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Over the past week, forum members have been discussing the best options for APUs in order to cut fuel use and engine idling expenses.  Despite high initial prices of around $8,000, the ThermoKing TriPac  and Carrier ComfortPro are earning recommendations for low maintenance costs and long-term durability, as well as an extensive service network.  Rigmaster and derivative models such as the CCS Lightning might sell for $6,000-$7,000, but were panned for frequent and costly maintenance requirements, and excessively loud running noise.

Forum member Rollover the Original gives his advice to anyone looking at APU options:

STOP! Can you get it worked on any where in America? Or only at a FEW Flying J’s? Very few J’s have a shop! The RigMaster is a POS! Maintenance intensive! and that’s what [the CCS Lightning] unit is, a redesigned RigMaster! Research that unit fully before you jump on the “cost”!

Carrier runs all the time but is about as good as the TriPak by ThermoKing and BOTH of those units can be worked on all over the country by their respective dealers and you’ll find that they both have more shops than Flying J!

That’s part of the thing about APU’s. Where to have service done, NOT the price! Sure you’ll save it looks like $1000+ but will you “save” that money down the road when the unit quits and you have to go to a truck stop or a few places for repairs. Will the Flying J have the parts on hand or have to get them shipped in? ThermoKing and Carrier have the parts on hand!

Your new business plan will show that you want a reliable unit and a unit that you can get service for in more than a “few” locations. If the APU isn’t working, you’re hauling around a heavy boat anchor!

There are several more APU units out there but I had a mechanic that works on all of them tell me the most reliable ones he’s worked on is the TriPak by ThermoKing. I loved my TriPak after using the first 3 generations of that POS RigMaster! With the RigMaster you can look forward to oil changes every 100 hours with that Kubota engine! That’s every 10 days of use if it runs for 10 hours while on line 1! The air filter gets clogged up pretty fast too. AND it’s the nosiest APU I’ve heard out there!

The TriPak and Carrier units go for 1000 hours for the FIRST oil change then 1500 after that! Looks like that $1000 savings just went out the door in oil changes!

Do NOT let the cost of the unit guide your decision but look into them better than a “deal”

Read the rest of the thread…

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109 comments. Add a comment.

    • Brad schultz says

      I have had my tri pak well for little over two years I have about ten thousands hours on it and besides getting it serviced every other time I get my truck serviced have had no problems out of it

      • Doug says

        It is impossible to to put 10, 000 hours on your tripac in 2 years. I use my all the time and after 15 months I have only put 1, 079 hours on it.

        • John says

          do your math and you will find it’s not impossible to put 10,000 hrs. on one if you are an o/op that runs his truck over the road 5-6 days a week.

          • Lone Wolf Trucker says

            Well, you’d better do your math: two years times 365 days= 730 days. If you run the APU for 10 hours EVERY DAY! which is absolutely impossible, you’ll have 7300 hrs on it after 2 years.

      • James Baxter says

        Why do you want a tri pack, It ties into the water and if you have a hoes go bad. You cant run the truck. I use a Black Rock for years. It does not tie into the truck in anyway.

        Best money I spent

  1. Truck APUs says

    Gabe, I’ve read and heard the Tripac is one of the better units out there (though no personal experience). Sure some systems have (claim) more power, more cooling, and more heating, but truth be told, from an HVAC engineering standpoint, they are horribly, horribly designed. The lack the airflow over the condenser to cool it sufficiently, or the evaporator coil is way too small to adequately use the compressor’s capacity. In fact, if you ask an APU manufacturer how they determined the capacity, none I have encounted will say “By testing it at the following conditions” which is the right way to determine capacity. I personally think that’s false advertising
    But anyway, Tripac is a relatively good design and service is readily available across the US for it.

  2. delbert says

    the box thats goes with apu under the bunk, has two plug outlets,can u hook up small refrigerator,or micro to them?

