Small town America

Discussion in 'Road Stories' started by Calve, May 25, 2011.

  1. Calve

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    Jul 4, 2009
    Locust Grove, VA
    I have never even come close to writing a journal and will probably never write one again, but I simply couldn't help myself after the treatment I got in a small town in Nebraska.


    Auburn, NE. 05/24,25,26/2011

    I had just delivered my load in Omaha, NE and made the 85 mile trip south to Auburn, NE to pick up a load of Power Rakes from Ariens, to be delivered in Indianapolis, IN., when the truck I was in had some major issues. Turbo went out, power divider went out and needless to say, I was going to be spending some quality time in The Plains State.

    The garage I went to, Mellage Garage, was run by a man in his mid 50's named Bob. Bob the Mechanic.

    Bob the Mechanic was quite possibly one of the most genuine, friendly people I've ever met. Quite the contrast from the self absorbed sht heals on the east coast. Mid way through the day, Bob, a stocky man with the type of frame that was a product of working on the farm and in the garage for most of his life, came strolling up to my truck and said, "I'm going to take Billy home so he can get his truck, when I come back, we'll go to lunch. That is unless you have anything else to do." I said I didn't have anything penciled in and I'd be grateful.

    Bob picked me up in his F-350 and apologized for all the clutter. He asked me what I like to eat, to which I replied, I'll eat anything. We hit the Chinese Buffett for a great lunch, after which, Bob picked up the tab. A man I had never met, saw a guy who was someplace he hadn't intended on being and extended a kind hand.

    Bobs generosity and gentle spirit didn't end with me. Everybody that came in the shop was greeted by their first name, with a personal twist to each visitor. "Mornin' Elmer, how's the world turnin' for ja today?"..."Hey Dalton! How's your milk cow?"..."What's up Bobbie? That dyke holding up for you ok?"

    The next day, I figured it was my turn to get Bob lunch, so I walked across the street to the local mexican place. After I gave Bob his lunch, an older gentleman walked up to us with a bit of apprehension. Bob noticed this and immediately put him at ease with his greeting..."Afternoon Dean! Staying on dry land?" That's what I came to see you about Bob. My ditch is filling up and I heard you may have a pump that works, that'll do the job. I need to pump it over the dyke wall before the water hits my seed. (Dean just planted Alfalfa the week prior and it hadn't taken root yet)

    Without hesitation, Bob gave him directions to his dads place where he kept an 8" pump in the back of an old, 1959 International pick up truck to keep it dry, said there's a new battery, just past that old pile of lumber, and for Dean to use it as long as he needed it. Dean responded with a grateful thank you and let Bob the Mechanic know that his wife was making some fresh Pecan Pie that he'd have her deliver to him when it was done.

    I talked with Bob about the contrast of how he handled the situation with Dean and how people I've dealt with in larger cities, namely, the East Coast, would have handled it. In my experiences, they would have rented the pump to Dean, tried to sell it to him, or flat out said no, they didn't have one available. Bob told me, "Paul, the way I look at it, if I have something that I'm not using and somebody else can benefit from it, God Bless em, it's theirs as long as they need it. One day, I may need a hand. Life's too short to keep score."

    This attitude is going extinct in America. People feel the need to look to the government for handouts, bailouts, free money, Obama money. I'm not against helping people, in fact, quite the contrary. I just don't honestly believe this country is going to grow with the help of government handouts. (welfare, foodstamps, This country was built on people helping each other and until we get back to that mentality, this country will continue to fall apart.

    People like the ones in Auburn,NE. made this country what it is today. The greatest country in the world.
    God Bless America
    Paul the truck driver.
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  3. puncher

    puncher Medium Load Member

    Feb 12, 2010
    I truely enjoyed your post and I'm glad you got to experiance this great part of America, this is the way I was raised, and always glad when people still show true compassion for their fellowman. I've always found some nice people everywhere I go, not neccesarily on each trip, but in all areas including New England and the east coast. I always enjoy visiting with folks and always try to treat others as I like to be treated, please take what you've learned from Bob and pass it on.:thumbup:
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  4. lostNfound

    lostNfound Road Train Member

    Jun 28, 2007
    Home of the Stampede
    Good post.

    That's the essence, right there.
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  5. Swaps

    Swaps Heavy Load Member

    Jan 10, 2010
    That's something I always wondered. How do people in Small Town America make any money! :) All labor is bartered!
  6. ironeagle2006

    ironeagle2006 Road Train Member

    Where I live there are 4 of us that live ina row and if anyone needs help we are all there for the other. See someone in each of the 3 homes has a major health problem and we all have kids in the house so if one of us needs help we are all there for each other. I can fix about anything with wheels and can cook real well. South of us well he is the Handyman and can repair the houses that need repair norrth one house is a Licensed Contractor and can do Plumbing as needed. I have gotten so I can shove a timing chain into a Freaking 2.2 Chevy in less than 6 hours total time Neighbors truck to the south has 250K miles on it and breaks about 2 a year. Bearings are worn and breaks the chain need to roll a set but he might drive that truck a total of 40 miles a week.
  7. whosedog

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    Mar 18, 2009
    fair lawn nj
    100 years ago in rural America,you didn't need money,you got store credits for what you produced on your farm,and redeemed them for items from the store. You only needed $ if you traveled out of your town,usually only the innkeeper had $ from travelers.Most folk lived and died in the same small community.
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  8. ‘Olhand

    ‘Olhand Cantankerous Crusty

    Jan 18, 2011
    For what it is worth and IMHO--small town AMERICA--is everything AMERICA should be--good people neighbors helping neighbors--etc--and again--IMHO--geography has nothing to do w/it--country folks are country folks--and it really doesn't matter what part of country you are in--
    Just my $.02
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  9. camerabrat

    camerabrat Medium Load Member

    Feb 8, 2011
    Southwest Michigan
    Very nice story. I really like to hear the 'do unto others' kind of stories.
  10. BigJDub

    BigJDub Light Load Member

    May 26, 2011
    Crescent City, Ca
    Great story. You have to wonder though how many of the people he helps would return the favor if Bob was in a bind.

    People like that are few and far between anymore.
  11. lostNfound

    lostNfound Road Train Member

    Jun 28, 2007
    Home of the Stampede
    Just a guess, but I don't think Bob worries about it.
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