wanting input- the PREVENTABLE 'incident' letter

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  1. Qbf594

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    Aug 15, 2019
    backstory- June 23 working for Big Orange delivering to Lowes in Brooklyn
    failed to set up adequately for the turn in, had to do a little wiggling so as not to take down the pedestrian walk light post. In doing so I managed to take a couple of good sized scallops out of a drive tire.
    Being a total noob, stressed beyond belief from my 1st NYC adventure...I called my DM and asked if I could someone to look at the picture I took of the tire to see if it was roadworthy to drive back out over the GW bridge.
    Long story short she wanted to know what happened, I explained, she interpreted that as 'backing up without police present'. This being a company policy I agreed to... I was fired. I can't argue that it was completely my own doing.
    I haven't been home since Memorial day and today my daughter met me to bring me my dog and my mail. In the mail is a letter from the company stating they determined my 'accident' was preventable. It also says Rockaway Point, which is GPS close-ish but not Avenue U where I was.
    So- what exactly constitutes an accident? If I didn't hit any person place or thing, only gouged a tire with the front underside of the trailer....how is that an accident? Call it preventable, absolutely. Call it wanton abuse of company property, stupidity, a bunch of other things. But it's not what I think of as an accident. No one else was involved, nothing was hit or scraped or run over or had any physical contact whatsoever. Just my tire and my trailer.
    I wouldn't make a big deal out of it, especially since they apparently don't even have me listed as fired on my DAC. But they're saying on this letter that (verbatim)
    All preventable crashed are listed on your employment verification record (previously known as DAC report) and will appear on the report for 7 years.

    so....what am I missing?
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  2. starmac

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    Apr 11, 2019
    Fairbanks Ak
    I do not know what to tell you, except I would not consider it an accident either.
    Did you learn anything from it, not that it will not happen again, it likely will, maybe not damage a tire though, but did you learn not to rat yourself out, to people that do not care if you are employeed or not?
  3. Buckmaster1981

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    Jan 18, 2017
    To me it was just an incident not an accident and definitely not worth firing you over! Apparently they have hands beating there doors down for a job if they can afford to be like that ! Just move on and be more careful next time that’s all! It’s not the last time it will happen in your career trust me, just next time changed the coarse of events a little!
  4. FoolsErrand

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    Sep 15, 2017
    I feel for you, but thats par for the coarse at a big brother mega.

    Youve got the new equipment and the benefits program at a big company, that comes with the expense of their soul-less BS policies.
  5. ncdriver1

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    Dec 3, 2012
    So.... You curbed a tire, and got fired? After being on the road nearly 5 months straight for them? Move on and forget them, there are much better companies out there.
  6. speedyk

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    Apr 8, 2015
    Thank you for reinforcing what a petty worthless company Schneider is. Avoiding the sharthole megas made for a hard first year, but at least I didn't deal with that kind of crap, never drove for a DAC-using company.

    What you did is nothing big. No one got hurt, no metal was bent, it should have been a shrug and do better reaction. They were probably crap retreads they bought for a dollar fifty.

    Find a good company and make SNI recede in your mirror. And next time don't turn yourself in.
  7. Qbf594

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    Aug 15, 2019
    yes I learned to keep my mouth shut. and to be more patient in crowded situations. I actually drove thru Queens a few months ago on the main drag for 4 miles and didn't have a mental breakdown....
    but is there really nothing to do about the misleading entry they've made on my record? I'm used to looking like an #######, but it should be for something I'm actually guilty of....
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  8. starmac

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    Apr 11, 2019
    Fairbanks Ak
    Someone needs to start something along the same lines of dac, but company reporting for drivers to use, I mean it would only be fair. I do not see what we even need dac for at all, a company is required to verify your past employment, why have something like dac at all, most companies don't use it anyway.
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  9. Dave_in_AZ

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    May 4, 2015
    That's pretty ultra harsh to get canned for that.
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  10. x1Heavy

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    Mar 5, 2016
    White County, Arkansas
    Missing some money to buy drive tire replacement of a like kind. Strategy One.

    Strategy two, fail the drive tires pretrip and have shop replacement tires put on.

    And the rest of it can be condensed into one simple but very tough concept. (I AM NOT... repeat NOT attacking you here with this next sentance...)

    You fired yourself when you called in the damage that may or may not have been routine. When a trucking company hears you and thinks something bad has happened? well... sure this is what happens. Which is why there were times Ive bought tires or had the shop replace them as if it was no big deal.

    Ive had damage losses greater than 1000 approaching 15000 at times in different accidents that were absolutely preventable however created by impatient bosses who cannot listen to me tell them that I cannot do this or that without breaking this or that. When they dominate me and abuse with profanity and DEMAND that truck be here never mind this or that...

    Ok... drive over this and that. Break em. Truck is now here. Happy?

    WTF?" (I told you... it wont do it... without breaking this and that...)

    when I bought tires or whatever in the past, I fix the damage and covered the loss and the company never hears about it. Until one day they tap the new tire in the drives set and wonder.. humm when did we put this one on?

    Dunno. Its on there. Nice little tire eh?

    And they look me over really good... *Smile...

    The bigger problem now with you is now you have one Preventbale on your DAC etc. You will be telling any employer in the near future what happened. If you gain any more preventables within say the next two years you will find yourself economically isolated and unable to hire on OTR for a while, months or years.

    A workaround to that will be to run a dumpy dump truck until such time has passed (Usually three years) to where the preventable are no longer a concern.

    And a teaching thought.

    If you were empty on the GWB for example and your damage tire went boom. Flat. Shredded etc. That is not a problem. Keep moving until you locate a shop to replace it and TELL THEM IT BLEW UP. What did you do? NOTHING at all. It blew up. You follow me?
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