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Discussion in 'Experienced Truckers' Advice' started by Buckeye 'bedder, Oct 16, 2010.

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    Sep 26, 2010
    Has anyone seen this guys Youtube channel watchmytruck's? This guy follows trucks around recording "aggressive" drivers and reporting them to their company for what he believes is aggressive driving. Yet, he pans the camera around at different angles/views, while commentating on what he believes the driver is doing wrong. I can only say that I hope he has someone else in the car who is doing the recording. If he - the driver - is doing it, then he by far, is more of a danger than the drivers he is recording because he is definitely not concentrating on the road ahead of him.
    He states he has no vendetta? Uhh....okay:biggrin_25513:
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    He has hopes of selling those videos to the company's,..

    He is little more than a scumbag looking to turn a quick buck at the expense of hard working drivers,....
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    Right.....Just like Public Citizen....

    Another good reason for O/O's to run as Dba's and put everything in a "Family Trust"....

    It's bad enough when lawyers make a living off of suing the average uneducated azzhat can do so as well.....

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    Jul 23, 2007
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    Jul 23, 2010
    wow riding in blindspots,maybe a recap will come off and he'll #### his pants! you know the trucks wouldnt have to ride peoples ##### if they could get over but there he sits.
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    Jul 1, 2009
    Lets stop hitting his videos and giving this moron hits! If you do go and watch his crapola check thumbs down! PLEASE!
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    Oct 6, 2010
  8. rileyratrod

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    Sep 13, 2010
    I looked at some of his videos. From the angle of his hood orniment and the angle of his camer veiw it would appear that he is holding the camera and driving to. So that too is a no no, but yet he is out there talkin smack about someone else driving bad. And, I see all of his videos he has the "add comments" section disbaled so you can't leave a remark. Then, his page you can't leave a message unless you activate the being a friend with him button. THEN, he has a link to his websight . And on his websight there is no contact button nor comment you have no way of leaving him a message. AND, he is selling #### off his websight. It's all about money with this dude...he don't really care about anything..he just wants to make a buck. A real bottom feeder if you ask me.
  9. I think he's catching some guys on video who definitely need to be reprimanded. However, I also believe this guy is just as wrong by adding yet another unsafe element to the situation. He says the video camera is mounted and totally safe. NOT! When he's recording a speeding truck by pacing them and getting a recording of his speedo, guess what? HE'S SPEEDING, TOO!!! It's not any less of a violation for him. Is it safe for a heavy truck to drive in an unsafe manner? Of course not. Does this self righteous know-it-all improve the safety of the situation by plugging up the left lane, riding in a truck's blind spot, speeding himself to keep up, typing on his GPS to show his location, or using video equipment while driving? Of course not.

    If he thinks it's all that dangerous, he should call the police or highway patrol. He should do that from a safe distance and leave the enforcement up to those who are properly trained to do so and have the correct equipment for it before HE gets someone killed.

    Speaking of letting law enforcement handle things.....I was video taped once in that same manner. I, however, wasn't doing anything wrong. I had a car come along beside me at night and I tried changing my speeds, but couldn't shake the car. When we went under a toll exit that was lit up real bright, I could see this idiot taking video of me. THere weren't any other cars anywhere NEAR me, or even in sight, except for this dumb basturd with a camera glued to his face riding along side my tandems, while I was pulling a set of triples.

    I called the highway patrol and explained what was going on and told them I didn't like what was happening from a safety standpoint OR a homeland security standpoint. I told them that I didn't want to pull off on the shoulder (I didn't know who this ######### was or his intentions), but would be exiting the next place I could safely get a set of triples off of the road. The highway patrol was there in minutes and stopped him.

    The next morning, my terminal manager told me that the company had been contacted by someone trying to sell videos of me (he gave my truck number) but wouldn't say whether or not I had been driving safely. I told the terminal manager I was doing everything I could to be safe and what I did. I was told that the company would not buy those type of videos and he told the guy that if he saw one of our trucks driving unsafely, then he needed to report that. Of course, the idiot had nothing to report and didn't have proof of anything except that he was a moron willing to drive a car at highway speed next to a set of triples at night, with a video camera in his face. And HE wanted to sell videos in the name of safety.

    I recommend that everyone operate their vehicles as if they were being recorded. YOu very well could be. BUT.....if you actually see someone doing it, don't hesitate to call the cops and let them know that this might be a security threat, you don't know. It's at the very least a dangerous practice. The guy in the video above is doing plenty of things that would get him cited.
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  10. Oh, and one other thing I've done with the coming of CSA 2010 is to buy a dash camera for my tractor. I have never in my life had a ticket or an accident and I intend to protect my CSA score. It might also protect me legally, if the need were to arise. It would even combat some dumazz like the guy taking videos above if he tried to say I was doing anything wrong.

    You can buy a dash cam that's about the size of a pack of cigarettes with night vision that hangs from a suction cup for around one hundred bucks. It's time and date stamped and records on an SD video card. PROOF of what you were doing at any given time.

    Added bonus is that I'll catch some of the crazy things I see on video.
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