  3. RoadWarrior657 says

    I just posted on the thread comparing Carrier to the ThermoKing TriPak. These 2 are the apu’s to look at. RigMaster failed and is no longer on the market. Lesser companies putting out apu’s don’t promise to be around long to back you up down the road. All types of apu need service. Get one that you can get service for. Currently Carrier and ThermoKing are the only 2 units that offer the buyer sercurity. Pricing is roughly the same for either unit. TriPak used to be higher and the Carrier used to be lower. Dollar for dollar the TriPak is way better. The TriPak is quiet – Carrier is loud. The electrically powered A/C and heat from the Carrier unit is very disappointing compared to the mechanical a/c compressor and esbar heater of the Tripak. When you have the facts and have your homework done, the TriPak wins.

    • Paul Logan says

      Let’s see now, Tripack is an alternator and your batteries with an inverter. Carrier is a 6000 watt Generator. Plug a drill into Tripack and see how much control you have. Carrier might, hell is louder. Compared to a reefer though you get used to it. I have ran both, I will get another Carrier. 10 K for a Carrier on the truck vs. 11K for a Tripack. No choice. Beware though, adjust the gen belt your self. Most shos put it too tight. Twist belt to 180 degrees. Last 10-20 is hard.

  4. Tony says

    Hi, I just know APU is not the solutions for anti-idling.
    Right now, only diesel fired heater is accepted by trucker. tri pack is toooooo expensive.
    i heared there is a clear incentive program will cover almost half of the cost for heaters.

  5. ROB WILLIAMS says

    Can you tell me if there is a dot or any other law, that requires the apu unit to have a covering or motor hood installed or can it be hoodless?

  6. Conagher says

    I am looking for someone who can overhaul the Yanmar engine that is used in the Tripak APU unit, or a respectable price on a good used engine.

  7. Trinity Hamilton says

    I have a Thermo King Tri Pak, The heater in the truck wont get warm at all, Everything is set right but still no heat, Anybody have any info that could help.

    • crash says

      I had the same issue with my pony pak. I just went to walmart and bought a ceramic heater. Or just drop some cash and get a diesel fired heater they work really good. But get the one for higher altitudes.

    • Patrick wireman says

      Get it serviced. Sounds like the screen is plugged upThen you must be a crappy o/op if you are parked that much in a 5 day period to put 10,000hrs on it. Yes, impossible to do. Learn to read your hour meter. I have 9,509 hours on mine and it is a 2009 model. But maybe I actually drive my truck and not sitting at the pickle parks for entire weeks. Impossible to get 10k hours in 2 years!!

      • Raymond says

        Today is 1/26/16 I bought my 2011 Cascadia this last December 12/03/15
        This tripac has 32518 hours on that just isn’t feasible.
        Possible yes but not likely
        I’m wondering if this is counting every hour the unit is on (including standby mode )

  8. Steve says

    Though they’re rarely mentioned online, from what I’ve heard and read, PowerCube seems solid. It’s kinda heavy (500 pounds) but personally, from everything else I’ve gathered, PowerCube just seems like the best choice. They claim to meet SAE J1503 testing criteria, which meant nothing to me before I googled it… but from that I get some piece of mind knowing what they’ve gone through to test those off-the-chart specifications that they flaunt everywhere. I’ve not owned a Tripak myself, but searching has revealed nothing about the APU’s testing or even the specs!! To me this seems odd since they’re supposedly the one of the “biggest” APU companies on the market. Now I’m thinking everyone is just paying for a name in Tripak. I’m not saying Tripak is a bad company, but for what PowerCube seems to be doing, I think they’re extremely under-rated.

  9. ron nelson says

    I currently have a Blackrock APU mounted on a 379 Pete and 2 Freightliners with Tripak units.
    They all have operated of the last 4 years almost trouble free. The Blackrock is larger but also a self contained unit (now has a different name) The Tripak units are serviced by Penske on a regular basis so I could not tell you cost of Maintenance. All cool and heat well but the Blackrock runs the motor for both the Heat and A/C and is a little louder than the Tripak. Also takes up more room on the frame. There is a new unit out that is completely motor and diesel free if anyone knows that units name I would like to know more about it. Battery operated and recharges on truck running time.
    Thank you RN

  10. Mike says

    Trinity…if you’re not getting any heat then the tip inside the heater needs to be cleaned. I love my tripac…when it’s working that is. Lots of little troubles but it’s still better then the wear and tear on truck much less fuel $$$ from idling

  11. pawco says

    I am currently using a Carrier APU. Its over 5 years old and still working good. I am wondering however what is the life span of this unit, should I be looking to upgrade.

