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Current Employee - Feb 3, 2021

They say they aren’t a trucking company in orientation, but a manufacturing company with trucks. That is true but they do use brokers for backhaul, so not 100% true. Been here a bit over a year, last one of 3 in orientation class still here. When things are firing correctly good place to be but when not, bad company to work for.


Home time is for most top, average 2k miles a week up to 7 days off. No forced dispatch from “plant.” Okay health coverage with no deductible. No cameras or routing suggestions from the company, only guide of not over 10% miles. Paid by hub so usual run might be 10-20 miles off odometer plus or minus, depends on hub had it go both ways with 2 different ones.


The equipment, while not bad is horribly maintained. 5 times in the shop for check engine light before finally fixed. Age of the trucks, they pay cash for equipment but don’t keep it current. If you take a load and you truck isn’t ready, you get to take a loaner truck that might be in for a week or two. Minus the guys in outbound, they help with trip from the plants and backhaul, guys that help you get back to a plant, the people in the office suck.

Home Time
Equipment and Maintenance
Dispatchers and Managers

Current Employee - Jan 23, 2021

This is not a regular trucking company. They got their own product going one way and brokers going back to one of 5 yards. They go only lower 47 states (no Cali).


58 cpm on all miles No forced dispatch Up to 7 days home time If you run north west you can make 10000 plus miles per month


Trucks and trailers are junk Shop have Mexicans on minimum pay You don’t get payed until return trip #### to one of the factories They never answer your phone If you broke down you have to pay for hotel and wait for reimbursement On back hole you have to dill with broker Sitting 2 plus days on their yard waiting for load

Home Time
Equipment and Maintenance
Dispatchers and Managers

Former Employee - Aug 19, 2020

Worse driving job I ever had in nearly forty years of driving they do buy new equipment every four or five years owner refuses to pay mechanics the average wage for mechanics so you got ex floor sweepers in the plant to service the trucks the owner is not driver friendly he is the son of the man who started the plant everything just handed down to him not near the operator as Dad.


No pros my second employment as a driver


Equipment failure daily with the trucks and they do not pay anything while you are broke down and no job benefits they claim to be self insured but only pay what they want many drivers are stuck with huge medical bills they deduct enough out of every paycheck to have good insurance avoid this job like it is a killer plaque.

Home Time
Equipment and Maintenance
Dispatchers and Managers

Current Employee - Oct 20, 2019

I’ve been at poly over 14 years seen lots of people come and go and come back again as of this time the pay is.56 per mile off of the hub 30. A drop 100. Hold over layover or break down pay per day the have prepass which works for the weight station and tolls in most states 6 percent matching 401 healthcare with dental and vision shop isn’t the greatest they got a bad name when they bought Internationals with the max force motor in it but do your research a lot of companies had lawsuits against International I’m one that was in and out of shops all over the place their trucks have Cummings now if your truck is in the shop you can get a loaner truck and make a trip out or if you live close to a plant go home and take time off


Get to choose outbound runs can be home 5-7 days if you live by the plants or after you have made your delivery the top driver made a little over 85000.00 last year I averaged 1150.00per week and was home 8-10 days a month not counting the half days on the days that you leave out or come in like I have said to a lot of people I’m not going anywhere I’ve been with a lot of company’s that’s a whole lot worse but none have been any better but I’m always looking hope this helps you


You’re just a # with poly they do make changes you just have to learn how to play the game

Home Time
Equipment and Maintenance
Dispatchers and Managers

Former Employee - Jul 28, 2018

The trucks are junk , spent more unpaid time Sitting in a hotel than driving Truck was in shop every trip So any money made driving was spent paying for another hotel stay & keep in mind , you will not get paid until You turn in your paperwork at one of the plants, Also forget about calling into backhaul or almost anyone at poly & if you do leave a voice message Its possible you might get a callback 2 days Later Hometime is good & you get a choice of outbound loads


