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Former Employee - Sep 24, 2022

I was employed late 2020 till aug 2022. I drove company 1st for about 6 or so months. Then i started to buy a truck from one of the boss twins. Which almost immediately had to do injectors and cups. Which in between hotel for a while before wife drove to tx to pick me up. And the cost of repairs. Which took 3 months. Then for the next 6 months i put about 35k to 40k in the truck catching their failed maintenance. And then after 9 months all together the engine blew. When went for rebuild it showed that overhead wasn't done for long time. And cause alot of misfires. And carbon build up on couple cylinders. He blamed me for the breakdown when i couldnt pay for it 4 months later. With the pay he was paying me. And when i decided to quit i was driving company again and he tried to get me to do 2 weeks. But he already knew he was gonna steal my last check. Which was at least $1200+. So he gonna pretend to be friend. Then act like a prick when u try to get your last check. And he refused to give me my check stub to see what was the charges. He said something about damage but besides someone hit and running me in WY. Which should of been put on insurance instead of coming out of my check. Because i did a report with them to state patrol. So his engine blew less than 9 months of having it. And couple of those months was in the shop in tx. So no way the cracked cylinder was my fault other was scorned.


Pay was alright when company drivin.


They work of the board. So o/o pay not there especially after fuel went up $2. Wait time to get loads. Spot freight. Poorly maintained equipment Owner talks bad about other drivers. High turn over rate.

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Company Driver - 5+ Years CDL Experience

Surveyed in Lyons, IL on Sep 24, 2022

$962 per week

Current Employee