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Former Employee - Mar 24, 2018

Started off great with this company. I loved working here. Was here 6 months. The last 2 months of my employment is where it went down hill. Started doing a lot more sitting and waiting than usual and the freight just wasn’t there even coming out of the home terminal. They were loosing freight due to lazy drivers not wanting to work and they play favorites real bad. Those of us that wanted to work couldn’t get anything because they wanted to give the good stuff to their favorites. My last month I was there I would sit every Friday Monday at home with no freight. The last 2 weeks I didn’t leave till Wednesday. Keep in mind I live 50 miles from the terminal. When I left I brought the truck back to the yard on a Saturday as I didn’t get home till late Friday and the truck was having some bad fuel issues and I was having to limp it in because they didn’t want to have it at a shop. I made sure I gave Brian (who’s one of the head mechanics) my fuel card. I thought that would be the end of it and I’d get my money back that they keep out for equipment escrow. Yes, you read that right. Even as a company driver they take money out for equipment. 2 weeks later I hadn’t received anything and called eddy only to find they were keeping it for a physical, a fuel card, and a service fee. I didn’t get a physical through them. I used the one from my previous company, Brian got the fuel card, and last time I checked they’re not a bank so what’s the service fee for???? His response was they had it down I got a physical through them, Brian had no recollection of getting it from me and the service fee was a few they charged for various things. I’m currently looking at going through ooida to get my money back from these theiving crooks. I hope they go out of business.


Nice equipment.


Shop is terrible, they’ll keep your money even if you stay over 90 days,Play favorites, Stilk dispatch like they’re on paper logs even though they’re on electronic, WILL NOT start looking for you a load till after you’re empty which will leave you sitting for hours on end.

Home Time
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Company Driver - 2 Years CDL Experience

Surveyed in Scottsboro,Alabama on Mar 24, 2018

$700 per week

Current Employee