CSA BASICs Changes Are Coming


Major changes to the CSA’s BASIC scoring system may go in to effect as early as December 3rd. The FMCSA had previously announced that the changes would be taking place sometime in December, but never specified exactly when. The biggest changes to the system will be the introduction of a new HazMat BASIC and the dismantling of the Cargo BASIC.

The new HazMat BASIC was created to “better address hazmat crash severity, to better identify compliance problems and to aid first responders [with information].” Largely focusing on placarding and compliance enforcement, it has very little to do with actual safety issues and more with correct documentation. The HazMat BASIC will consist of 238 violations that used to be housed in the Cargo BASIC, and 111 entirely new HazMat specific violations.

Vigillo is one of the companies that provides compliance and management solutions for fleets. Director of client services Sloan Morris pointed out that “the HazMat BASIC does appear to introduce a bias against large carriers that do not specialize in hazmat hauling. Essentially, what this means is that HazMat will be the most sensitive of the BASICs—very few violations can push a fleet over the threshold, especially if they do not specialize in hazmat.”

While the HazMat BASIC may become the most sensitive, the Vehicle Maintenance BASIC, previously the longest BASIC, is about to become even longer. It is now being expanded to include all violations previously handled by the Cargo BASIC except those now handled by HazMat.

These changes have been in the works for a while now, and this is not the last round of revisions we’ll be seeing in the near future. With their far-from-perfect system still being far from perfect, we should be expecting to see many, many more changes coming our way.


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Source: Fleetowner

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  1. Jamie D.McClain says

    All the new regulations are doing is oppresing the industry and the drivers that are working in it… The CSA is putting great drivers off the road and putting inexperienced drivers behind the wheel…

  2. unkel cash says

    Corporations took over Las Vegas and every aspects of business in this country and as long as they are allowed to do what they please & as long as they pay their dues to the big boss during the elections things will continue this way for ever.
    The fed’s much rather inspect a large company logs and records in one location than to hire millions of inspectors to chase a one or two man operation and when it comes to fines (dues) it is much easier to rob people with big pockets than to chase billy bob’s that have already spent their next month income on lotto tickets and casino chips or some worthless chrome gadget .
    It is very simple boys & girls until we manage our business like most corporations do
    we have no business to complain about rules and regs.

  3. Herman says

    You,re so right Jamie, I started driving when I was 17, (now 54); I`ll be quiting in the near future due to high liability and low pay, with a bit more (wrong)changes to the industry, it will all crash.

  4. James C says

    But didn’t you know?! The DOT wants to transform the trucking industry into a perfect Star Trek the Next Generation universe! Where us big bad truckers never make mistakes and we all look like perfect little officers!

    And all to show that the DOT is protecting all those devil-may-care, selfish-as-heck and reckless-beyond-belief four-wheelers out there!

    You go for it congressmen! Get yourself re-elected on your happy little pipe dream. When all the Walmarts and super markets are gone and everyday items are so expensive that you have riots on your hand, you’ll remember this nonsense when you’re being trampled to death by the mobs of selfish idiots you screwed us over for to get votes from.

    Absolutely fricken stupid. It’s an unreal level of stupidity. And all we truckers can do, is sit back and watch incredulously as hard working men and women are persecuted just so our officials can get voted for.

    In the immortal words of Louis Black: “Unbelievable!”

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