  12. Jimboy says

    I don’t know that I would ask for advice on APUs here… The only time people reply to your comments are when you talk about Tripak. I think it’s safe to say Thermoking reps are hanging out here waiting to snatch you up… wouldn’t doubt if they wrote the post too. In my experience, You’d be better off just comparing the units and their specs yourself because most all truck APU review websites and posts seem like a load of bologna. So unless you actually just want someone to say “This is pretty good, but compare them to Tripak!” I suggest you look elsewhere =/

    • TriPac Dude says

      You are obviously a big time TriPac hater. I’ve only ever had experience with it and Carrier, and the Carrier is pretty good too. Just kind of loud. Would not want one of those annoyingly loud RigMasters. You can hear them from across a parking lot. But TriPac is number one all the way! (No I’m not a Thermo King rep, just have one on the truck and love it)

  13. BJ says

    @Ron that new system is called a nite cool system. It sucks!!! It runs off 4extra batteries and it one MAINTAIN your bunk temp! Not sure where you stay but I leave in Vegas, and that system wasn’t cutting it for me.

    • Kasey M Kadinger says

      I disagree I only have 800 hours on mine and it vibrates so badly that the Bracket that the Belt tensioner mounts to has failed due to stress cracks.
      RIG Master = LOUD!!! and VIBRATING POS

  14. Rick says

    What are you people talking about? Rigmaster is back on the market with a new owner. Look, I know the trucking business pretty well and it may be true that the old rigmaster was not good, but the new owner quickly improved the previous mistakes the old rigmaster made. The quality and everything has gotten much better. I have one and my fellow truckers have them too.
    It’s worth the buy. Also affordable!

    • Mike Hester says

      Can you hook up shore power to the rig master? That’s what’s nice about Carrier’s Apu the shore power works great it powers everything in your truck

  15. elmodog says

    thermo king or carrier? have 150 trucks running both systems , TK tripac wins hands down with the drivers. better cooling (a/c) and performance overall.

  16. Jackson says

    4000W inverter Generator ~ $800
    Good Electrical AC ~ $200
    Good Electrical Heater – $80
    Professional setup cost – $300
    Total cost: ~ $1400
    Great satisfaction: works great, amazing cooling and heating, way cheaper and lighter. This will also power all your other electrical stuff including keeping your rig engine warm in the winter.

    • David says

      Im looking for this kind of setup! Would you be interested in the work of setting one up for our truck?

      • espdp2 says

        David, I know this is kinda old, but search YouTube for “Redneck APU” and you’ll come up with something similar, but…well…redneck. One guy even used plywood to hold a household window AC unit up in his passenger window! Ha! That’s a little too much for me, but I like the idea of putting together your own system for 1/4 the cost. Also, I saw someone post on the reefer forum that they just use jumper cables from their reefer to their power inverter when the weather isn’t too bad, since it has to run anyways.

  17. david says

    For all of you Rigmaster lovers out there…I’ve had one for 5 years..HATE IT. 3 air conditioners,2 generators,2 radiators,2 ENGINES!!,can’t remember how many starters,alternaters,belts,hoses…EVERYTHING! And guess what?…its broke down again. If you want it,email me and u can have it.

  18. Doug says

    Looking at a used powertech brand apu. Price is right but are they any good? Is this going to start after i have been driving for 12 hours in -35 weather? Looks like it has its own rad so will it keep my engine warm? I don’t think so but does anyone know anything about them?

