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Current Employee - Dec 29, 2018

this is for the Dayton NJ branch 14 tractors 2016-2018 cascadias 70mph 6 box trucks trailers run all of nj,eastern pa, some of deleware, upstate ny, western CT and long island 19-24 an hour 60 cent raises a year overtime after 40 united healthcare a few plans med, dental std ltd thru Unum 50k paid life ins profit share 401k other benfits uniforms company phone elog xmas bonus of 1000 physical job 50% liftgate delivering to uhuals lots of tight backs and street unloads in city enviroments box trucks do manhattan 1-15 stops a day 4am to 6am start 2pm-7pm finish. avg 55 hrs a week. if you want to work 70 they will work you 70. most guys want to be done by 4pm. no slip seating. Penske leased. loads are loaded poorly, things fall over,messy loadsand frustrating. loads are preloaded. pick your route the day before. second runs can be frustrating if its not ready. avg weekly pay is 1280 at about 55 hrs.


unlimited overtime, your own truck (daycab single axle) 10 speed. consistant schedule


pay is low for the heavy labor, some of the customers are horrible

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Company Driver - 5+ Years CDL Experience

Surveyed in dayton, new jersey on Dec 29, 2018

$880 per week

Current Employee