Family Settles With Carrier for $700,000 After Death Of Cyclist


Carrier Golden State Foods Corp. has reached a settlement with the family of a cyclist that was run over and killed by one of their drivers in 2012.  The wrongful death suit that was brought by the family of Kathryn Leah Rickson alleged that the driver and his assistant were negligent in the accident, that the company failed to adequately train their drivers, and that the company didn’t properly equip the truck with blind-spot mirrors.

The lawsuit originally sought damages of just under $1.8 million against the company, but nearly two years after the accident, Rickson’s family decided to settle for $700,000.

Rickson was riding her bicycle in the bicycle lane, was wearing a helmet, and had flashing white and red lights attached to her bike. The truck made a left turn and ran in to Rickson who fell under the truck.


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  1. Matthew O Crawford says

    I would have counter-sued because this person was absolutely too stupid to ride his bicycle around big trucks. As a cyclist myself, I don’t want to get hurt so I pay extra attention around the big trucks, but, I forgot, no one takes responsibility for their actions.

    • says

      If the cyclist is riding along at full speed and a truck suddenly and illegally cuts across her right-of-way in the bike lane I don’t see how it could be avoided, and I think it’s rather cruel to blame her. Yes, people act stupidly around trucks and cause accidents daily, but my sympathy is with the departed and her family on this one.

      • Robert says

        It was an accident. Why does anyone need to be sued. Oh gee whiz our son/daughter got killed well let’s just make ourselves some money!!! Sorry for they’re loss but suing isn’t going to bring them back. Whatever happened to; when it’s your time to go you’re gonna go no matter what? Oh sure the family can say “oh we’re going to start a trust for the children or a scholarship fund, yeah right. Give me a break. Dollar signs popped up in their eyes. Fall in a store then sue. Instead pay closer attention to your surroundings and put away the phone!! Sympathy for the family being greedy no way. Have a nice day.

        • says

          We certainly don’t live in a world of forgiveness…not for a long time….it is the day and age of greed,entitlement…all for one…none for all…

          Yet , can we as drivers extend some compassion for the bereaved family…?
          I know how I would feel in the same circumstances… even as a driver.

          A local ambulance chaser was drawing cartoons about ‘bad truck drivers’ not getting enough sleep, log books, etc. being the cause of these types of deaths in his tv ads…so the litigators are at some great fault here also…..see anything but compassion for their own bank accounts?

        • nofilter says

          I totally agree, lawsuits are just out of control and is generally used by greedy people and greedy attorneys.
          It is sad someone died, but an accident is an accident and how many of you driving a semi truck are 100% of the time in your lane? well I’d say that is pretty much impossible especially in the cities, accidents are bound to happen, what is really sad is Truck Driver are really getting hit hard when accidents happen.
          How many people can say they never have accidents at their jobs…. I think the average of accident is really very good vs how many trucks there are out there and how many hours drivers are behind the wheel.
          Tough job in a tougher world yet.
          Greedy people are ruining everyone’s life

    • says

      Rickson was riding her bicycle in the bicycle lane, was wearing a helmet, and had flashing white and red lights attached to her bike. <—– What more was she to do? I don't understand your reasoning here.

      • David Dunne says

        Thats the only sensible statement I’ve read so far…the Cyclist was properly Attired and correctly positioned in the Cycle Lane when struck by the Truck…does it not appear to some People that from reports the Driver was 100% at fault…

  2. Charles Robinson says

    They have a bunch of these bicycle lanes near where I work in Northern Virginia recipe for disaster they should remove them all and make cyclist travel on the main lanes following all rules of the road

  3. Ray says

    I don’t think cyclists belong on the road at all. Put them up on the sidewalk. In most places the sidewalks aren’t used much anyway.

  4. julie says

    I agree put the cyclist on the sidewalk….why? any cyclist anywhere would share the road with any vehicle small or large beats me..Crazy..

    • Edwin says

      you put the cyclist on the sidewalk, then the pedestrian will be suing the cyclist because the cyclist hit a pedestrian. it is nothing but a vicious cycle of greed.

  5. sgray says

    Who ever gets on the roads in anything smaller than a tank, is risking life. Few days ago a Lexus smashed into the back of a truck, half the car was all you could see. Now, imagine skin and bones confronting a truck. Not a chance.

  6. Stew says

    Cyclists have just as much right to use the road just as much as Billy Big Rigger. Its called Share the Road. Did you people read the article? She was in a bicycle lane with a flashing tail light. How about the truck driver put the cell down and pay attention & be the professional driver that he is/was being paid to be.

  7. Alex says

    Nobody ever should expect compassion on this site…

    Everybody here is biased and close minded.

    As expected, the usual crowd here sees a truck involved automatically sides with the trucker, dispite all the other things the driver should’ve noticed. Making this a preventable accident on the part of the trucker.

    • says

      The CDL has long since become the Criminals Drivers License. A driver is automatically at fault…
      until proven otherwise.

      Just let the train run off the tracks and see who gets the blame!

  8. james says

    I drive a truck and I.m always watching for bikes motorcycles .and yes people have got greedy but this could have been prevented.a blindside mirror would not have helped since he was making a left turn.he should have seen her I roll down my window so u can hear and look out to see what the mirror don’t I agree the driver was at fault but this is a sue happy country anymore don’t mater who’s at fault its all about money and how mutch you can get

  9. Curly says

    WTF? When I was young we were taught a bike was like a pedestrian. You were to ride on the side off the road, NOT IN THE MIDDLE. And when you came to a busy intersection you were to get off your bike and walk it across the street in the crosswalk. Now they they ride the damn things where ever they want. Where I live they have made it illegal to honk at someone on a bike even if they cut in front of you and almost get hit, because you are being aggresive towards them. Like I said WTF?

  10. JJ says

    Yes, my sympathy to family of deceased, but also to the drivers that has to live with that. I’m just curious, since this happened at an intersection, were there any stopsigns or lights that may have been ran (from either side)? When I see bike riders, they typically stop for as little as absolutely possible. Usually, that means zipping thru traffic & running signs… Generally being more of a nuisance than they what they claim our trucks to be.

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