What CB communications are prohibited?

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    (CB Rule 13) What CB communications are prohibited?

    Title: Section 95.413 – (CB Rule 13) What communications are prohibited? Context: Title 47 – Telecommunication. CHAPTER I – FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONSCOMMISSION (CONTINUED). SUBCHAPTER D – SAFETY AND SPECIAL RADIO SERVICES. PART 95 – PERSONAL RADIO SERVICES. Subpart D – Citizens Band (CB) Radio Service. – How to Operate A Cb Station.

    (CB Rule 13) What communications are prohibited?

    (a) You must not use a CB station—

    (1) In connection with any activity which is against federal, state or local law;

    (2) To transmit obscence, indecent or profane words, language or meaning

    (3) To interfere intentionally with the communications of another CB station

    (4) To transmit one-way communications, except for emergency communications, traveler assistance, brief tests (radio checks), or voice paging

    (5) To advertise or solicit the sale of any goods or services

    (6) To transmit music, whistling, sound effects or any material to amuse or entertain

    (7) To transmit any sound effect solely to attract attention

    (8 ) To transmit the word “MAYDAY” or any other international distress signal, except when your station is located in a ship, aircraft or other vehicle which is threatened by grave and imminent danger and your are requesting immediate assistance

    (9) To communicate with, or attempt to communicate with, any CB station more than 250 kilometers (155.3 miles) away

    (10) To advertise a political candidate or political campaign; (you may use your CB radio for the business or organizational aspects of a campaign, if you follow all other applicable rules)

    (11) To communicate with stations in other countries, except General Radio Service stations in Canada

    (12) To transmit a false or deceptive communication.

    (b) You must not use a CB station to transmit communications for live or delayed rebroadcast on a radio or television broadcast station. You may use your CB station to gather news items or to prepare programs.
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    Thanks for this informative post. Now where is my roger beep...
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    Audio...... audio....... auuuuuuudiiiiiiiiooo
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    13 to let others know you're not wearing any panties :biggrin_2551:
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    According to the Pocono Record, a truck driver is in hot water for making verbal threats to another truck driver via CB radio.

    Authorities say that drivers Donald Beers and Fred Lawson were both heading east on Interstate 84 in Pike County, Pennsylvania when the two got into an argument on the CB, the Pocono Record reported.

    The argument escalated and Beers allegedly threatened Lawson, telling him to pull over and that he’d “put a bullet” between Lawson’s eyes.

    Lawson reportedly believed that Beers was reaching for something in his seat.

    The police were notified of the confrontation and Beers’ carrier was contacted. The carrier tracked Beers’ truck in Luzerne County. His vehicle was searched and no weapons were found.

    Beers was issued a citation for harassment.

    While it may be common knowledge that making threats of violence can land you in hot water, did you know that things that commonly occur on the CB are prohibited by federal law? How many of these laws do you think are violated on a daily basis?
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    I used to hear this garbage at every truck stop I ever pulled in to!! Usually went like "I'm gonna kick yer @@@!!!". Driver 2 "Well where you at good buddy????". Driver 1 "Back by the blue beacon in a red peterbilt!!!!". And there wasn't a red pete in the lot!!!

    Yes, I'd like to see FCC rules enforced. No, I don't think it'll ever happen.
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    1, 8, and 9 are retarded.

    1: No kidding. Any thing you do to aid in committing a crime is already prohibited making this needlessly redundant.

    8) Again, redundant. Any distress call, in any form when there is no immediate need is already illegal.

    9) The only way to communicate at those distances with a cb is by utilizing atmospheric conditions which you obviously can't control.

    Defence attorney: when you tested the defendant's equipment did you find any illegal modifications?

    FCC: No.

    D/a: So you're telling the court that my client is being prosecuted because he forced the atmosphere to do something unnatural?
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