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X-Treme Trucking, was founded in 2007 with only one truck and one leased refrigerated trailer. The company was founded by owner and trucker, Travis Nelson. Because he was only 22 years old at the time and a fresh driver with his new CDL and only 2 months of driving experience, this company made its start faced with a number of challenges. Even though the company was founded during a time of recession when times were tough for many, and trucking saw its biggest freight volume decline in history, the company managed to thrive. This success can largely be contributed to the company’s dedication and commitment to providing superior customer service.

In 2011, while attending Logistics school at Fox Valley Technical College, Travis decided to take the company into the open deck segment of trucking with one owner operated truck and three flatbed trailers. The flatbed company continued to see success and growth over the next year expanding to a fleet of 6 tractors and 8 trailers, flatbeds, step decks, and RGN trailers, which were available for transporting legal, over-width, and overweight open deck commodities in 2012.

Today, as a leading flatbed company, X-Treme Trucking is large enough to handle all of our customers in-bound and out-bound freight capacities through our logistics department, while still providing the custom services to meet our customer’s needs through our asset based trucking operations. We specialize in providing flatbed and oversize load services to customers located along freight lanes in the Midwest, East Coast, South, and Southeast, and we also have 48 state authority to meet our customer’s every need. Our team of open deck experts helps set our company apart from other flatbed companies as they all have experience driving on the road and are passionate about customers success. As a result, our trucks along with all of our employees remain dedicated to your success.

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great equipment and a driver-friendly company.
none that I can think of.

Drivers are known by name, not a truck number. We get home weekly and are paid great. Travis the owner is a driver and can be seen driving his stretched w900 delivering local loads often. The eqipment is great and the staff is friendly. A real homey atmosphere.

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