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    Jun 18, 2021
    The Truth About MGR

    This will contain all the answers to the questions that you may have of this company. To save you the reader a lot of time these people are scam artist at its finest.

    I'll start from the beginning it was the normal start calling recruiting getting answers blah blah blah. One thing that stuck out was that the recruiter said that I could sleep in my truck first day. I thought that would be cool to save money and not getting a hotel.

    Upon arrival to Lawndale Avenue they stuff all the new bodys into 2 rooms. You are doing paperwork and doing the ENTIRE application that you have done already back over again. Next you go take a drug test. Same as most just a drop. When you get back more sitting around. They make you speak to the mechanic as a group so he can tell you things that he deemed important. After that they will wrap it up for day 1. A few people asked about sleeping in the truck and the answer was flat out no they are not ready. So prepare yourself with money for a hotel room.

    Skipping ahead you will your truck fuel card and everything but more than likely your fuel light will be on and you'll have to ask Vikki for fuel. It used to be 50 gallons they would give you now its only 30 gallons and they will take this out your settlement.

    The fuel card is mainly TA, Loves, road ranger and a few others but no pilot.

    They charge $4 per transaction each time you use the card. Even when you get fluids. They do not give out advances.

    The trucks that are available are 2021 freightliner Cascadia and 2021 kenworth t680 that in the beginningthe said and had us sign a paper that they would do all the pms and maintenance work for free as long as it wasn't driver error or a blow out. That turned out to be a LIE. They may also have some older Cascadia but this is where it gets interesting.

    It was supposed to be you rent the truck for 90 days to pay for all of your deposits. Once you reach your $5000 truck escrow then you can either get a truck from them or go to lone mountain to get a truck. The truck from them was going to be $1000 a week if you decided to lease purchase.

    So during your 90 days here's what you were supposed to be paying

    $500 a week for truck deposit ($5000 in total)

    $1600 a week for truck rental package

    $300 a week for Cargo

    $300 a week for Escrow ($3000 in total)

    $50 a week for Elog deposit ($500 in total)

    $14 service fee

    $30 elog service (once a month)

    $150 occupational insurance (once a month)

    Now a few months later they thought about it and said we are not doing free pms or the maintenance to the truck outside of the warranty stuff and we are going up on the truck package to $1800 a week. They want you to bring the truck to them for pms and bi-annual inspections. ←--yes bi annual. Pms are going to be in the neighborhood of 600 to 800 they charge for everything. If they look at the truck if they turn the key you get the picture.

    So now that they got another $200 a week out of you your like hey that should be it. Wrong they went up another $200 to make the Cascadia $2000 a week and the Kenworth $2100.

    So they sell you a pipe dream and say that if you get your own truck you have to pull 1 load and you will get your deposit money back. This is true in a way. They give it back and take it all in one settlement. They charge you for a trailer a month at a time. They charge you for the truck you brought back they charge you for stuff that was broken from the start. If you call and ask about it they tell you to call and ask Vikki. All she does is rum from the phone the entire time and stand outside in between the bobtails smoking cigarettes. The only time she is available to take driver's money and to eat because they all eat lunch at one time. Use the company car to get it but can you use the company car during orientation? Absolutely not call Uber eats or door dash but your not driving any of those vehicles nor the truck your paying for.

    All in all they are the most controlling people who nickel and dime you out of all your money. I believe they do it because they sit around and watch your paychecks then take it upon theirselves to say hey they won't miss the extra $200 dollars they are MAKING GOOD MONEY.

    Stay far far far far away from them. Spread the word so Noone will go to this company and get screwed around.

    Ps. I know they are watching this post but look here if they comment and say I'm lying I have black and white that shows the price increases also the paperwork that shows what the truck prices were supposed to be. Don't be fooled by their words
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    I think most us here are all aware of MGR, their aliases, shell companies and AKA.
    To bad folks don't do the due diligence on these types of employment opportunities before hand.
    Threads going back years on em.
    At some point you'd think the word would get out, and they would run out of uninformed victims but apparently not.
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    Oct 4, 2015
    MGR/RD strikes again!!
    I’ve lost count how many times we’ve seen horror stories about that company!
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    Dec 15, 2007
    Northern Indiana
    Another Chi-Town area "employer"?
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    Dec 4, 2017
    YOU AIN'T NEVER LIEING.. I've worked with them in 2010. My girlfriend paid off a truck and she had to go to court afther 8 months of them not giving up the title, on top of that she was still working with them at the same time purchasing the current truck with them. Great part about it, she got her title and won the truck that she was currently paying for. 2 for the 1 deal and they lost the case... Moving along to 2020, I started with a company called EASY EXSPRESS. Guess what, THAT'S MGR TOO. I ask these guy was they related and got told no, but I'm looking at MGR On truck and trailer. So I decided to keep it moving and just ignore that. 6 weeks later January 2021 during the pandemic my office wasn't open so MGR was calling, just so happen I recognize the voice RADAMIRI or simply to say the R in MG(R).. I ask him do he remember me wich he didn't.. Fast forward. For the NEXT 5 TO 6 WEEKS I RAN THE TRUCK AS A TEAM WITH NO PAY.. I GOT THE ### OUT OF THERE... STAY AWAY FROM MGR, EASY EXSPRESS, AND COMPRASS ENTERPRISE... They are the RUSSIAN MAFIA
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    Mar 6, 2016
    And there is a line of truckers to sign up
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