Is Western Express offer legit

Discussion in 'Discuss Your Favorite Trucking Company Here' started by DDOC, Apr 9, 2023.

  1. DDOC

    DDOC Bobtail Member

    Aug 13, 2013
    I keep getting calls and text messages from Western that they've over hauled the company. They keep saying that they have a new program that pays $130,000 a year. I looked on YouTube but only found one driver that addresses it but he doesn't explain it well.
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  3. Chinatown

    Chinatown Road Train Member

    Aug 28, 2011
    Henderson, NV & Orient
    OK, that's split for teams. $65,000 for each member of the team.
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  4. Chinatown

    Chinatown Road Train Member

    Aug 28, 2011
    Henderson, NV & Orient
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  5. bryan21384

    bryan21384 Road Train Member

    Sep 18, 2009
    Memphis, TN
    How much experience do you have? Western Express is the type of company that's for beginners or drivers who need to rehabilitate their careers. 130k may be stretching the truth some. If you so decide to go there, I think you'll make more money as a flatbed driver than van.
  6. Flat Earth Trucker

    Flat Earth Trucker Road Train Member

    Nov 19, 2018

    An overhaul at Western Express? Hmmmm. Seems unlikely. Those are some rather hefty numbers with what some of their now former drivers were posting here.

    One poor guy left WE because he was not making any more than his previous job.

    The moral of the story is you will likely be better off at another company if you are a veteran driver.
  7. MemeKing

    MemeKing Bobtail Member

    Apr 24, 2023
    "need a pay bump ?" (only trust opinions from people who have worked here for 6 months, like me.) Hi, i worked at western express for 6 months, it was my last job, quit just last november.
    The short answer is no. Western express is not a company for making money, that is not its purpose,
    so if your goal is to make money, then dont waste your time, because you wont be happy.
    I am against teams in general because the truck is always moving, and you wont be able to sleep very well,
    each day you will only get 6 hours of sleep if your lucky.
    One thing you will find however with ALL trucking companies is if you dont do a minimum of 500 miles per day,
    you will not make any money at all, and you werent meant to be a trucker.
    I did it all at western, i started out as a flatbed trainee, got on with a trainer in his truck for 2-3 weeks, then got my own 22 international.(did solo flatbed for 3 months) Boy was i happy to finally be on my own. I got me a 53' flat, tarps etc.
    drove all over the #### country. Western express has alot of small contracts, the more of those you do, the more they make, but you dont make, 2 stops 300 miles etc, you do 5 of those, 1 each day, you did all the work,
    you made nothing. you are paid by the mile, i think my last rate was 68 cents per mile. So I thought alright give me loads that are 1000 miles etc, that way i can just drive, i think the strategy worked, but now you got down time.. this company has alot of trucks an you are just a number, wanna call somebody? good luck, sit down, send a message through the pad, and hope they get to you, that is all.
    You can never go off your assigned and designated path (all companies)
    Wasnt makin enough so I thought ok, ill be a trainer(did trainer for 3 months), so i did that, I taught 3 students, first one was good, second one ####, third one good. we were together for 2-3 weeks, and drove all over the #### country, truck always moves never stops. But my 6 months was finally up, I thought, well now i have 6 months,
    maybe now i can find a better company who pays better, i was right. See what i learned was everything, about flatbed, and driving a semi. When your first coming out here, nobody will hire you. Once you have 6 months experience, accident and ding free, now you got options.
    As I said if your trying to making money WE, is not the company for you, but if you just wanna get your experience,
    and you got no money, this can be a nice starter in the trucking industry. As a solo i made $500-700 per week,
    as trainer i made $800-$1200 per week. (nothing is consistent with trucking pay)
    It just wasnt enough for me. When you get started at western youll be in nashville tenessee, everyone is black in this area, im white, wasnt an issue, just a slight culture shock. youll goto the hallmark in, which is owned by the company, they have 200 rooms, and you will get free room and board for 7-10 days, while you complete orientation. Also if you are broke, they give 3 free meals a day. Which ill be honest people wanna complain about, BUT ITS FREE FOOD BRO!! i only ate it half the time, but i was very grateful. You will have a roommate at the hotel, my guy was fine. Oh and get ready when you see all the 80+(every monday) recruits 90% are black, and have tattoos on their necks.(not a huge issue, just lettin you know)In fact everyone was nice to me, and i didnt have any issues. Mostly you just keep to yourself. After your finally in, the shuttle will take you to the terminal, youll be there all day for 3 days straight,
    last couple days 4 etc.. they will do a medical, and you will do 1 day flatbed in class training(watching videos)(phillip massey) then one half day hands on, load securement.
    After thats done you will wait for the remaining days however long it takes to get your trainer, waited probably 5 days for mine. My trainer was a black guy with no teeth named greg austin. He was fine (you can never touch or have your cellphone while driving) that was the only main rule, drive all you can each day, and ####. First day i drove 3-400 miles in the wrong direction while he slept, so make sure you know where your goin before you move the vehicle. We only got into it one time, but we got through it and it was done. Most people at western express dont make to the trainer, and they dont make it through the training process, because they are stupid, and are frusterated easily. If thats you, dont goto this company, things will not happen quickly, you must be very patient. And you have to really want this. Best option for new truckers is lease purchase imo, alot of truckers dont like this but, you have freedom, and you pick your own loads, nobody tells you what to do. most truckers tell you make sure you got a walkaway lease, cuz lets be honest you may not be with the company for the next 4 years, to purchase the truck.
    there are many companies who have a lease program, but most you need a certain amount of accident free experience to get there. other companies promise good pay, but you need 1 year experience minimum.
    just get a start somewhere, know what your getting into, and know that at your first company you wont make money. Also this company is known as a second chance company, meaning they will hire anyone, piss test, but no folicle, have a felony? no problem. Again most companies will not do this. So look each company has there ups and there downs, weight them all carefully and good luck.
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  8. Frank Speak

    Frank Speak Road Train Member

    May 3, 2016
    Other than the lease purchase bit, Memeking gave you a lot of good info OP.

    IMO, 99% of drivers should avoid L/P like the plague, especially new drivers. Almost all L/P plans do one thing and only one thing, and that’s put all the cost and all the risk on the driver. And, the reward, IMO, is far outweighed by the cost and risks.
  9. BM 58

    BM 58 Heavy Load Member

    Jun 25, 2019
    If you want lose the wife, house, and probably the dog a L/P is the way to go. Life turns into a country song.
  10. Dennixx

    Dennixx Road Train Member

    Feb 13, 2010
    twin cities
    The key above most else is to know where you're
    Or at least the general direction.
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  11. The Green Mountain

    The Green Mountain Light Load Member

    Nov 24, 2022
    I find the expression generally true that: if the grass is greener on the other side, it's because they're fertilizing with bull-####.
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