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  1. Texasbootman147

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    Jun 17, 2021
    Screenshot_20210617-150822_Messages.jpg o_OThere are several different
    Interstate Carriers LLC. So to specify their USDOT IS 2939445
    and MC Number is 993824
    Doing runs from Laredo TX. To California but has also done other states. Approximately 5 truck company small scam company.
    I was scammed out of 2 weeks pay. Luckily it wasn't 3 weeks pay as the owner wanted for payroll rotation. After receiving the first paycheck I noticed I was shorted on my pay. That and how the owner wanted to fuel a few gallons here and a few gallons there to save money was making me take multiple stops to fuel. I decided to quit.
    I told him after doing the run I was on I was going to quit. I told him I would be responsible and finish up the run taking the truck back to the yard. He told me don't finish the run. I will have someone else take the load. Just drop everything in the yard. So I dropped everything in the Texas yard where I was hired. The owner is in the California area. But has "ghost" rented yards in Texas and California. And by ghost I mean he switches locations very quickly. So he is not traceable. He moved from the yard I was hired from. He has several po boxes for correspondence and no physical address. He only has phoney addresses.
    My brother and cousin found there are many people who have been victims of this man and his wife. They are running a scam operation. I have multiple email responses from a craigslist ad exposing them which were given to me by my family.
    They have scammed people out of many thousands of dollars.
    He has threatened me and another driver to put lies saying we abandoned the equipment in our record. If we try and recover what he has stolen from us.
    The only difference is that I have video evidence of the load I dropped and where I dropped it at. Because I recorded a video of it. And that proves he is a callous scammer.
    The Texas Workforce already declared he is a scammer thief. Unfortunately the scammer reopened the case just to drag the need for him to pay. He's angry because he's getting exposed. Of course he's going to get exposed that's what scammers get. I guess he thought nobody was going to stand up to him. He was definitely wrong on that one. Sooner or later he will meet more like me doing what he does.
    I suspect he or his right hand person who he has in Texas will reply nonsense in this thread. I wish I was warned about this ugly looking short man scammer who waddles around taking advantage of drivers.
    He's tried to intimidate me with his lame lies upon lies and surprising nonsense he comes up with. He even said I stole work straps but in the video you can see it was turned in.:D
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    May 3, 2016
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    NEVER EVER tell them you quit until you have your money. Take home time, be *sick*, whatever, but make sure you have your money before you tell them squat.

    You need to get with @TB John for some legit cabbage making business.
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  4. JamesQnteroJamesQ

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    Jun 17, 2021
    a search on it came up as ermis veliz plus wife isabel veliz from azusa california are the owners of interstate
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