The annual Operation Safe Driver Enforcement blitz is just around the corner! This year the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance sponsored event will take place between October 19th and October 25th. [click to continue…]


    The family of a truck driver who died as the result of a damaged transmission has been awarded over $3 million dollars as the result of a wrongful death suit brought against the deceased trucker’s employer. [click to continue…]


    Two members of congress have reprimanded the FMCSA in a letter which reminds them that testing drives for sleep apnea is not a mandatory part of a standard medical exam. [click to continue…]


    Some surprising results came out of a poll commissioned by the ATA surveying people’s opinions of truckers and the transportation industry in general. The poll, conducted by Public Opinion Strategies, surveyed 800 voters across the United States. [click to continue…]


    Here at TruckersReport we’re always happy when we get to report on truckers who help out others. In doing so, these truckers often put themselves in harm’s way. Stories like these show off truckers’ kind hearts and willingness to take a break from the ‘time is money’ mindset to maintain their status as the knights of the road. Recently though a trucker showcased not only these attributes but also displayed exceptionally creative problem solving and quick thinking while saving a fellow driver who had been in a wreck. [click to continue…]


    It seems that there may be a disconnect between Wal-Mart and the lawyers who are representing them in the lawsuit that was brought against them over the wreck that killed comedian James McNair and injured Tracy Morgan and others. In a statement released by Wal-Mart back when the accident first occurred, they claimed that they were “committed to doing the right thing for all involved.” Despite this commitment, Wal-Mart lawyers have just claimed that Wal-Mart is not responsible for the death or injuries because the passengers weren’t wearing seatbelts. [click to continue…]