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What does LTL stand for in trucking?
LTL freight or less than load freight is the transportation of cargo that does not require a full trailer load because of its smaller size. These shipments are grouped together into one load and shipped together. LTL carriers specialize in efficiently moving small cargo for multiple shippers in one truck load. This is an effective way to cut down on shipping costs for companies or individuals looking to ship smaller loads.
What is an LTL driver?
An LTL driver is a truck driver that is transporting small shipments for multiple recipients that did not need a full trailer for their freight or goods. LTL trucking jobs are some of the most common jobs available for professional truck drivers.
What does an LTL driver do?
Drivers who take on LTL trucking jobs typically will drive dedicated routes and will make several stops during their day. These routes can be local or regional and sometimes even national. Drivers are responsible for the safe and timely delivery of goods to multiple locations and are expected to have the recipients sign a bill of freight.
Which states have the highest demand for LTL Truck Drivers?