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Former Employee - May 16, 2023

Utah flatbed run is a joke, not as sold in recruiting. You will go to Utah then they will send you to some remote areas in Mn. And Wi. You will sit all weekend and then sit for 1-2 days waiting for a boom truck to show up to unload you,then pu steel in Chicago before you get back to Fremont or Columbianna Ohio. Then get your 34 reset no particular day of the week. You can't plan any thing for family or doctors. They post big money....nope it's a $1500 a week job being jerked around. The safety dept is in Atlanta...big joke all talk do nothing to fix problems on job sites but will cover up their lazy butts.


Shipping in Columbianna, yard boss in Utah


3 ring binder warriors running the show.

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Company Driver - 5+ Years CDL Experience

Surveyed in Fremont, OH on May 16, 2023

$1,500 per week

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