Organized Theft Ring Stealing Cargo Worth Millions in LA Area


Driving a truck is a full time job, and I mean a full time job. Drivers only get paid while they’re “working”, but drivers are responsible for their vehicle and cargo 24/7. This means that if cargo is damaged or stolen, the trucker is held responsible. Usually trailer or cargo thefts are isolated incidents, often crimes of opportunity, but they still cause millions of dollars in losses per year. So when there’s a theft ring who is hitting targets over and over again in an organized fashion, it is cause for huge concern.

The Los Angeles Police Department has reported that a group of thieves has stolen trailers containing millions of dollars of cargo in the Los Angeles area. Given that nearly 40 percent of American retail goods come in through ports at Los Angeles and Long Beach, there is no shortage of targets to choose from.

An article in the Los Angeles Daily News quoted Los Angeles Detective Marc Zavala as saying “I’ve been working this stuff for 20 years and I haven’t seen it this bad. I’m only hoping that the people realize there are people that drive these trucks. This is literally killing them financially and we, as citizens, are suffering because prices go up.”

The police recently arrested six suspects who were trying to steal trailers that were still attached to trucks. Detectives for the LAPD say they believe that the suspects are part of a major Armenian organized theft ring. The suspects are Toros Tufenjian, 40; Movses Dermishyan, 23; Akop Amalyan, 26; Artak Harutyunyan, 40; Ara Hayrapetian, 39; and Miguel “Angel” Moreno, 38.

The Daily News reported that two of the suspects, Harutyunyan and Hayrapetian were arrested in July for trying to steal a load of pharmaceuticals worth $300,000.

Anyone with information regarding cargo theft crimes is asked to call Detectives Zavala or Woods at 818-832-7510 or 818-832-7508 during business hours. After hours, all calls can be directed to 1-877-LAPD-24-7. Crime Stoppers can be texted at 247637 using the letters “LAPD” to begin the text.


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  1. juan says

    It’s bad every where. I had to cut ties with a fellow driver who was leased on to another company who lost his lease. He actually had the balls to ask if He could hi-jack one of my companies loads for a few thousand. My list of friends gets shorter every day.

  2. Creg Strock says

    I guess I’m fortunate enough to be hauling loads of materials not many people want. Who would want a load of fire hydrants. Not one of those items in high demand and that could be easily taken off the trailer and just carried away.

  3. Creg Strock says

    I’ve actually witnessed guys stealing boxes of meat out of the back of a reefer in New York City while the rig was actually moving. It was moving slowly through a fairly congested area but there were four guys that were unloading it in transit.

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