Hometime is good & choice of out bound loads


Trucks are junk, No transflo , not paid until paperwork turned in at plant

Home Time
Equipment and Maintenance
Dispatchers and Managers

Salary Surveys

Company Driver - 5+ Years CDL Experience

Surveyed in Grand Prairie, Texas on Feb 3, 2021

$1,635 per week

Current Employee


Company Driver - 3 Years CDL Experience

Surveyed in Grand Prairie, TX on Jan 23, 2021

$981 per week

Current Employee


Company Driver - 5+ Years CDL Experience

Surveyed in Huntsville, AL on Jul 29, 2020

$1,650 per week

Current Employee


Company Driver - 5+ Years CDL Experience

Surveyed in Grand Prairie, TX on Oct 20, 2019

$1,150 per week

Current Employee


Company Driver - 5+ Years CDL Experience

Surveyed in Sarasota, Florida on Sep 20, 2019

$900 per week

Current Employee



My Poly Trucking experience


Jun 15, 2016

My Poly Trucking experience

Did a similar thread while driving for Roehl and Crete so decided I would add my thoughts/experiences/mileage info etc. to a thread on Poly. Both Roehl and Crete were ok to drive for but like most trucking companies there were several things that could have been changed to make things better. I left Roehl for better pay after satisfying my training obligation and likewise left Crete for a pay raise at Poly. I drove for Poly for roughly 3.5 years (the last 8 months on a dedicated route) before having to take 3 months off to handle a family situation that arose. Now I am back OTR and hoping that the miles are still there after hearing rumors that things are not as good as when I started the dedicated run, we will see. I run a whole bunch out west and know how to maximize the leeway we are given in regard to several things. 

First week out: 2766 miles (+1 extra drop, 30.00)

6/13 - 6/15 Henderson, NV - Sumner, WA ----- 1158 miles

6/15 - 6/18 Sumner, WA - Eugene, OR - Jerome, ID - Cheyenne, WY --- ca. 1608 miles (will update exact later)

6/19 - reset

Unfortunately couldn't get loaded this afternoon and head on toward Idaho and likely would have gotten unloaded in Evans, CO and Aurora, CO as well on Friday before heading to Lubbock for the last drop. So going to stop in Cheyenne, WY for a reset before heading into Colorado early Monday. Kind of a blah week but planning on taking a few back roads in Idaho and Wyoming that I haven't seen so looking forward to that.

Week 2: (+3 stops, 90.00)

6/20 - Cheyenne, WY - Evans, CO - Aurora, CO - Lubbock, TX --- ca. 662 mi (update exact later)


Poly Trucking What you need to know !


Sep 27, 2015

Poly Trucking What you need to know !

BUT, before you choose Poly, you need to know ....

1.) You don't ( DO NOT ) get paid every week and may go a few weeks w/o a check. I'm 54 yrs old so I don't mind, but if you're a young guy in your 20's going check to check, it may be tough.

Reason: Poly doesn't pay until they have the signed B.O.L.'s in their hands. You can NOT use trip pak, trans flo, or even U.S. Mail and they don't have a scanner for their Q-comm. You can't even give your bills to another driver to drop off for you. If you're out a few weeks ... T.S.

You must hand deliver to the Grand Praire or Henderson, NV terminal by Mon at 5p. Del. after that and it's another week til you get paid.

(you can get a $70 per day advance)

It Gets Worse....

2.) You need to pay your own tolls. WTF ??

That's right, at Poly you pay your own tolls and have to wait til you get your pay check for reimbursement.

(see above for when you get your check)

Poly does not have e-z pass or pre-pass. They would save tons of money with e-z pass because some states discount the tolls if using e-z pass.

In 1 trip I had over $300 in tolls, out of my own pocket. The G.W. Bridge alone is $90.



-You can get pre-pass but need to pay for it yourself $16/mo. I do, most don't.

-They still use paper logs ... Amen!

-They don't bust your balls!

-Minimal contact w/ dispatchers!

