The C.R. England driver training school in Fontana, CA trains new drivers at their facility, but houses them elsewhere. Every day, the trainees are picked up by a passenger van to drive them to the training facility, but on Thursday morning, the passenger van crashed off the freeway into a tree and rolled into a drainage ditch, killing one person and injuring several others. [click to continue…]


Ten people are dead and at least 30 injured following a head-on collision between a FedEx Freight truck and a charter bus that was bringing high school seniors to tour a college campus. Both drivers were killed in the accident along with an admissions officer for the college, two adult chaperones, and five students. [click to continue…]


DND International, the carrier that had its operating authority revoked after the FMCSA found a “dangerous pattern of serious falsification” in the company log books during an investigation has been cleared to resume operation by Administrative Law Judge Richard C. Goodwin. The investigation was prompted by a fatal accident caused by a DND driver who was grossly over hours that claimed the life of a Tollway worker and seriously injured a State Trooper. [click to continue…]


As many as 20 highway shootings have occurred over the past month in and around the Kansas City area. Authorities are unsure which shootings may be connected, but it appears that the spree started on March 8th and continued, increasing in frequency over the next month. [click to continue…]


In the comments section of our news stories, in our forums, and many other places in the industry,  truckers, carriers, and lawmakers are speaking out against the negative impact that the July 1st HOS changes have had on trucking. The report that the FMCSA finally issued to justify their decision that affects millions of drivers across the country used data collected from only 106 drivers.  There’s a new survey being taken that will help the voices of the other millions to be heard. [click to continue…]


In 2005, the FMCSA instituted a program that allowed for drivers to informally contest enforcement charges that were brought against them. In theory, this would let drivers reverse erroneous citations, audits, or compliance reviews and wipe their records clean without the legal hassles and tremendous legwork of a formal contest. Then, amidst concerns about the effectiveness of the program, it was shut down temporarily “pending a reevaluation of the procedure” which hoped to find a solution to the program’s problems. After a nearly four year hiatus, the FMCSA informal hearings program has been reinstated. [click to continue…]


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