Impossible runs given by dispatch, cannot make appoinment time.

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  1. thelinedriver

    thelinedriver Light Load Member

    Dec 24, 2017
    More often than not my company gives me a run that can't be made on time, when I bring it up,saying there's no way I can legally do it, there response is, " Well other drivers can do it why can't you?"
    Legally ? Please someone enlighten me.
    This particular run is going from Romeoville,IL. To Portland,OR.
    I've started my clock and now have 6.5hrs , Romeoville is 35 miles away it's usually a quick in and out drop and hook on that end, here's were it gets tricky, pick up at 14:00 Dec 6th
    Drop off Dec 9th at 04:00.
    Now that to me is not 3 days as the dispatch has pointed out. Half a day on the 6th , full days on 7th and 8th
    And maybe I can run 4hrs on the 9th.
    It's 2021 miles. I'm governed at 68.
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  3. bryan21384

    bryan21384 Road Train Member

    Sep 18, 2009
    1918 Anywhere, USA 90210
    My question is, since you have 6½ hrs to run, where did the other 4½ hrs go to? The reason I ask, is because if 4½ hrs was burned to drop off a load, it doesn't always give you the best chance to make money. I think it's best to get as close to a customer as possible so you leave time on your clock to run productive miles on your next load. I'm not sure that's what went on in your situation as I'm only speculating.

    2nd, that's about a 3½ day run, even at 68 mph. I factored it as if I drive 600 miles daily. 600 is doable in an 11 hr day. You won't make that in time.
  4. Judge

    Judge Road Train Member

    Mar 19, 2014
    Newport, Ar
    2.75 days. Drive your 6.5, 10, get up 11, doing the 8 hr and 30 minutes break,; fuel and shower, grab a sandwich off the rack at PFJ; drive, rest 10 repeat.
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    DRTDEVL Road Train Member

    Jan 27, 2013
    Austin, MN
    At an average of 55 mph, that run would take 3.34 driving shifts to complete (36.75 driving hours). At 60, its almost exactly 33 hours (3 full shifts).

    Why can't you go 2021 miles in 3 days with a 68 mph truck? As asked before, where did the first 4.5 hours go? Were they wasted on your 14 at a shipper? If so, why weren't you running a split sleeper clock?

    Anyway, you laid out that you have 6.5 + 11 + 11 + 4 hours to complete the run, and that's 32.5 hours. 2021 / 32.5 = 62 mph, and a good chunk of that will be across Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming, and southern Idaho where you should be able to keep it at 68 a vast majority of the time, weather dependent. Keep the left door shut and the wheels turning, and you'll make it.

    Yes, it sucks, yes its a couple of long days, but that's what you sign up for when OTR and not regional.
  6. Coover

    Coover Road Train Member

    Dec 9, 2016
    Does your company promote "safety" and have all the nanny crap that goes off constantly "Beep beep beep beep" must allow 10 second following distance, cameras , etc? Tell them to turn all that crap off ungovern truck and you might make it. Can't have it both ways, they know #### well in this day with all the nanny crap and tech on their end this load is borderline impossible.
    So ask them which is it, and tell them to give it to one of "The other guys" who have no problem doing it
  7. thelinedriver

    thelinedriver Light Load Member

    Dec 24, 2017
    Yeah the way my previous run was I couldn't get close to the shipper I ran out of ran out of time
  8. Eddiec

    Eddiec Road Train Member

    Feb 2, 2015
    Give them a reasonable eta for the load ( stopping only to sleep, fuel and grab something to eat) Make sure that you put this in writing. If they squawk again, advise them in writing that is what it is going to take for you to do the load safely. Make sure you get the name of the person or persons that are involved in this conversation.
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  9. Capacity

    Capacity Road Train Member

    Jul 28, 2019
    Neenah Wi
    I did that run for Ulta Beauty if you have a shot of bad weather forget it.
  10. LameMule

    LameMule Heavy Load Member

    Jan 19, 2020
    Tell them you'll drive all of your legal hours within the speed limit and if that's an issue for them then you can find work elsewhere. It's your choice to work for them just like it's their choice to employ you. Don't put yourself in a bad situation by trying to fight a clock, it's a losing battle.
  11. Veteran driver

    Veteran driver Medium Load Member

    Aug 24, 2010
    Jacksonville, Fl
    Mission impossibles, otherwise known as Blitzkrieg freight are loads with virtually no margin for error. Stopping to use the bathroom means being late with the load. Never run for a company that runs you like that, that’s just ridiculous. It’s abuse.

    “Other drivers do it”
    Faulty comparison fallacy is where a dispatcher or broker will try to convince you that loads like that are done all the time by all their drivers

    The fallacy is

    Driver A. Can do it
    Driver B. Can do it
    Therefore driver C should also be able to do it. The false assumption that all drivers should be able to work at the same pace.

    Just say no to 80 mph freight on 68 mph trucks.
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