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About Brent Redmond Transportation

Brent Redmond Transportation is run by a former trucker and is sensitive to the fact that most truck company owners simply do not get it. They don’t know, or don’t care what goes into this difficult and important job. But at Brent Redmond, we understand what goes into the life of a trucker, sacrifice and hard work.

That is why we provide the newest, safest trucks, with cutting edge technology that allows you to make the same amount of money or more, while never worrying about riding dirty. We also provide top notch benefits for our drivers, the same benefits as management.

The last job you will ever need is waiting for you at Brent Redmond where every member of the team is a family member. Families don’t always agree or get along but at Brent Redmond we respect every employee. The owner and management are just a phone call away and the doors to their offices are always open.


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