Trucker Slang and CB Radio Lingo


Trucker’s City Nickname
Amarillo, TX Big A
Boston, MA Bean-Town
Chicago, IL Windy City
Chattanooga, TN Choo-Choo
New York, NY Big Apple
Charlotte, NC Queen City
Detroit, MI Motor City
Los Angeles, CA Shaky-Town
Indianapolis, IN Indy 500
Knoxville, TN K-Town
Louisville, KY Derby City
Dallas, TX The Big D
Nashville, TN Guitar
San Francisco, CA Gay Bay
Kansas City, KS Bright Lights
Reno, NV Sin City
St Louis, MO Gateway
Tampa, FL Cigar City
San Antonio, TX Alamo City
Birmingham, AL B Town
Milwaukee, WI Beer Town
Durham, NC Bull City
Houston, TX The Dome
Atlanta, GA Watermelon 500
CB Lingo:
CB Lingo Explanation
Alligator Blown Tire In Road
Alligator Radio CB With “ALL Mouth
and NO Ears”
Ankle Biter Small Child
Antler Alley Deer Crossing
Baby Bear Rookie Cop
Back Door Behind You
Back Door Closed Rear Of Convoy Covered From Police
Back ’em Up Slow Down
Backslide Return Trip
Back Off The Hammer Slow Down
Back Out Driver Has Finished Talking
Bear Police Officer
Barefoot Using An Unmodified CB
Base Station Radio At A Fixed Location
Bear In The Air Police In Helicopter
Bear Bait Speeding Car
Bear Cave Police Station
Bear Trap Stationary Police W/Radar
Beaver Female
Bean Popper Pill Popper
Big R Roadway Express Truck
Bikini State Florida
Big Slab OR Big Road Interstate
Better Half Significant Other (Wife)
Blew My Doors Off Passed With Great Speed
Catch Ya On The Flip Flop See Ya On Return Trip
Full Grown Bear Highway Patrol
County Mounty Sheriff
Clean Shot Road Is Clear Of Police Ahead
City Kitty City Police
Comin In Loud & Proud Strong CB Signal
Bulldog Mack Truck
Bumper Sticker Car Too Close To Bumper
Cash Register Toll Booth
Chicken Coup Weigh Station
Chicken Lights Extra Lights On A Truck
Comedian Center Median Strip
Comic Book Trucker’s Log Book
Covered Wagon Flatbed Truck With Sides And A Top Cover
Diesel Cop DOT
Better Half Spouse
Big Road Interstate
Bird Dog Radar Detector
Big Hole Top Gear
Bobtail Driving Tractor With
NO Trailer Attached
Brake Check Traffic Is Slowing Ahead,  Possibly To A Stop
Break Need Others To Quit Talking On CB To Ask A Question
Chicken Coup Weigh Station
Crotch Rocket Motorcycle
Deadhead Drive An Empty Truck and Trailer To Get A Load Elsewhere
Dispatcher Brains Hauling A Very Light OR Empty Trailer
Dragon Fly A Truck Who “Drags” Up a Hill And “Flies” Down
Double Nickel 55 Miles Per Hour
Dry Box A Plain Freight Trailer With NO Refrigerator, etc.
Evil Kenevil Motorcycle Cop
Flip Flop U-turn OR Return Trip
Four Wheeler Car
Freight Shaker Freightliner Truck
Georgia Overdrive Put Into Neutral Going Down A Hill To Increase Speed
Good Buddy Now Used As A Term For A Homosexual
Granny Lane Slow Lane
Greasy Side Up A Car With It’s Wheels In The Air
Ground Pressure Weight Of A Truck
Hammer Lane Left Lane [Fast Lane]
Hammer Down Move Faster
Hand Driver
Handle CB Nickname
Home 20 Your Home
Landline Wired Telephone
Large Car Very Fast, Nice Truck
Left Coast West Coast
Meat-wagon Ambulance
Motion Lotion Diesel
Parking Lot A Truck Hauling Cars
Pickle Park Rest Area
Pole Cat Skunk
Radio Check Does My Radio Work?
Sesame Street CB Channel 19
Salt Shaker Snow Plow
Shooting You In The Back Police Who Is Backed Up Out Of Sight Hitting You With Radar Where You Can’t See
Short Short Short Time
Shake The Bushes Run Ahead Of Others To Lure Out The Bears
Stand On It Stand On The Fuel Pedal
Taking Pictures Police Using Radar
10-4 OK/Copy
10-33 Emergency
10-20 Location
10-36 What Is Correct Time
Travel Agent Dispatcher
Triple Digit Ride Truck That Can
Exceed 100 MPH
Turkey Day Thanksgiving
Yard Trucking Terminal
Yard Stick Mile Marker
Wally World Wal-Mart
Wiggle Wagons Double OR Triple Trailer Trucks

