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What is an auto hauler?
An auto hauler is a class a licensed truck driver who handles the transportation of automobiles when a bulk load of vehicles is needed to move. An auto hauling job could be local, regional or national and the cargo can range from new and used consumer automobiles to privately owned vehicles. Auto haulers are typically hired by dealers or automobile manufacturers but can also find work with auctions, classic and exotic dealers, and private collections or are owner-operated and specialize in auto hauling.
What does an auto hauler do?
Besides moving a cargo of vehicles between locations, a truck driver that is performing an auto hauling job is responsible for the loading and unloading of each vehicle onto the specialized trailer and making sure the vehicles are secure. The driver is also responsible for making sure the trailer meets safety and weight standards. Auto hauler jobs often require multiple stops with unloading and loading at each destination.
Is auto hauling hard?
An auto hauler job can be physically demanding. Each load will be completely different because of the varying number of vehicles and vehicle types, knowing how to stage your load so it is both safe and legal will be one of the more challenging facets of auto hauling. Chaining up and securing the vehicles to the hauler can take time and can be dangerous as you will be maneuvering all over the trailer outside in the sun or rain, heat, snow, sleet. Weather can play a huge aspect in the difficulty of a load. The truck driver needs to pay attention and not be careless of their surroundings at all times while they work preparing a load for transport so the vehicles will not be damaged or scratched and most importantly, so the driver does not get seriously injured.
How much do auto haulers get paid per car?
Auto hauling can be a lucrative job for professional truck drivers, and they are typically paid by either salary, percentage of load or on a per-mile basis. According to Indeed, the average yearly base salary in the United States for an auto hauling job is $89K. There are of course variables that will determine an auto hauler’s pay such as what company the driver is with, the region they are driving in, driver experience, and if they are an owner-operator.
How much do Truck Drivers make in Carson, CA?
The average salary of a CDL truck driver in Carson, CA is $85,714 per year or $1,648 per week. CDL truck drivers can make anywhere from $68,640 to $104,000 depending on where they are driving and how many hours per week they are driving.