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What is dedicated trucking?
Dedicated trucking is a type of trucking job where the driver is assigned to a single route or assigned to a single customer. These drivers will then deliver freight on these specific routes, allowing companies that send and receive high volumes of goods to maintain an anticipated, consistent and predictable schedule.
What makes a dedicated trucking job different from a normal trucking route?

For the most part with dedicated trucking jobs, the driver's responsibilities are essentially the same as that of a regular large freight driver; requiring a CDL to operate the vehicle, abiding by state and federal laws.

The major difference with a dedicated trucking job is that the driver will be constantly driving the same route and working with the same customer. These drivers need to have excellent customer service skills since they will be the face of their company and conduct themselves in a professional manner. Dedicated trucking jobs tend to be very desirable as they allow for more home time and with routes that can be significantly shorter than normal trucking jobs.

What pays more dedicated or regional?

Dedicated trucking jobs, on average, pay slightly more than regional trucking jobs. The average salary for a dedicated truck driver is $61,000 while the average salary for a regional driver is $57,000.

Source: ziprecruiter

How much do Truck Drivers make in Davenport, IA?
The average salary of a CDL truck driver in Davenport, IA is $83,699 per year or $1,610 per week. CDL truck drivers can make anywhere from $71,760 to $120,000 depending on where they are driving and how many hours per week they are driving.
Which cities in Iowa are Dedicated CDL Truck Drivers most in demand?