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97 comments. Add a comment.

  1. Bill Guthrie says

    They left out 10-100 for bathroom break
    and pumpkin for Schneider truck
    Aw shoot, the truckers don’t use the CB anymore anyway. They have GPS for directions and cell phones for communication. High tech rednecks.
    Don’t get me wrong, I drove them things for 23 years and wouldn’t trade any of them for home time.

  2. Cross Country Junkie says

    Some of us still use cbs, I wouldn’t run without one. It’s my best friend besides diesel smoke… At 24 I keep the trucker tradition alive… The way trucking used to be. Courteous, helping out others, picking up thumbers, and cb jabbing. My comic books are always funny, and I roll my hills in Georgia overdrive. I was taught to drive this way. I can only hope maybe we can get things back the way they were long before I was a twinkle in my daddys eye. Keep the dream alive.

    • Craig Muir says

      I agree with you good buddy, im trying to do the same over here in the UK. Im thinkin about moving to the USA as automatic gearboxes are taking over and it aint good atall, automatics are for sissys! Keep her lit good buddy ,Over and out !

  3. Jay Houston says

    SEAT COVER – Female passenger
    CONESTOGA – Flatbed trailer with ribs and soft top
    GREASY STUFF – Snow or Ice
    LOT LIZARD – Truck stop hooker
    THROW SOME ROPE – Secure a flatbed load
    ZIPPER – The broken highway center line (Oversize lingo)
    TOPPED IT – Hit an overhead object with truck, trailer or load
    KEEP THE LEFT DOOR CLOSED – Get to work!
    NORTH BOUND IN THE SOUTH BOUND! – Wrong way driver
    THE HOOK – Flying J truck stop
    And finally… THERE’S A DROP-TOP IN THE HAMMER LANE WITH A SEATCOVER HEADING FOR THE OWL – Convertible car in the fast lane with female passenger with hooters…..

    • DOUG says

      Freight shaker doesn’t necessarily mean freight liner, freight shaker who runs alot of freight, as me and my wife did team driving from east to west coast, were were freight shakers.

  4. David says

    “skateboard” flatbed without anything on it.
    “washer” truck with drink logo on it (ie.. cola, beer, etc….)

  5. Floyd says

    For those of us in or from the midwest where there are an abundance of cattle:

    Bullrack / Cattlewagon: Trailer built to haul livestock
    Salad Bar: Stockyards
    Fat Ladies: Cows Headed to Stockyard to fatten up before going to slaughter.

  6. russ says

    Care bear: construction cop
    Petercar: peterbilt
    K Whop\ K Dub: Kenworth
    Kitty cat: caterpillar motor
    Polar bear: unmarked white cop car
    Cb rambo: all talk, no show
    Rocking chair\ cradle: two truckers who let you slide in between them on the highway…one in front of ya and one behind.
    Driving by braille…..using the bump strip to guide you.
    Fog line: solid white line on the highways.
    Hook truck: tow truck with a sling.
    Mexas: Texas (self explanatory)
    Utardians: bad Utah drivers
    New sneakers: new tires\ treads

    18 wheels connected and always rolling forward 10.4?

    Happy trails drivers!! Catch ya on the flip side

  7. Lead Foot says

    hah thanks guys im goin on a roadtrip and needed to kknow the lingo this site is great.

