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Established in 1994, Virginia Transportation Corporation has grown from a single-truck operation into a leading nationwide automobile carrier and network logistics service provider. Our customers include major automobile manufacturers, car dealerships, automotive auctions, personal vehicle owners, classic car enthusiasts, and everyone in between.

Virginia Transportation Corporation has set its sights on a goal – to be the best auto-hauler in the nation and to work relentlessly towards this goal. The difference lies in our devoted President whose vision and dedication have made this company a well-known participant in the automotive industry. Because of his vision to have an empowered team with a consistent focus on individual customer experiences, VTC is a company that stands on its own merits and are always on the road to continued success and development.

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  • Overall
  • Home Time
  • Equipment and Maintenance
  • Dispatchers and Managers
Equipment and pay are great. Support has been great.
Northeast for some is a problem but I don't have an issue the pay makes up for it.

Have been here going on 3 months. Pay has been great. The equipment is top notch! Home time is ok since I live just outside of Baltimore. I usually run South and then grab a load going N. East. If you're afraid of Long Island or the N.E. probably not for you. But there are drivers that don't go there but they are few.

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$110,000 per Year
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Car Carrier
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5+ Years
Baltimore MD
Currently Employed at Company: Yes