-Managers (so far) are decent people.

-GREAT HOMETIME ! Take 7 business days off at a time if you want (so long as you average 2000 miles/wk. which is easy) 7 business days is really 11 calendar days, because they don't count the weekends. 

-If you want to work, you can easily run over 3000/wk. that's $1,500/wk.

-I average 2-3 weeks out and usually take 4 days off after that. (that's my choice)

-You don't need to ask for time off, you just send q-comm message telling when you'll be ready for next load, or just wait til you're rdy and call them.

-Choice dispatching. They give you choices on where you want to go, except for backhauls.

-This trucking co. is owned by a manufacturer (Poly-America) so they usually backhaul you to one of their plants to haul their product.

-Easy stable freight. It doesn't move. (plastic trash bags and plastic wrap for construction sites).

-.50 mile (hub mile) $30 drop after 2nd drop.


Review of Poly Trucking


Dec 1, 2014

Review of Poly Trucking

I'm not necessarily reporting Poly as a "bad trucking company". I just have more negative than positive in my review so I put it here. I've been at Poly for awhile now and I have to say I'm about ready to move on. Instead of posting a rant, I'd just prefer to post what I see as pros and cons and you can decide for yourself if Poly would work out for you.

FYI - Poly is NOT a trucking company. Poly is a private fleet that hauls their own freight (Poly America).


- Non forced dispatch on outbound loads (Keep in mind, back hauls ARE forced). The way Poly works is you put yourself on the outbound board for whatever day you think you'll be available. It is non forced dispatch BUT, if you put yourself on tomorrow's board and they have more loads than drivers, you're pretty much expected to take one. They won't necessarily force it down your throat, but at a minimum they'll put you on the bottom of the list for the next day so you're likely to only get a shot at the leftovers once again. This has never been a issue with me so I list it as a pro.

- Pay is decent. Poly pays everyone the same (.48 cpm) and you're paid by the hub. In addition, you also get $30.00 a drop after the first 2 (a lot of loads are multi stop). And, I will say Poly is good about paying you for ANY work you perform. Driving test, drug test, take out the trash (kidding on that one), etc... you get paid hourly.

- insurance is decent

- Paper logs (self explanatory for those that like paper)

- Everything is pretty much done over the phone. They don't use the qualcomm for much (occasional safety message)

- No one micro managing you (telling you what route to take or where to fuel). Regarding the fuel, they give you a book that has all the approved fuel stops for each state. 


- Trucks are junk. Poly uses International Prostars and they are the cheapest, stripped down units they can find. Additionally, they spend about as much time broke down as they do running. In the few months I've been there, I've been in a hotel once (for a week), in a loaner twice. Yes, I know what you're thinking. "They have loaners? Cool". NO, it's not cool. Those POS loaners are nasty and they're in worse shape than the assigned trucks. You'll be lucky to leave and get back with one without coming back on a hook.

- The shop leaves a LOT to be desired. They have 3 shop supervisors and not a one of them is a mechanic. Additionally, none of the "mechanics" are mechanics. The wise Poly driver goes over his/her truck with a FINE TOOTH COMB after getting it back from the shop. The first thing I always do is check my tires for nails, screws, bolts, etc... Rarely do I NOT pull at least one of the mentioned items out of at least one of my tires. You can walk around by the shop and you'll find debris littering the ground from one end to the other. Never do the do a "FOB Sweep". Additionally, just because they say they fixed something doesn't mean it's true. Half the time, they DO NOT fix the truck properly. 

If the tractors aren't enough, the trailer guys are even worse. At least 50% of the trailers have issues that would put them out of service with any other company. Issues range from lights out, landing gear that doesn't function correctly, tandem pins won't release, etc... And, the hell of it is you'll hook up to a trailer that has an "OK to Use" placard on it which means it's been inspected and good to go and then you'll find issues. Here's just one personal experience example, but I could list a dozen: I hooked to a trailer (had the "Ok to Use" placard) and it literally took me less than 2 mins to find the following issues: Marker light out, one of the tires was 40 lbs low, another wheel was missing valve stem cap and the pins would not release.

