With driver misclassification being an issue across the country, New York State has decided to put its foot down and prevent any further legal debate by passing a fairly clear-cut law on the matter. The new law took effect last week and would impose fines and even jail time on any company who knowingly misclassifies an employee as a contractor. [click to continue…]


“Drivers know when they’re tired and when they’re not – they’re professionals.” Those words were spoken by Rep Markwayne Mullen last week and were directed at FMCSA Administrator Anne Ferro. He followed it up by calling her hypocritical, saying, “Ma’am, no one regulates how many hours you can work.” [click to continue…]


Though there has been quite a vocal outcry by many drivers, not everyone seems to dislike the idea of mandatory Electronic On Board Recorders (EOBRs) in every truck in America. The ATA is supporting the legislation and some executives are already hailing EOBRs as a boon for the industry. [click to continue…]


Just a few months after spending almost four years in jail for his role in a $3.6 million check kiting scheme, Timothy Kephart appears to be at it again. The former CEO of Dart Trucking in Ohio is currently being sued by the U.S. Department of Labor in order to recover money taken from employee paychecks. [click to continue…]


The FMCSA has finally published its long-awaited EOBR proposal just a few days after it received government approval. According to the FMCSA, the supplemental notice of proposed rulemaking (which can be found here) would “improve commercial motor vehicle (CMV) safety and reduce the overall paperwork burden for both motor carriers and drivers.” [click to continue…]


Late Friday night, a Maine truck driver narrowly escaped the flames that consumed his entire truck, only to be picked up by a fellow driver and was almost immediately involved in another accident. As unlucky as the two accidents might seem, Lance Vangel, the driver, is very lucky that he walked away from both incidents without a scratch. [click to continue…]