What is considered a moving violation?

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  1. HouseOfPain

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    Nov 18, 2009
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    I would like to ask this question by the pro's.

    Would a moving violation mean points on your license?

    For example every state has certain way's of punishing those that bend the law. I know some state's would consider let say failure to wear a seat-belt as a moving violation but another state might not look at it as that kind of infraction.

    Let's go down this list and tell me what you think

    Delaying traffic

    Improper use of multi head beams

    Failure to wear a seat belt

    unsafe operation of a motor vehicle.

    Would those ticket's be considered a moving violation?

    This would be beneficial to those that do there job application and wouldn't know if they should put it down as a moving violation or not. Say if you don't put it down as a violation would the comapny fire you because in your mind you didn't consider it as a violation and they thought you where lying on your job app? those violation's in your state it is not considered a moving violation but to the companies that you fill out your application they do consider it as a moving violation. I know it has nothing to do with the company it has to do with the insurance.

    Another thing I wanted to ask what would a non- preventable accident and preventable accident be considered? (examples?) What do you call a non at fault accident? What if you had let say 8 non at fault accident, would companies shy away from that even if you was not at fault?

    Please chime on this topic I would like to get some straight fact's.:biggrin_2552:
  2. REDD

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    Jun 29, 2009
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    A violation that you get while moving?
  3. Lady K

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    Another easy way to see if it's on your record is to go to the DMV and get a copy of your record - then you would know... for a 10 year, it was $10... at least in CA.
  4. HouseOfPain

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    Nov 18, 2009
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    REDD you could be stopped at a red light and unbuckled your seat belt for a second to get something in the back seat the cop in NY gave you a ticket for not wearing a seat belt while the car was not moving? Is that considered a moving violation?

    I just posted some examples of what could be a moving violation please someone with knowledge answer those question's Thanks
  5. AXE

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    Jul 2, 2010
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    I would imagine that each state could define it differently. Get a copy of your MVR, ask at your state DMV, or ask a cop.
  6. skb176

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    Jan 24, 2011
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    Those are all moving violations except for the headlight question, but common courtesy says don't blind oncoming traffic or traffic that is in front of you. As for a non-preventible accident, it's simply one that YOU could not prevent. A preventible accident is one you could have prevented if you had used better judgement. If you roll it on an exit ramp or in a curve, that's preventible. If you roll it because your load shifted, that's preventible because it is the drivers responsibility to make sure the load is secured when it's loaded or when driveer hooks load, as it is to check the load everytime you stop to make sure it's stays secure. Good luck at getting a job if you have 8 accidents, even if they are classified as non-preventible. Highway patrol may call an accident non-preventible even when it is. Here's a true story, happened to my brother who also drives and has 10 years more experience than me, he has been driving since the 1980's. Crossing Wyoming in january the wind was gusting at 70 miles per hour, he had 3500 lbs. in the box and he was blown over. Company said it was preventible, highway patrol said it wasn't. I agree with the company, he should have parked the truck and not tried to get over Elk Mountain, when I ask him how fast he was going he said he was doing the speed limit...75 mph! 20 years experience, 70 mph wind gusts, 3500 lbs in the box...he should not have been on out there and he knew better, it was his fault.
  7. HouseOfPain

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    Nov 18, 2009
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    In the state of new jersey all those ticket's are non-moving violation that's why it's hard to either put them down or not put them down as moving violation's on a app.

    I have my MVR it doesn't state weather it is or isn't I had to use google to confirm those ticket's and by doing a extensive research in my state it is claimed that those ticket's are not moving violation's.

    Skb176 can you give me proof that why those are considered moving violation's? I mean I don't want a hunch that you may think they are when in fact they aren't. I want solid proof.
  8. CondoCruiser

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    Apr 18, 2010
    Moving violation is any violation while the vehicle is in use, period. Basically it's anything that can cause harm to person or property. Sitting at a red light isn't an exclusion.

    It's easier to say what's not a moving violation since there are three categories. That is equipment violations like a burnt out taillight. The other is paperwork violations like no insurance or expired registration.

    Other than that, the rest are moving violations including no seat belt.
  9. HouseOfPain

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    Nov 18, 2009
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    Sitting at a red light is a exclusion but i will come back with more detail's on this matter any more advice from experts would be appreciated.

    From my understanding 27315(d)(1) VC and 27315(e) VC are both no point (non-moving) violations.That is when your not wearing a seat belt.

    So the above has some value you stated condo but not actual fact's. As for the equipment violation which is consider in the state of NJ a unsafe operation and paper work violation you got that correct. which are not moving violation's
  10. 123456

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    Oct 22, 2010
    If you don't tell us which state,

    these answers may not pertain to your questions !!!
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