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Former Employee - Jan 19, 2023

After supposedly earning over $20,000 of gross revenue, I left Ace Transportation of Davenport Iowa via Des Plaines Illinois with less than $1,500, a horrible taste in my mouth and near complete insolvency. Before I started working as a lease purchaser I was led to believe I would be able to take care of all my responsibilities. After having a conversation with their Ace Transportation Recruiter I was told I would make $3,500 take home pay per week driving a 2023 Freightliner Cascadia as advertised. And with an 8 month old daughter, several bills piling up and an auto loan repossession waning I fear I will lose everything I worked so hard to obtain. Never once did I receive said profits from their fraudulent business practices, and just before leaving Chicago I came to realize that I would have never made anything to take care of my family nor myself if I would have stayed. Never in my over 20 years in the Trucking industry have I felt so used and defrauded. And I know I am not alone. Let this serve as a warning to anyone considering a job with this crooked business. Stay far away. I am in the process of legal actions for damages and the money I most righteously deserve. In Jest...


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