  19. Michael Polfer says

    As a Tripak owner the only shortcoming that I can mention is the absence of shore power. The carrier unit with it’s electric heat and air can simply plug in while parked and experience comfort without the hum of a running engine.. That said, shore power is only a benefit when you have shore power. My Tripak is a real workhorse. I have a lot of down time in the Moving business and I really rely on the comfort that my Tripak provides.Close to 9000 hours and just one tensioner pulley/belt plus oil changes. Almost forgot that I had to replace the burn chamber in the add-on bunk heater. Also not sure if other APU’s have an Artic package equivalent for cold weather. In freezing conditions my Tripak circulates warm water through my block for easy starts on subzero mornings.

  20. bctconley says

    the rig masters stinks is as loud as a full bore refer going and if you want it to work good luck, Mine look great cause it hardley worked was glad to get rid of it also put a sour taste in my mouth for these apu. But our government is giving us the shaft as usual look around for a better one, thars what I’m still doing

  21. Harold says

    Rig Master APU.. Sucks very badly… I’ve not seen any new ones, BUT the older units… you can hear them across most flying J , Petro , T/A Parking Lots…and have mercy on you if one fired up within a few trucks from where you are parked… I doubt that you’re going to get much sleep.. they were louder than the old reefers without their doors…

  22. vic ardolino says

    I have a ccs and I like the 6k generator and locking cover also the electric heat and ac system.these small engines are all a lot more maintenance than the trucks engine.I have 2k hrs on mine and over 3 years of otr use.they have discotinued manufacturing them but if I was looking I would check out a centramatic apu because they are very similar.I looked at the Tripac but with no. Generator and everything belt driven (no shorepower) it wasn’t for me.good luck and happy hunting!

  23. says

    bought a comfort master,have problems with the computer looking to put a on and off switch on it,other than computerized. the company has shut done. other truckers have purchased this apu plz help me with ideas.

  24. Angie says

    Looking for a good APU that will provide AC as well as ongoing power for mini-fridge, coffee maker, electric skillet, etc. Any suggestions?

  25. tom hall says

    I have read most of the comments on apu’s and it looks that not many have heard of the HP2000 our company has tried Tripak and Carrier with not so good of luck. Then they brought two of the HP2000 to try drivers were pleased with them they would cool the truck in south Texas and Arziona where we run.The company has installed 20 more and are very pleased.

    • glenn Fulmer says

      a friend bought a “NEW” Freightliner and had one of the HP2000 units installed and it has been an absolute nightmare for him. ?????

      • says


        I hate to hear your friend had issues with our product! Please have him give us a call so that we can assist in any way possible. We take pride in the dependability of our product and hate to hear that a customer is having issues. Call me direct, 618-215-3733 and I’ll make sure we get this resolved.

        Cameron McCurdy
        General Manager
        Electrical Engineer

  26. Milt says

    how much amperage/wattage/volts can you expect out of an apu? I try to run a microwave-700 watt and my overhead lights go out. the toaster oven, same thing. cannot even attempt to run both at one time. sometimes with just my rear a/c on the lights go out. is this normal? –new to trucking.

  27. Milt says

    why are not generators used? they seem the best system. not charging batteries but actually giving some wattage and voltage to help ‘live’ in the tractor for a week to 3 weeks at a time with not so much trouble. I can’t even get answers from anyone on how these apu’s are supposed to handle and load up.

  28. julio says

    apu’s are tooooo expensive and there is no quality built in them,if the EPA and the fuel price weren’t factors no one would be looking for them,tried twice the rigmaster and hate it,I heard they have a new one will not give them another chance; the termokng dealers all sell tripaks but everyone of them sets their own price and they are outrageous.Electrical seems the way to go,you just need to make sure your truck reloads batteries before running out,if u run in extreme weather ur needs may be totally different;All of them cost too much to maintain.Get creative,u might come up with some thing way cheaper

  29. Tom B. says

    Run from Dynasis. Bought because I loved the design. I wanted peace of mind when parked. Liked backing of OOIDA, and financing program. Now I’m paying monthly for headaches and worries. Less than 300 hours, three trips to dealer, cost miles time and loads. Doesn’t start on its own always. Replaced control box once, no help. Left me with dead batteries three times already. (A problem I didn’t have before apu.) Dealer stopped answering text and phone calls. Won’t cool truck in northern AZ in Oct..

