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Former Employee - Jan 12, 2021

This company lies on Indeed and states they have health benefits and bonuses for over a year and there are no benefits whatsoever. The pay weeks are never wracking because you never know how you will be getting paid and could be direct deposit and you will not get your money until after 5 pm. Or you will get a live check and pray that your pay does not bounce, which has happened on numerous occasions. The owner is a 22 year old male that gets very vindictive and petty when he is upset or feels threatened.


The dispatch and the Operation Supervisor were great and very respectful.


Turnover rate is awful due to hiring new driver and lots of damage to tractors. No benefits and no bonuses.

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Equipment and Maintenance
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Company Driver - 5+ Years CDL Experience

Surveyed in Sutton, MA on Jan 12, 2021

$1,442 per week

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