    And dont forget this one… COFFIN DODGER= Old Person Driving Too Slow

  8. CarmaCowboy says

    These are some good one’s thats for sure..hoe about
    Pickle park (rest area)
    and lets not forget the
    Sugar bear ( Lady cop )
    and I heard a good one about why 4-wheelers drive like morons.
    They are less afraid of dying then we are of loosing our jobs..
    8’s and 6’s and all the good numbers to ya.. keep it between the ditches and be safe driver
    I’m gone

  9. says

    Crotch rocket = Sports motorcycle
    Kitty Whopper = Kenworth
    13 Letter S**t Spreader = International truck
    Radio Rambo = All mouth and disapears when you get close
    Front Door = Riding your direction but farther ahead of you
    Bucket Truck = Dump truck
    Coal Bucket/Car/Box = Truck with dump trailer
    “Here Kitty Kitty” spoken as if you were actually calling a cat = Where are the ladies/female truck drivers
    Crayon = Vehicle
    Broken crayon = vehicle in an accident
    Coloring book = the road or highway (referring to staying between the white and yellow “lines”)
    Yahoo = Idiot doing stupid things on the road (cutting people off, swerving, etc.) and on the CB (usually stereotyping people from midwestern states)
    Zipper lane = The lane were two roads merge
    Split = Where two routes break away from each other in different directions
    Chicken truck = Junky truck, truck with lots of lights/stickers/pictures, truck hauling chickens
    Lunch Box = Box truck with refrigeration unit
    The house = Home
    Dog box = insulated/padded (not very well) engine cover in cabover trucks, bunks, sleepers
    Dog house = In trouble with wife
    The Mrs. = Usually the wife of older drivers or the wife that wear the pants.
    Eye ball = Head light
    Blinker fluid = Turn signals (usually refering to the lack of or non-use of signals)
    Confusion lights = Emergency flashers ( usually referring to a four wheeler on the side of road with a map not knowing which way they’re going)
    Back em up = written at top should be Back em down = slow down slow speed of heavy traffic or stop ahead
    How about ya (example: west bound) = Does anyone have thier radio on I’m looking for some information
    Break down lane = Shoulder lane
    Get off ramp/lane = exit ramp
    get off = exit
    get on = merge lane onto a highway
    little road = secondary road usually single lane
    single stack trash mack with a window in the back = Mack truck day cab (usually worn out and dirty)
    SWIFT = Sure Wish I had a Fast Truck
    Mash on your motor = Speed up the road is clear up to where I am , hurry up I’m not waiting all day for you
    Vulva = Referring to a driver as being a sissy because he drives a Volvo tractor
    Covered wagon = Flatbed with tarps on, flatbed with side kit and full tarp pulled across
    Hot load = A long way to go and a short time to get there
    Banana wagon = Bright yellow truck
    Bagle = Bagle a food that most office jockeys eat, dispatcher
    Ice skate = Truck from Canada
    donut = donut, food of choice for bears on break
    I’ve been on the road to long

  10. M K Pegel says

    Young WF rides cradle west out of Houston to SA.
    Bored by the ride, pulling out of cradle, Front Trucker taps brakes, Back Trucker hits lights; WF returns to cradle.
    Second attempt, bored to the gourd, WF started to pull out of cradle; Truckers repeat the signals..
    Third attempt, WF pulls out of cradle, hits the pedal to the medal reaching the front bumper of Front Trucker. No wonder, these guys aren’t p….g in the wind, there’s a State Patrol car sitting on the First Truckers’ bumper. Laughing, the WF brakes and returns to the cradle; it’s a soft easy ride to San Antonio. True Story.

  11. g mac says

    It’s good to see the lingo hasn’t changed much. My 1986 Lincoln Mark VI had a built in CB. This was way cool as I was doing a lot of cross-country trips at the time. I also had a CB in my Bronco at the time.

    I remember running with a triple digit ride across Nevada at 0200, averaging 110-120 the whole way; we chatted most of the way and luckily never ran across a trooper. I finally ran out of gas; he didn’t.

  12. JR says

    I drive a lot between BC and Alberta in my Dodge 2500. No not a big truck I know. I love and appreciate the way the old time truckers know exactly what they are doing on the road. Respectful, law abiding, let you in, etc! I respect them old boys as they respect me! I also love how some of the trucks look. They really take care of them not like some of the new different drivers.

