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How long is truck driving school?
On average, a CDL Class A driving school can last about 4 weeks. Depending on the program, state requirements, school and the endorsements you choose to test for, those factors could be the difference between a few weeks or a few months. Class A training courses will last longer than Class B courses as more practice hours and training are needed for the larger and heavier vehicle and loads.
How much does truck driving school cost?
CDL training courses can cost you anywhere from $2,000 to over $7,000. As that is a wide range, this accounts for the type of CDL class you are training for, school, experience of the instructors, any extra endorsements (hazmat, tanker truck, passenger), and so on.
What trucking companies pay while you train?
Paid CDL training is always an option if the high cost of tuition for a private CDL school is too expensive. Most large trucking carriers offer CDL training jobs that teach new employees how to drive a truck, receive their CDL and then a job within the company. The training period for a CDL training job is typically shorter than private training schools and meant to get the employee out and driving as soon as possible. These CDL training jobs can be a great option for someone looking to get into trucking with a guaranteed job.
Is the training from a CDL training job truly free or paid for by the company?
That depends. Some companies will deduct the price of the training from pay, while other companies will have the employee pay for the training and then reimburse them after they have stayed with the company after a set amount of time. Tuition within paid CDL training is also going to be cheaper than the private training option but students typically learn only enough to receive a CDL, so they may not be as in-depth or as comprehensive.
How can I get my CDL training paid for?
Most large trucking companies will post CDL training jobs looking to hire and train new drivers. Simply apply to the job and as long as you meet the requirements, this may set you on a path to be accepted into their program. The requirements for each company may differ but generally they will have these common standards.
  • 21 years of age
  • U.S. Resident or Green Card
  • Able to provide work history
  • No at-fault accidents in past 36 months
  • 2 or fewer moving violations in past 12 months
  • Under 5 moving violations in past 36 months
How much do Truck Drivers make in Frederick, MD?
The average salary of a CDL truck driver in Frederick, MD is $81,423 per year or $1,566 per week. CDL truck drivers can make anywhere from $62,010 to $109,760 depending on where they are driving and how many hours per week they are driving.