  30. Carl says

    Tried alot of APU’S so far the HP2000 has worked very well for all my trucks, drivers are happy, they will all have problems from time to time so will our trucks but look what they can save you not only in fuel but in wear and tear on your engine and oil changes add it up in a 12 month time $$ but the service dept. and parts dept. is what helps my company the most they have been very helpful and honest that means alot if you are trying to stay up with todays Trucking Industry

  31. James Armani says

    I just bought a Volvo 06 wich came with apu system I have no idea what brand except on inside panel it says “Comfortguard”! My quastion is after how long should it start blowing heat when you set it up to heat and turn it on? Iv got mine runing for an hour now and still no heat coming out

  32. charles says

    It might be the heater needs to be serviced. They need to be cleaned once a year. It could also be that it has lost it’s prime. I would recommend stopping by a Thermo King dealer and have it looked at.

  33. Amos says

    We have an HP 2000 and have had a few issues with it. It was installed improperly at first by a dealer in Omaha and I called there factory rep and made arrangements to stop by there factory in Ill. They took the unit compleatly off and reinstalled it the right way at no cost to us. We have had two small maintance issues with it as there are no dealers in the Dakotas and the northwest states as yet. The unit runs quiet and very fuel efficient. The HP2000 has no problem maintaining cabin temps hot or cold

    • says


      Call me direct, 618-215-3733, we have a new update availiable for ALL of our apu’s made before 2015. We have a major advancement in technology in our new Xtreme model that will make it heat and cool like a champ in the hottest and coldest of temps. I’ll make sure we get this resolved.

      Cameron McCurdy
      General Manager
      Electrical Engineer

      • Dennis Blake says

        I haven’t even bought an apu yet and I’m impressed with the fact that you reach out personally to resolve an issue. That’s top notch customer service. In April when I purchase my new Volvo, I’ll get this system installed. I haven’t read about any other dealer jumping in to help. Thanks for helping me with my decision.

  34. GLENN says


    • Brian E says

      Dynasys APU’s are complete junk. I work in a shop for a trucking company that has bought hundreds of Dynasys units. They have a host of problems. Broken radiators, replacing generator after generator. Bad A/C condensors. The list goes on and on. Don’t buy one. They are a waste of time and money. Look at a Thermo King Tri Pak. All of ours work great.

  35. amora says

    That’s great!
    I do think APUs are too expensive to buy and maintain so I was looking for other options.
    Would you please let us know which brand of Inverter Generator, and the A/C unit you are using?
    Thank you,

  36. mike says

    a good piece of the summer you need to fire up the heater at least once a week..the heater pulls diesel fuel from the tanks..if the heater isnt fired up routinely the fuel will sit for a long time..degrading the pumps and its old nasty diesel fuel thats been sitting for 5 or 6 months..same in the up the a/c every once in a while to keep its innards fresh lol. The solution to your problem trinity may be old diesel fuel clogging in the filter and pump..may need to replace those. Sometimes mine doesnt shoot out hot air..sometimes i have to restart it to get it working..may be a relay switch or something. hope that helps.

  37. Spencer says

    I have two carrier comfort pro 6000 Apu units and I have to say been very pleased with both of them. 1 of them needed a new alternator the other a water pump and I have 5000-6000 hours on these 2 units and have been very reliable. The carrier runs all the time and is louder than the tri pack but puts up more than twice the electrical power of the tri pack and is capable of being plugged into shore power. they burn under full load about 1 fifth gallon of diesel fuel per hour and do a fantastic job of keeping the cab in the engine warm even at minus 30 degrees in the winter time. I live and worked out of the truck in North Dakota in the oilfield and I would not be here without these units. The AC system is a stand alone system and is not tapped into the truck system. I like that as I dont want the truck system tied into apu and have a leak taking down both systems. the carrier can be operated while going down the highway if you disengage the alternator on the carrier that way you do not have 2 units putting out 12 volt power to the batteries which would damage the electrical system of 1 or both units. Carriers have a dealer network across the country for repair if you need tri-packs and carriers have the largest network in the country I would not consider any other units as they are either made in China or have a poor performance record or have an inferior dealer network.

