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Current Employee - Oct 20, 2022

I've been at this Trucking Life for over 40 years, seen a lot of Companies come and go, As for RG Transport they are a Top notch Company, From the very beginning, you're treated with respect, they actually care about their Drivers , They Do expect you to have Respect for yourself though, Personal hygiene goes a long way, clean cut, take pride with In yourself, carry yourself as a Professional and be treated as such, They Pay very well, have great Benefits, Nice Equipment, if you get a trailer that's something is not right , maybe it cranks hard when lifting the pads, red tag it, it will be fixed, good bunch of folks, top notch equipment, only wish I was younger, I'd never leave this company,


Great Equipment, Great Pay, Great Benefits, Treated with Respect, Good Folks to work for


I have No Ideal what that would be, only Con I even begin to see was a ###hat driver at the Elwood plant, but every company has at least one of those, some have several, but he was the only one I have seen here

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Company Driver - 5+ Years CDL Experience

Surveyed in Elwood, Indiana on Oct 20, 2022

$880 per week

Current Employee