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    As part of a pre-hiring procedure, nearly all large trucking companies will look at a trucker’s employment and driving record to see if there is any history of accidents, traffic violations, or other issues that might disqualify them from the job.  All of this information is collected into a database by a company called HireRight, which sells the information on individual drivers as a DAC Report.

    DAC reports are regulated by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), which entitles truckers to receive a free copy every year of the information that has been collected on them.  HireRight is the company that maintains and distributes DAC records, and drivers can submit a request to receive their free report online here: [click to continue…]

    What Is A DAC Report?
    The DAC employment report is a detailed summary of a trucker’s work history in the trucking industry. Most trucking companies today participate in sharing this information about truckers.

    The DAC employment report contains items such as number of accidents, reasons for quitting or why they were fired, if they are eligible for re-hire, type of driving, commodities hauled, types of trailers pulled and MUCH more.

    They can also verify social security numbers, driver’s license numbers, criminal reports, worker’s compensation reports, and much more.

    How Do I Contact DAC To Get My Report?

    DAC reports were available from USIS, but they are now handled by a private company called HireRight.  To receive your report, you must mail in a Consumer Report Request Form, or you can request your free DAC report from HireRight online: http://www.hireright.com/Disputes/Report.aspx

    It takes HireRight approximately 15 days to process your request and send you a free copy.

    You can dispute false or incorrect information on your DAC report online: http://www.hireright.com/Disputes/ or hire an experienced professional to clean your DAC report for you:

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    Don’t let a bad DAC Report hold you back.

    Similarly, as your credit report follows you around representing you to lenders, the DAC report is of critical importance to drivers. It tells potential employers about you, and your work habits. Carriers you have worked for, or whose orientation you attended, report on you to DAC (HireRight ) which places the information on your report.

    The DAC report  contains your complete professional driver job history including accidents/incidents, MVR record, drug/alcohol test history, plus criminal history.  Approximately 90% of all U.S. long haul commercial carriers use the DAC Report for pre-employment screening.

    Inaccurate reporting and errors can easily end up on your report and they can negatively affect your ability to get work if not corrected.

    DACfix.com is a company dedicated to assisting drivers dispute inaccurate/negative information on their DAC’s. If you have issues, DAC Fix has an affordable “DAC Fix” service to dispute inaccurate information.  Their DAC Fix service is $189. They have an average success rate of 70% on their disputes. If you haven’t seen your report and would just like to obtain a copy, they can obtain it for you for $49.

    Get started easily at www.DACfix.com or call 800 494-7517. DACfix.com is a member in good standing of Better Business Bureau. If it isn’t accurate, we’ll make them fix it!

    Fix Your Dac Report

    Truckers DAC Report Tips
    Brought To You By DacFix.com

    Carriers you have worked for, or whose orientation you attended report on you to DAC, which places the information on your report. Here are some key areas that you should watch out for!

    • Orientations: Let’s say you started orientation with a carrier but didn’t like what you were hearing and left. You guessed it, that carrier can report on you even though you never collected a single paycheck. Unless you’re certain that you want to work for a carrier, do not submit to a pre-employment drug screen or attend the orientation session.
    • Discharges: Try and leave companies on good terms with two week written notice. Most banks will notarize your letter for free. Just a handwritten notarized note of resignation can prevent discharged, load abandonment, and quit under dispatch, common negative items that can keep you from getting hired by other carriers.
    • Drug History File: Another area that causes big problems for drivers is drug test refusals and failures. Never quit after being asked to take a random test. Take the test, and then quit with written notice if at all possible. Any time you take a test, ask for a copy of the paper work showing you submitted to the test. Retain this in your records.
    • Accidents/Incidents: This is an important one. Don’t report minor incidents where there was no damage or where you paid for minor damage straight out of your pocket. Seasoned drivers know the value of keeping a couple of hundred in cash for just these occasions. This can prevent an unsatisfactory safety record from being placed into your DAC report, in addition to the incident itself. Two incidents on your report will cause insurance carrier alarms to go off and lesson your chances of getting hired and increase your chances of getting terminated.

    Don’t let a bad DAC Report hold you back!

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