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    Nov 13, 2010
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    I knew the pay was bad there. Just got my W-2 for 5 months @ $11,480 ($27,552 annually). Now this would be alright if you a young adult working 40 hours a week in a small town and going home every night. But not working 7 days a week (65-70 hours/wk) and going home once a month for one day. It's not even close to the projected scenario they lead you on with $56,000. When I confronted the Operations Manager he said that I was only working 12 to 13 hours a day and I should be at 14 everyday. Told him that wouldn't double my pay. My pay there was said to be 41 CPM. This is a hoax. They deduct 2 CPM from all new drivers and then only pay you 14 CPM for deadheading.

    Before Schneider I did the same thing, but got paid $18.50 per hour ($27.75 per hour over 40 hours a week). They wanted me to cheat on the paper logs and drive 20 hours a day. I refused and they let me go because the truck wasn't making enough money. My W-2 there after 2.5 months (half the time of Schneider) was $15,609 ($62,436 annually). Hourly jobs win hands down over commission based driving jobs. Most trucking companies pay mileage because it is much less money than hourly.

    I'm now driving for a company that pays $24.00 an hour - TO DO THE SAME THING ! !
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    I'm doing the same thing, $24 an hour, on a local gig. 9-10 hrs a day.
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    Feb 14, 2007
    how long have y been driving
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    I need that gig!
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    Aug 5, 2013
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    Not to defend Schneider, but I made 50k a year driving for them back in the late 90’s
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    Schneider doesn't pay 14 cpm for deadheading. They pay the full rate for all miles (of course they use HMG miles so 10% less then actual). You were on per diem pay and the 14cpm is the per diem portion of pay on all miles. Not saying they're a good company (I wouldn't suggest that anyone work for their van division in the northeast) but your comments are not accurate.

    When I was there I never heard anything positive from anyone based out of Carlisle except for dedicated drivers on the CHEP account. Also, the reason your gross earnings were as low as you say is only a portion of you earnings under per diem are reported as taxible earnings. I guarantee if you worked full time for 5 months you can add another $6000-$7000 dollars in per diem pay that isn't reported as "earnings" but you still pocketed 100% of that cash. So really you earned about $20,000 in 5 months
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    Hauling mail? Could you message me details?
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    Feb 28, 2018
    Are they paying you for the hall on-duty time or only for driving time which is 11 hrs a day ?
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    Who knows, I already left and never recieved my last paycheck.
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