  38. jron says

    Make sure that inlet on your heater is not blocked it needs to able to get air from the back side of the unit otherwise it will not work and heater does have a safety cut off in the event it gets over heated, I just found out myself had the same problem would for a very short time and then quit, took the truck in and had it looked at found out it was not getting air unit was being blocked got that corrected unit now heats was told by tech unit has a safety cutoff and will cutoff in case it gets overheated. Good luck

  39. Tom says

    We have a lot of problems with hp2000.2-6 moths old ,but nothing but problems.Their waranty department is a nightmare to deal with.Keep giving exuses not to pay.These 55 trucks are more in the shop than on the road becouse of constant breakdowns.And I mean all of them!! Very disapointed :(

  40. Mark Norris says

    Tom, Sorry for the inconvenience you’re having with our system. We would appreciate it if you would call us directly to help you resolve this matter. As with any product it may have issues, but to have issues with all 55 units is not something we would not take lightly, our direct number is 618-997-0608. Please call us our hours are 8-6 M-F.

  41. Dee says

    We have several HP2000 apu’s and are very pleased. Never seen one heat and cool as good as this one does and they stand behind there product. If you do have a problem ask for Gary Parks and he will get it taken care of. We plan to purchase several more units.
    I would stay away from the Hodyon Dynasys, unit. Lots of problems.

  42. Greg Newman says

    I bought a Dynasys APU. I love it. They had a recall on one of the wiring harnesses but the took care of that problem. The only complaint with mine is in the winter you can’t get the heat set to a comfortable temperature. It’s either too hot or too cold. But the A/C and everything else is great. As a matter of fact. I just bought my second truck last Friday. And I’ll be purchasing a Dynasys APU for that truck.

  43. Mark says

    Got a junk master I mean rig master replaced everything but the engine it’s in the shop now gonna cost about a grand to get it out this is the last time will be shopping around for something else

  44. Al vahlkamp says

    I have a rig master since ’07 no problems just this year had to put freon in it would buy another.

  45. Armen Hovhannes says

    I had also had a ringmaster, noisy as can be, very heavy and always had some issue. I got a new HP2000 because of what truckapureview said and so far so good. 2 years, no problems and it heats and cools very well. It was much cheaper than my rigmaster was and less than a tripak for sure!

  46. John says

    Seems to me the benefit comes from buying a reliable product and having one that requires least repairs and service. Otherwise are you really saving much money? I have not talked to many who did have have problems within two years of needing major repairs. Even TriPac’s. But my other question is weather some run their APU’s way more because they think they are saving so much diesel? I shut my truck engine off and many times don’t even need to idle. Yet I hear plenty of APU’s chugging away at night when I ask myself. Do they really need them running? Also if you have a older truck, should you invest in a APU? How easily can you transfer it to your next truck? I have noticed that these variables are not covered in any of the calculators meant to help you decide if you should invest in a APU. I certainly think it depends on the operator and their are other ways to save fuel and I still notice many idling those truck engines with a APU strapped on the frame?

  47. john j. says

    i have a carrier pc 6000. small gremlins and no knowledge of apu s can any one refer me to a website that can answer my questions? i keep getting kicked to those sites where they want me to pay….im not payin for a guess…just want to talk to some folks that figured it out. thanks

  48. Spanky says

    Look at the Acemco APU it uses a 3 cly engine it has great ac/ heat capacities and is not equipped with a generator, however it has a large alternator that will run a 3000 watt inverter.Sales and service is great. The unit is very quiet and fuel efficient approx .25 gallons per hour and the cost is less than TK. Easy to change oil and uses a ford oil filter.

