A group of six drivers has brought a class action lawsuit against the FMCSA on behalf of all drivers whose non-pertinent information has been shared with companies through Pre-Employment Screening Program (PSP) reports without their consent. The drivers are claiming that the FMCSA has no right to share any information not specifically supposed to be contained within the PSP reports. The suit seeks to claim $1,000 per offending PSP report issued for the drivers and for every member of the class which could potentially contain millions of truckers. [click to continue…]


    A proposed ban on overnight truck parking in residential areas of Pierce County in Washington State has been approved by the county council by a 7-1 vote. The ban will see a $175 fine for any truckers who park vehicles over 10,001 pounds on residential streets between the hours of 10pm and 6am.

    According to one council member, the hope is that the ban will prevent truckers from parking in front of houses since ā€“ as he claims ā€“ they are both annoying and dangerous. [click to continue…]


    The Department of Transportation has issued a warning to independent truckers and carriers to be aware of a scam that is targeting sensitive financial information. Carriers are reporting getting letters that appear to be from Equifax Credit Information Services ā€“ Government Division that are requesting bank account information. [click to continue…]

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    Pilot Flying J has just agreed to a $92 million settlement that will prevent any further legal action being taken against them by the government over the alleged fuel rebate scam that they were caught running over a year ago. This settlement is in addition to the previous $85 million civil suit settlement and does not stop any other suits from being brought against PFJ by individuals or corporations. Additionally, it will not prevent the government from taking legal action against any individuals within the PFJ corporation. [click to continue…]


    Tracy Morgan and the three other surviving passengers who were injured in the highly-publicized crash with a Walmart truck have filed a lawsuit against Walmart Transportation which claims that the company was negligent in its oversight of both driver and equipment. [click to continue…]


    A trucker in Oklahoma City has been charged with multiple crimes after shooting at a fellow trucker in an apparent road rage incident.

    The incident occurred when 55-year-old Benny Newcomb was allegedly cut off by driver Gene Paris. Newcomb pulled his rig up alongside Parisā€™ truck and opened fire. [click to continue…]


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