You should have the idea by now, lol.

- No driver facilities (useful). They do have one lone shower, but it's open and anyone can walk in on you standing there in your b-day suit. I don't know many drivers that use it. Most just go to a truck stop. 

- Communication SUCKS at Poly. As I always say, the good part about Poly is you'll never hear from them. The bad part about Poly, you'll never hear from them. And, if you call them, you'll be leaving a voicemail and you MIGHT get a call back depending on who you call. If you call backhaul, you'll play hell getting them to call you back in a timely manner, if at all.

- Paper logs. Yes, I listed this in the pros, but there is a catch to them. The trucks are governed at 68 mph, but you're only allowed to log 65 mph. Thus, if you get on a long stretch of interstate (I-10 in my case), it's very easy to average 65, 66 mph. If you log so much as a .0001 over 65 mph, you'll get written up and told to change it. This has never happened to me, but what bugs me about it is you are forced to turn in a FALSE log. That doesn't sit right with me as my signature is on that document. And, there's nothing in DOT that says I can't log 66 mph. Poly has some other quirky log rules that do not follow DOT. Thus, they'll say "We run legal" in one breath and then make you turn in a false log. 

- Poly has WAY too many quirky rules to even begin to list, but I'll just say this. The ONLY way to get along around that place is to keep a low profile, and stay off of plant property as much as possible. Come in, drop your empty, pick up your loaded trailer, turn in your papers, get the hell out. If your load is not ready, get a bobtail pass and get the hell out of there, but DO NOT hang around. 

Poly supervisors are notorious for knocking on your door at 0 dark thirty and telling you to move your truck. See, they don't comprehend that when you rolled in at 2300 there was nowhere on the bobtail line to park. Thus, you had to park by the drivers lounge. That doesn't register with them. They're like robots. 

- This one will come as a shock to all (tongue firmly in cheek), but drivers are low life scum in the Poly pecking order. With few exceptions, most office personnel will not speak one word to you, and that includes the president of the company. You are little more than a scourge on society in their eyes.

- No detention pay

- No breakdown pay. This one is a BIG deal to *most* Poly drivers as we spend a LOT of time broke down.

- Shipping is ALWAYS behind on weekends. If you have the misfortune of taking a load that is scheduled to be ready at 0700 on a Saturday, you may as well get comfortable because that load isn't likely going to be ready before late in the afternoon at the earliest. This is for a couple of reasons. One, the outside contractors get loaded first because they don't want to have to pay them detention (we don't get detention). Also, dispatch will request a 100 loads be ready at 0700 because every driver there wants to get out of there early. That's not doable. Finally, Poly doesn't pay the warehouse types enough for them to give a #### about their job so they think nothing of calling in a nice Saturday in lieu of coming to work.

Bottom line for me is the disrespect they show toward their drivers. I can deal with a lot, but I can't deal with people that don't even have the common decency to at least return a phone call.

p.s. If you do decide Poly might be better for you than your current situation, good for you. But, do NOT fall for the line that you can make $80k a year there. That is absolutely false and do NOT let anyone tell you different. I PROMISE you, if nothing else, you won't keep a truck under neath you long enough to run enough to make that kind of cash. I would say $60-$65K is a realistic number to shoot for.

p.s.s. One final thought: IMO, Poly, with VERY LITTLE effort, could be a top tier outfit. If they would buy decent tractors and clean house in the shop and hire actual mechanics, If they would actually pay their non-driver employees enough to give them incentive to give a #### about their work, and clean house in the office by getting rid the "good old boys" that infest the place, they would be a great company. But, none of that is likely to happen. There are 3 standard answers to all questions fielded by Poly. 

1. "We'll look into that"

2. "That's not a bad idea... Allen, write that down"

3. "Remember, we're just the trucking side. Poly America would never allow that"