fight ticket in restriction road ?

Discussion in 'Ask An Owner Operator' started by DLJ, Sep 21, 2020.

  1. DLJ

    DLJ Light Load Member

    Apr 16, 2017
    one of my drivers received a 2 tickets total 1200 usd due to restrictions roads on delivery site , he was supposed to receive instructions from the broker / shipper but he but he did not , should he fight these tickets

    note : went though 2 different routes and were restricted , he received the tickets in the final rout
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  3. Razorwyr

    Razorwyr Road Train Member

    Jul 27, 2010
    Meridian, Mississippi
    So you have a driver who was making a delivery. There is a way to get to that delivery without traveling on restricted roads and he was supposed to call and get those directions. He failed to get the correct directions, drove down 2 restricted routes and got caught. Is that correct?

    If thats correct, you/he can try to fight it, but highly doubt you will win, especially if they are posted as restricted routes.
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  4. DLJ

    DLJ Light Load Member

    Apr 16, 2017
    we were not aware to get those directions , broker did not know either, he could not goin without those directions
  5. Dave1837

    Dave1837 Medium Load Member

    Nov 16, 2019
    Been in these situations before, many times actually. If a road is marked with a weight limit or a "no trucks" sign, I turn around and keep searching until I find one I can use. Some places are only accessible by breaking the law, and if so, the local delivery clause exempts trucks from being cited for excessing a weight limit or no truck route. Chances are, if your driver was cited, it's because of poor trip planning on his part, or just not caring
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  6. buddyd157

    buddyd157 Road Train Member

    May 25, 2017
    New England area
    if he followed his GPS, he's at fault.

    you may not really blame the broker, they don't always know how to get to a place, they generally (from my personal experience) get the directions form the customer, and passed them along to me.

    frankly if your driver wasn't smart enough to call the customer, or maybe locate a city cop on the street, or a fire station, or even a gas station for correct directions, it's still on him that he got nailed.

    pay the fines, lesson learnt. maybe also hire a driver that knows how to read maps?
  7. TallJoe

    TallJoe Road Train Member

    Apr 12, 2016
    Often enough, delivery sites are completely inaccessible to class A trucks and nobody knows about it until after a driver finds out about it for himself...then it is up to him to dare it or not.
    One could think that making a delivery, but not frivolous passing through, should offer some immunity or at least a certain degree of leniency. So I'd say that presenting the case in the court could be worth an effort.

    Calling fire or police departments to get directions is impractical in my own experience.
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  8. Ridgeline

    Ridgeline Road Train Member

    Dec 18, 2011
    Just a suggestion to the op, please post the address of the Delivery and street where the driver was pulled over to help us understand what happened.
  9. buddyd157

    buddyd157 Road Train Member

    May 25, 2017
    New England area
    but then crop up the "what-if's"?


    what if there is an old fashion covered bridge up ahead, for cars ONLY

    what if there is a wash out ahead

    what if there is a low weight limit bridge ahead

    what if the road dead ends, and there is NO way to turn around?

    and i did not say "call the police or fired dept", sometimes, you just passed one a block or 2 back. stop, get out and do some walking back to it.

    oh yeah, i know, truckers don't walk, they might lose an ounce or 2 of blubber if they did.

    hey, it's on his driver.

    should he be "granted" some sort of "immunity"?

    not only no, but HELL NO.

    read the signs, make some calls.

    as those "what-if's" can, come back on you big time.
  10. JC1971

    JC1971 Road Train Member

    Jul 29, 2013
    The best thing to do, not having directions which may or may not be the legal route is use the search term "(name of city, state) truck route map". This is hit-or-miss because many cities haven't posted a map online. Next, see if the city's municipal code is posted online. This will often list the streets that are designated truck routes.

    Also, use Google Maps satellite view. The industrial areas are pretty obvious and you can avoid the residential areas.
    Look for any streams or rivers that will have a bridge then use Google Street View to see if there are any weight restrictions. Sometimes you just have to use your best judgement.
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  11. fishonron

    fishonron Medium Load Member

    Jul 25, 2017
    North Central Kansas
    Google Maps Street View is a Wonderful Thing!

    I know which way the GPS want's me to go. If I've never been there before I always check out the last of the route street view.

    If anything else it will show me where the guard shack really is vs the address that's on the other side of the plant.
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