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    I will start with the Swift Driving school which was supposed to be a three week class. It stretched into 6 weeks (going over Thanksgiving) not because there was failure on any student's part but because Swift was so behind in the testing. People waited for weeks to get tested for their CDLs. Swift did not warn us that this was even a possibility. Just so you know, if Swift is not testing you, this does not mean a day off in your hotel room, watching the Oxygen channel. This means standing on the range for 8 hours. You cannot go inside and sit down. You stand on the range. Thanksgiving was a debacle. The class found out on that Wednesday that Swift would cater in Boston Market for the students. There are pictures of and proof of the hotel employees taking that food and putting it in their cars. There wasn't even near enough food for the students. Many people, who had already been going hungry for weeks (you do not get fed by Swift at the school, even if your recruiter tells you there is food), had no food on Thanksgiving. A few (not many) students there were there to party. Pot and drinking were going on, and somehow these people were not kicked out of class. The instructors were telling people to straight up go somewhere else to work, don't work for Swift. That should have been a clue, if the 6 week (no, not 6 weeks of training, 3 weeks of training, and 3 weeks of trying to get tested for CDL) wait game wasn't enough. Then, after 6 weeks away from home, there was a bit of anger on the part of Swift because my husband wanted a week at home before going out with the mentor. Then, they couldnt' even find anyone to train him. It was into Christmas and most drivers wanted to go home. Finally found someone, who was angry about it and didn't tell my husband the things he needed to know. The mentor got fired and the 5th week of his mentoring, he got someone else who at least tried to give him a crash course before the Swift testing. After 6 weeks out on the road mentoring, Swift would only give him 4 days home time. They gave him a truck that was so filthy and disgusting, the mattress was obviously torn, stained and ruined, the seats were stained, the floor had sticky stuff, the dome lights didn't work, the windows didn't work. He calls his driver manager and says these things. She tells him to pick up load anyway then come back to terminal to get it fixed. She calls him back and says, "Oh, that truck was supposed to be decommissioned. I guess I better start checking these things out." Her exact words. Well, he gets to the trailer he's supposed to pick up. On the 2 hour drive to the terminal, the brake line crumbles off. Yes, OFF. They want us to drive this truck to TN tomorrow. They can suck it. They promised us a new truck if we drive it to TN. They can still suck it. 1st day on the job and my husband is already looking to go somewhere else.
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    Did you attend Swift Academy too?
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    Well, your experience is quite different from mine.

    Food - We had a variety. One day might be rabbit. The next day might be a raccoon, or deer. But, graduation was the best feast ever! Because I finished at the top of my class, I got my very own virgin neck (had never been bitten!) I sucked the life right out of that pilgrim! As I recall, last I heard he’s at Werner now days.

    Instructors - Mine were a bit tough, but their plasma had decent flavor.

    Equipment - Boy, I can only dream of having it now like we did back in the 1700s. My creatures of the night could pull Cabbage to my delight and to the envy of mere mortals.

    All and all, I have fond memories. In fact, one day I was reminiscing and was having such happy thoughts, I accidentally turned myself into a bat! Lol
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    Im going to pour some coffee and come back to this wall of text later when I am sharp.
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    I'm shocked!
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    Swift - huh. You don't say?
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    Frank, I'm beginning to really like you.

    X1...you commenting on anyone's wall of text is the very definition of the pot calling the kettle black...lol.
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    Yet, just one more reason to go get your CDL, then look for a company....
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    Amen, Brother.
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