A savvy truck driver has avoided falling victim to a possible scam being run in Pennsylvania. Police in Lehigh County are looking for the potential scammer after the driver’s air hose had been intentionally cut and the “good Samaritan” had offered to help him fix it… for a fee. [click to continue…]


    A 3D laser rendering of the vehicle

    A 3D laser rendering of the vehicle

    The National Transportation Safety Board released its findings on the crash that injured actor/comedian Tracy Morgan and killed fellow comedian James McNair. According to the report published by the NTSB, the driver, Kevin Roper, was not over his allowable hours, but was speeding. [click to continue…]


    Watch what you say over the CB or you could be slapped with a fine for thousands of dollars. A trucker based out of Bainbridge, New York named Donald Beers got in an argument with another trucker on the road not far from him. As the conflict escalated, the other trucker, Fred Lawson, called in the authorities after he claims that Beers began to threaten him over the CB. [click to continue…]


    Bryant Collins was driving on Highway 72 in Georgia when he saw the strangest thing on the side of the road: a 15-month old baby girl who was crawling alone, perilously close to the highway. [click to continue…]


    The recent tragic accident that resulted in the injury of actor/comedian Tracy Morgan and the death of comedian James McNair has caused many in the industry and many news outlets to predict that the HOS restart provisions that looked like they might be getting the boot might not ne getting suspended after all. Despite the rumors, the ATA is remaining optimistic, saying that they are “very confident” that the Senate will vote to suspend the restart provisions. [click to continue…]


    With privately owned driverless cars coming to American roads next year, and an ATA executive’s claim that driverless trucks are “close to inevitable,” truckers in the US should watch with a careful eye the events unfolding in the Netherlands where Dutch lawmakers are starting to lay the groundwork for fully automated commercial vehicles. [click to continue…]