  49. Olawale says

    I just bought a Freightliner Truck 2009,the truck came with Alliance APU but the APU is not working,I took it to various Freightliner to have checked but they told me they don’t work on it.The problem now is my truck doesnt idle,it’s really a pain in the butt to stay cold in the truck.Can anybody tell me where I can service or repair this unit pls.The name on the APU is Appliance.

  50. Gabrielle says

    This article is from February 2010. RigMaster Power has been a pioneer in the industry since 1989. Perhaps the individual who made the comment mistook RigMaster for another APU manufacturer since RigMaster has never used Kubota engines. If the individual did indeed have a RigMaster but was just mistaken about the type of engine, then please note that units built in the past 20 years cannot be compared with current competitors’ models. In 2009 RigMaster changed ownership; the Generator model was updated and a new Inverter model was designed to encompass the changing needs within the industry. In order to compare the RigMaster APU to the competition, all current models should be utilized. RigMaster APUs are complete stand-alone systems; quieter, lighter, and more durable. Dealers are located all across North America, Australia, Europe, and the Middle East. Additionally, our 1-800-249-6222 line can be called for convenient Technical Support. RigMaster… Discover the Difference!

  51. Steve says

    The Rigmaster does not use Kubota engines. You either get a Perkins or a CAT. Maybe you should do some research on what your talking about before you run a company into the ground!

  52. Regan Dagg says

    The new HP2000’s are great! “K-Series” We bought three of them with no issues so far. MUCH cheaper than the others we looked at… Way to go Parks Inds, you’ve got what we’ve been looking for A+++

  53. McKlime says

    I wonder if you could run a GOOD size pipe right out of your (not mine I don’t have it!!) APU-muffler and straight inside your own cab !!!?!??! so you get to taste all the ” green” side of it :)~> Yes I can’t wait till these big companies get sued for making us smell all that bluuuue smoke. Yeah sometimes you feel that your neighbors APU muffler pipe is hooked to your pillow, naa no big deal, right?? . (I know I know your coming out with better once and that some people don’t service them and maybe that’s why you Sir have had a bad experience with’em….) well… BUT I’ll tell you one thing…, it’s for an open field use ONLY and morans with APUs she’ll not be parked with rest of the normal people or by any CMVs!

  54. Jeremy says

    James Armani, probably old news, but the comfortguard is a cummins APU. They stopped production a few years into it due to low sales. It has a 4KW Onan generator and uses a Kubota Z482-E3B engine.

  55. Chuck says

    I have a Thermo King Tripac Evolution. It’s only about 4 months old now. So here we go, I’m in a Thermo King shop right now having it worked on. The unit won’t run at all, 3 weeks after having the unit installed the inline coolant hose busted (it felt like putty in your hand) and drained all the coolant from the truck engine, costing me an $850.00 service call. Thermo King only offers an engine hour meter as an add on option which imo is totally ass-in-nine! $8000 and TK can’t even add this as a standard item. The cab control is another issue, are we not in the 21th century? Using a dial control from the 60’s, what a joke! A digital control would be the answer, hmm Carrier has just that. Why I switched will ever haunt me! Plumbing 1 outlet for AC air flow and 1 outlet for heat. I don’t normally write bad reviews, but I’m sick and tired of getting screwed by big companies. If I have to purchase another APU, I seriously doubt it will be another Thermo King.

    • TriPac Dude says

      Hey, evolutions are pure garbage. I have one of the old style TriPacs and it is just great. The old style TriPacs do have digital controls as well as an accessible engine hour meter. I can’t for the life of me figure out why Thermo King went the direction of “de-evolution” with these things. Plus, they’re downright ugly. The old TriPacs were much more attractive.

  56. Bob sadler says

    Had this Dynasys apu over two years now, Have had a lot of problems with this thing. If I could go back in time I would of brought another brand. Two years gen goes out cost over 1000.00 to fix. Lots of other problems with this thing. Not enough places to get it fixed when it does go down. Not enough btu’s . When it is real hot, just won’t cut it. Or when it is real cold. Now the dang controller is messed up. Never ending story and never again.

