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Discussion in 'Mack Forum' started by Gentlemanfarmer, Jun 18, 2020.

  1. Gentlemanfarmer

    Gentlemanfarmer Medium Load Member

    Feb 26, 2010
    Greenville, FL
    I have a 2019 Mack Anthem which I bought used a month ago. Overall the truck runs well, handles well and gets good fuel mileage. The issue I have is that the seat and driver's area isn't very comfortable. My shoulders hurt while holding the steering wheel and the seat is a bit too close to the steering wheel. Has anyone else experienced these problems? Has anyone opted for a new aftermarket seat?
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  3. NYSuperTrucker

    NYSuperTrucker Light Load Member

    Dec 22, 2010
    Twin Cities MN
    I'm in a 2019 Mack Pinnacle, which has the new Anthem interior, steering wheel, column jake brake, etc...and I find that the seat is super close as well, the entire cab (mine's a daycab) is just super small, narrow. I like all the functions and where they sit, but you are right, everything is really close/compact in. I'm 195, 5' 11" and even with the seat all the way back is too close for me, I don't know how this big dudes do it. Knock on wood, I haven't experienced any shoulder pain/issues but again...I only drive it once a week. It's definitely different than the Coronado interior, thats for sure.
  4. basedinMN_

    basedinMN_ Medium Load Member

    Jan 21, 2011
    St Paul, MN
    Yep too tight for me too and I'm not a big guy. Unbelievable
  5. BobO1176

    BobO1176 Light Load Member

    Oct 29, 2021
    Terrible shoulder pain and uncomfortable seats in my 2019 Volvo. I don’t know how the seating position compares to the Mack but the Volvo is wider cab so wider space between the seats. I am 6’7” and don’t have serious leg room complaints. Maybe because shoulder pain distracts over any leg pain.
  6. '88K100

    '88K100 Road Train Member

    Aug 23, 2020
    no adjustable driver side arm rest. That will cause shoulder pain depending on the size of driver. Its not a one size fits all world but Mack has gone decades without proper armrests. Driver also has to sit ####eyed to use arm rest on door depending on the size of driver...MACK are junk, not driver friendly at all
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