of safety bonus for a year, if offered. Life at Wal Mart will go on as usual. Life in my home will never be the same. Please know that I still am a supporter of Wal Mart and it was a privilege to have driven for the "Best" as long as I did. Now it is time to turn the page, but not without much anxiousness and uncertainty. Blessings to all who read this.
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