  57. howard says

    I have an dirt old carrier.I change the oil,filters,first water pump replacement yesterday,new brush pack and commutator sleeve(30$w/alt check out)rewelded the fan shroud,AND bought 2″closed cell foam to reline the inside.Much quieter now.Runs just fine,I’m a happy ole boy.

  58. Paul Womack says

    Bad news dynasty APU are junk three generators to radiators to electric fans for sensors and counting !The generator I just quit and it needs another radiator over $1000 worth of repairs needed to repair it and still got a piece of junk if I pay for the repairsBelieve me you’re better off to spend $13,000 for diesel fuel do I don’t your truck engine with finance charges and repairs this units not worth it The dynasty repair guy on the 800-number told me they would buy the unit back for junk price but they won’t pay it off !

  59. Mike Hester says

    I have had a TK and a carrier the TK was in a 389 Peterbilt it could not cool the sleeper cool enough to be able to sleep. I had a carrier in a t680 KW it had the same problem both units are only 13000 BTU the way both units were plumb didn’t work heat rises so being plumbed in the existing ductwork and a hoes was plummeted out from under the bed they still couldn’t cool the sleeper enough to sleep. With that being said I have looked in a rooftop 13500 BTU A/C with an Onan 3200 KW generator this would do the job very good because the cool A/C air would be plowing down from the top mixing with the heat that’s reising up to the top of sleeper because heat naturally reises but Onan will not warranty a 3200KW generator on a truck Onan says it has to be a 5500 KW or bigger to have a warranty if it is being used on a truck. So I did so checking around and found out by using a rig master , carrier, or any true generator APU made for trucks not the inverter style will work well with any rooftop A/C and they will work the 15000 BTU rooftop A/C the Coleman roughneck and the Dometic rooftop A/C . The Rig Master is a 6000KW generator so is the Carrier, the dynasty is the p2000 is
    The carrier, the Dynasty, the p2000 have shore power you can get the shore power package from Carrier and had it to the Rig Master then you would have shore power. The best thing about going with this setup is you will have battery monitoring along with keeping your eninge warming and start up and stop for ac or heat and battery’s automatically and the best thing is you will have a warranty all you need to run a rooftop is 2400KW all these 6000KW can run everything in your truck with no problem with power to spare . Then you won’t get screwed by Onan for having theirs on your truck

  60. says

    One brand tops all the others, they may have had some issues in the past but their new “Xtreme” series is the best one on the market BAR NONE! The HP2000 is the apu to get. Call Matt and tell him I sent you so I can get a coffee mug or something LOL! 618-215-3735

  61. TriPac Dude says

    TriPacs are still number one, even including the Evolutions! my dad got a new truck a few months ago, and it has an Evolution on it and i have to say, it works perfectly.

  62. Kasey M Kadinger says

    My company for some reason ( the people in charge don’t have to live with the APU) bough a RIG Master for my 2016 PETE. I only have 57,000 miles on the truck and 800 hours on the APU and it is broke down and I cannot find any place to fix it till next week when the People at RIG Master decide to start answering their phones again.

    DO NOT EVER BUY A RIG MASTER (POS) this is the LOUDEST and Most VIBRATING APU I have ever had to live with.

    This is a pretty good Job but I may have to Quit because I am not getting any sleep!!!! I did a sound test in my bunk and it comes in at a sustained 78 Decibels! 80 Decibels for 8 hours is considered by OSHA as Hearing Damage Level!!!!.

    If Rig Master was a responsible corporate Partner of Truck Drivers, it would stop selling any product that is that loud and Vibrates that much.Not to mention answer their phones

  63. Shannan says

    I like the apu’s. Even wish I had one but wow some of them stink and are noisy. Had to get up and turn my rig around again tonight because the guy next to me was filling my cab with fumes. That with all my windows closed and nothing running. My reefer and truck idling together produce less noise and fumes than that apu so could someone tell me how that is better for the environment and have there been any cases of carbon monoxide poisoning from those things?

  64. Robert says

    Tripac sucks this new regeneration never works right. Stays shut down more then it runs and good luck getting help from those jerks at thermo King unless you want to pay to start the dam thing.

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