What’s the best AM/FM antenna?

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    My 2014 384 farm semi that rarely gets more than 50-60 miles has the weakest am/FM radio antenna on earth I think. I live 20 mile outside Indianapolis and I can’t even get half way to Lafayette before I lose my radio stations. I know they might not be broadcasting at a super Hugh strength but is there anyway I could get a stronger or taller or better antenna to pop on the truck to still listen? This is not a CB radio, this is the AM/FM music radio.
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    many radio stations now a days, use a digital signal, so your reception should be spot on. but in some locations where money is an issue, they still may be using analog signals.

    you can try and get an antenna booster, which simply plugs in line with your current AM/FM radio antenna line.

    many times, these can be found at nearly all automotive parts stores, maybe even walmart might have them.

    one example


    other than that, an ordinary universal fit antenna should do the trick.

    then too, a satellite radio would be even better, but costly
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    I had an international 9200, the factory coax for the cb and am/fm radio ran to a spliter then out to the single cb antenna. This caused low signal strength for both the cb and radio, I ended up running a new dedicated coax for just the am/fm problem solved.

    I used a am/fm antenna similar to this that mounts on a semi mirror bracket comes with coax and the correct connector for the back of your am/fm radio.It worked much better for me.

    44UM53 - 31" Metra AM/FM Heavy Duty Mirror Mount Antenna
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