Samuel Barradas

    A Jersey City police officer has been sentenced for his role in a cargo theft and extortion scheme. Mario “Mad Dog” Rodriguez will serve three years in jail and another three years of supervised release as well as paying a fine of $2,000. [click to continue…]


    Three former executives of USA Dry Van Logistics, a cross-border carrier, were arrested following an indictment which charged them with wire fraud and conspiracy to commit wire fraud. One of the arrested executives, ex-CEO Sergio Lagos, has pled guilty to his role in the $26 million fraud scheme. [click to continue…]


    In a move that has surprised some and outraged others, the FMCSA has decided that it will not move forward with its plans to implement a crash weighting system within carriers’ CSA scores. According to the agency, knowing whether or not a crash was the fault of a carrier or driver will not help determine how safe that carrier is. [click to continue…]


    A driver has filed a lawsuit against his company alleging that they failed to properly maintain his vehicle, causing a brake failure that resulted in severe and permanent injuries. [click to continue…]


    As part of its initiative to help fleets switch their vehicles to natural gas, Pennsylvania has awarded $20 million in grant money to carriers who are making the change. The money was distributed over three rounds, with the last round seeing $7.3 million dispersed to 18 companies. [click to continue…]


    Less than a month after the DOT’s Office of the Inspector General released a report saying that the data gathered by the cross-border pilot program was invalid and insufficient to make any claims about the safety of Mexican carriers driving in the United States, the DOT has decided to move ahead anyway and allow Mexican carriers to operate here in the US. [click to continue…]