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Current Employee - Nov 9, 2018

Worse company ever dont waste your time here you and your cdl are too valuable! Trucks break down they dont care about drivers and play games with your life and career.DMs are a joke young inexperienced never drove before and cld care less about you. Was stranded on the side of the road broke dwn the 3rd time this week was put on hold while dms talked about topac clothes etc...burning up my clock.was told to continue driving truck with malfuntions dash lights alarms on etc... Then got pulled in to a inspection station re eived a big fat fine.My truck popped out of gear coming down a 7% dwn grade cause tgey overliaded it.Almost was killed when i told tgem they laughed.This place is a joke dont waste your time!




Unprofessional, inexperienced trucks are junk and so are dms and management!

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Company Driver - 5+ Years CDL Experience

Surveyed in salem, in. on Feb 28, 2016

$1,037 per week

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