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    Dec 23, 2009
    I got a warning from a hywy patrol in TN. doing 77 m.p.h. in a 70. no citation, or fine, but will it affect my co's csa score ? or be on my d.m.v. ?
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    Mar 29, 2010
    Was their an inspection report made? If the warning came on an inspection report then yes it effects both your PSP and the carrier's CSA numbers.

    Good question and it's about time drivers started looking @ these things and knowing the differences.
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    Oct 25, 2009
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    There are basically three kinds of citations (tickets) issued for moving violations.
    1) Standard traffic ticket. Will mean you pay a fine and it goes on you driving record unless you successfully fight it.

    2) Warning traffic ticket. Means just that it is a warning. It means you have been given written notice to remove your head from your back side and drive properly. There is no penalty other than the hassle of being stopped and the waste of time.

    3) Fix it traffic ticket. Not really issued for a moving violation, but often times will be issued if the cop decides to not write you for a moving violation but wants you to get something fixed on your car. These can be taken care of by getting the problem fixed and having either the mechanic or a LEO, depending on your jurisdiction's rules and regs sign the ticket off.

    These are your standard traffic tickets and may or may NOT be related to DOT rules and regs.

    In the case of the OP, I take it to mean that it is just what he said, a "warning." Sort of a pass on this violation and don't do it again type thing. There are two reasons for a cop doing this. First and foremost, it shows his supervisors that he is actually doing something besides drinking coffee and eating donuts.:biggrin_2559: Second, it is giving the motorist a wake up call to change his driving behavior, but without the stiff penalty.
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    Dec 23, 2009
    well what really get's me is, I found out this particular hywy patrol gives out false tickets. my truck is set at the maximum speed at 68 m.p.h. it is in the parameters of the trucks e.c.m. if I was loaded, going downhill, yeah I can get to 80 m.p.h. but I was on a flat. the officer asked why I was going so fast? I told him, I did not think I was. he said I was doing 77 m.p.h. then he said well I am going to do a truck/trailer insp. fine with me. after he returned from doing the insp & returning my paperwork. I told him I have over 1.4 mllion miles with NO moving violations & if you look at my logs I run local. i-65 to & from nashville everyday at least once, & many times twice a day. I know the road, the speed limit & all the hiding places of the hwy patrol, but even with out that knowledge. my truck is not governed, but it is turned up all the way by the mfr detroit, & the top speed is 68 mph. I told him now way was I doing 77 on flat ground loaded. it is not possible. he replied, well I wanted to do a truck/ trailler insp & that is the reason I listed why I stopped you.

    I told him, I thought you did not need a reason to stop me. in AL they dont give a reason. they are at least honest. they will tell you, your not doing anything wrong, we just want to see your paperwork, or whatever. I got the impression the TN hwy patrol, wanted to mark down a reason for stopping me in the first place, then use that to do the insp. Now! THIS I just found out late yesterday evening. I talked to our safety dept, & 3 other drivers who are leased to the same co, who run the same lanes. with in the last 5 months all 3 drivers got speeding tickets all in the same stretch of hwy, one loaded 2 empty. all got tickets. I was the only one given a warning. but all 4 of us got the same exact violation 77 m.p.h. in a 70. no way we all by chance were going over the exact same amount. one of the other drivers, said he had his cruise on 70 & he was empty on a flat. no way he said was he doing 77, but the officer told him the same thing, 77 in a 70 & thats why I stopped you & I am going to do a truck trailer insp. my co told me the warning will not affect my license, but will affect my c.s.a. points & my co's c.s.a. points.
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    As part of an inspection...Yup it will effect your CSA score.

    Word to the wise. Watch the wording of citations/warnings that are issued during an inspection.

    My "violation" (3 points), is listed as a violation of "local" ordinance. No ticket issued.

    It would have netted ZERO points had they listed the actual violation for what it was.
  7. RickG

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    Jul 22, 2008
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    CSA points are really tough because they are assigned when the ticket is written . A traffic ticket isn't assigned points unless there is a conviction and often the charge can be dismissed or reduced .
    I've heard of a few rare cases where CSA charges were fought and reversed but it took a major battle .
  8. Big Don

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    Now THAT is just plain bull schidt! You aren't convicted of anything, and yet they assess points against you? If you are right Rick, (and I have no reason to doubt you,) this just makes my blood boil!
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    May 10, 2011
    Well its true. After the ticket you have to hire a lawyer to fight that, then you have to hire a lawyer to fight the Csa 2010 BS. gee double jepardy at the least, and try to find a lawyer to sue the fmcsa,lol. But tell one your neighbor spilled hot coffee on you and he is off to the court house!
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