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Current Employee - Dec 28, 2022

In 2014 trainees were making 0.14 cpm. You have to work so hard to get a 1/2 cent raise. The final destination is 0.25 cpm. Fast forward to 2022, still at 0.25 cpm. They offer incentives packages but you have to meet the miles every month or else your back at the drawing board. Again Safety Bob is a pure donkey behind nicer term he is a prick. Let’s be honest and blunt, his arrogance offends drivers, however Randy is an amazing dispatcher when it comes to backhaul, you may have a few pick ups bit he does his best, the real breath of fresh air in that office. Say it again…there is color diversity in the trucks not in the office. Understand when drivers are right they will find ways to stand behind there own. An elderly couple rolled over 2 trucks while another driver rolled over 1 and immediately was dismiss, let that sink in. There is a lot that can be stated we will just leave that there. While other companies are paying teams 0.30-0.35 cpm…here your at 0.25, detention has gone from 2 to 3 hours and you don’t get paid if that $15 an hour. They also do not offer health insurance plans for your family just you the driver.


Dedicated lanes and miles Weekly pay West coast run


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Company Driver - 5+ Years CDL Experience

Surveyed in High Point, NC on Dec 28, 2022

$1,200 per week

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