why arent we ALL commenting on detention pay policies

Discussion in 'Questions From New Drivers' started by ad356, Jul 10, 2019.

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    Nov 10, 2016
    I can Dave, just don't care enough about to get into a match of wits with an unarmed man.
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    May 25, 2017
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    another thought i have on this paid detention thing, is that as an industry, aren't we exempt from many labor laws, regarding pay..???

    the only way (i see possible) for detention pay to be awarded us by the feds, is to fully change the labor laws all across this nation on the federal level, then the states adopt that, or modify them to a higher standard, then the federal minimums.

    i just do not see this happening.

    that would mean then that OTR drivers "could be" entitled to hourly pay, i simply cannot see ANY company paying thier drievrs for ALL on duty time with OT after 40 hours..........and hey, the electronic logging devices would then back up the hours we put in..."on the clock"...

    OTR drivers could potentially earn "up to"...$500,000 per year or more...

    if this were to ever happen, say "HELO"..to a rash of orders for self driving trucks, and LOWER WAGES (can you say...minimum wages?? for "baby-sitters" to sit in those trucks...

    which would also equate to massive layoff's...no need for high dollar drivers......
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  3. ad356

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    Mar 13, 2017
    The self driving trucks I think are just a threat. Perhaps someday they can get a self driving truck to run for hundreds of straight line miles in the desert. I DO not see self driving trucks replacing milk haulers..... Ever. Backing into farm driveways, dealing with small towns, driving on roads that have little or no markings on the pavement.... Not to mention driving in the sometimes really bad winter weather.

    No, I think self driving trucks are just a "threat" to keep wages down..... It's the industries way of saying accept whatever pay you get..... Or else.
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    Jul 20, 2014
    It sounds as tho most of you are company drivers and are happy with paid detention time. Let me tell you what it cost me today as an O/O. I had my week planed. Howell,Mi to
    GRANTSVILLE, MD. pay was $1100. Then to Cincinnati for $850. I have now waited 4 hours and not even at a dock. I lost $1950 on those 2 loads. I will be lucky if I can find a load for $500 to get me to Cincinnati for my Wed. load. Detention pay at $50 per hour is a joke.
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    Sep 10, 2010
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    Sounds like a failure to write contracts to benefit the company. If you are not charging the same amount as you would be while rolling, then you are doing it wrong.
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    Nov 10, 2015
    Stacking up loads in advance is always a crap shoot. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't. If you would have changed the ratecon to $200+ per hour, you wouldn't have gotten the loads anyway.
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    Dec 22, 2018
    I don’t get paid any of that then again I run flatbed and never need detention pay or layover pay longest I’ve ever spent was 5 hours at a shipper that wasent even a true flatbed shipper. 99% of the time I’m in and out in 1 to 2.5 hours. My company plans us good tho. We just don’t sit around unless your going home. Get loaded deliver. Within 30 minutes next load always picks up same day usually only 60 miles away get there get loaded tarped in and out in 2 hours get to receiver usually I’m the only one there they unload me as I’m I tarping and unstrapping. 45 minutes then rinse and repeat. I’m sure if you ran reefer and didn’t get detention I’d be looking for a new job lol I don’t miss those days sitting around 8 to 10 hours unpaid watching Netflix. Although I kinda do miss it:/ lazy mans job. Now I’m doing real work but hey miles keep rolling
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    Dec 10, 2014
    omaha , ne
    I dont want the government involved in this on the owner OP side .
    The company I'm leased to is reasonable with detension but after 2 to 4 hours depending on the contract its game on ! And i seldom see detension .
    This weekend I had a problem with a delivery at anheuser busch in st Louis and wound up sitting the weekend.
    I got 1350.00 in detension plus additional drop pay and added mileage.
    This didnt compensate for the 3 per planned loads I was on that I lost over the weekend but isnt bad money for a sitting truck running the apu , watching tv , drinking beer and cleaning my truck .
    It boils down to the trucking company and how big of stones they have ....along with some other factors.
    The product AB jacked me around on is going to a cross dock tmw morning and being shipped back to the shipper in New York.
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    Jul 25, 2008
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    It's a lot easier, and American IMO, to work for a company with a good detention policy and pay, than try to make the whole industry idiot-proof so the slackers get the same deal as those that really care about their future. Every gov't regulation has loopholes and creates other problems. I suggest we recognize we aren't going to regulate ourselves into Utopia. So far the price for Utopia appears to be somewhat more than all of the money on the earth.
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    Oct 27, 2018
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    My company pays us $20 an hour after 2 hours past appointment time and then they try and get it from the shipper or receiver or broker later.

    We don’t get anything on “open” appointments. That kind of sucks but all in all I’m happy with it.

    They won’t pay if a driver is late. That seems fair as well.
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