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What is a tanker truck?
A tanker truck is a truck pulling a semi-trailer or a large single body vehicle that is designed to carry and transport liquids or gases on the road. Tanker driver jobs can have a driver transport anything from oil and gas to liquid goods such as milk, wine, juice and more. Tanker trucking is one of the most common trucker jobs available.
What do Tanker drivers do?
Tanker truck drivers are responsible for the safe transportation of their cargo and the correct operation of the tankers' hose equipment for the unloading and loading of their cargo.
What qualifications do I need to be a tanker driver?
Typical tanker truck driver jobs require a CDL and the tanker endorsement, or a “N” endorsement. Also having a HAZMAT endorsement can give a driver looking for work an advantage as many tanker trucks are carrying hazardous materials. A “X” endorsement is a combination of both the tanker and HAZMAT endorsements and may help save time for a driver looking to earn both.
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