  13. Don says

    “Brush your hair and comb your teeth, a smokey is taking pictures at the 121″ — Slow down and watch out their is a radar trap at the 121 mile maker”

    “How about an eastbound 94” Is there any east bound traffic going on I-94 (said from a west bound 94 truck looking for information)

    “How’s it look over your shoulder” Any reports of a police car behind you? (said by on coming traffic)

    “How about a smokey report” Any reports of a police car behind you? (said by on coming traffic)

    “It’s clean and green back to the circle city” The road is without any spotted police cars back to Indianapolis.

  14. Bandit says

    City~Kitty – City Cop
    County~Mounty – County Cop
    Papa Bear – State Trooper
    Peter~Car – Peterbilt
    Freight~Shaker – Freightliner
    Skate~Board – Flat~Bed Trailer
    Step~Deck – Trailer With The Front Higher Than The Rest
    Low~Boy – Equipment Trailer
    Lunch~Box – Reefer Trailer
    Dry~Box – Dry/Box Trailer
    Chicken~Coop – Weigh Station
    Hot~Box – Fire Truck Running Code
    Meat~Wagon – Ambulance Running Code
    “Bear~In~The~Air” – Helicopter Cop
    “Wide~Open” – Chicken Coops Are Open
    “Aint Nobody Home” – Chicken Coops Are Closed
    Pickle~Park – Rest Area ~ Or ~ Truck Pull Off
    The Hook – Flying J Travel Centers
    Ice~Skatin’ – Drivin’ On Ice & Snow
    Disco Lights – Emergency Vehicle Displaying Lights
    Back~Her~Down – Slow Or Stopped Traffic Immediately Ahead Of You Or Who Your Talking To
    Hammer~Down – Coast Is Clear For Some Speed
    Granny~Lane – The Slow Lane
    Hammer~Lane – The Fast Lane
    Zipper – The Dotted Lines Between Lanes
    Reading Brail – Riding The Rumble~Strip During Bad Weather
    Swindle Sheets – Paper Log Book Sheets
    Tattle~Tale Box – Quallcomm

  15. John Donlan (a.k.a. "BigRed") says

    Truck drivers are some of the nicest people in the world. When you’re lost, they help you find your way. When you’re broke down, they call in the help for you. When there’s an accident, and no one’s around, it’s a trucker who’ll stop to help. When you’re hitchin’, a trucker provides a ride.

    For the most part, truckers are courteous and careful. They watch out for each other, and they help the ‘little guy’ out too. Whenever I give way to a trucker they always blink their tail lights to say “Thanks buddy!” I thank God for truckers, and I hope to be always in their company on the road! They’re good folks!

  16. alex says

    I agree with “BigRed” Truck drivers are some of the nicest people in the world. I was hitchin’ with my son and they were very good to me. It’s always good to hear someone say that truckers are ‘good people.’ I wish more people would think that way.

  17. Silver Bullet says

    I have loved CB radio since I was 15 years old! I got started in the hobby in 1974 when you still had to have an FCC license “KGX-8238” I have seen many changes on the CB band since then, When I got started in CB people were very respectful and using bad language was frowned upon, and then the CB craze of the mid 70’s began! It was AWESOME!! it was truly one of the best times of my life, I made a lot of good friends that I still have today! I loved the huge “Coffey Breaks” (A huge meeting of fellow CB’ers at a restaurant) It was truly a great social event that stared people talking to each other as never before! It was the original Facebook or MySpace long before the internet! It also for the first time gave the public a new understanding of the hard working truck drives of America! and the challenges they face everyday, Also movies like “Smokey and the bandit” and songs like “Convoy” pushed the CB craze over the top! I only hope future generations will someday rediscover how much fun CB radio is! By comparison today’s methods of social networking over the internet is huge! but texting, chat-rooms and Facebook all lack the fun excitement of CB radio that we all experienced!
    So if your an old CB’er from way back, or new to CB radio, go to a garage sale and pick up a radio for $10.00 and get on the air!! It’s not as huge as it once was, but the people who are still on the air that keep the hobby alive are for the most part great people! Pick up the mic and meet a few of them!!! “You wont be disappointed!”

  18. Denver. aka "Junglecat" says

    G-Vegas – greenville, sc
    just got a new cb. its a simple midland 1001z but i love it already!

  19. Helen says

    I heard a couple of things that I can’t seem to find on the net. “Driving dead in the kitchen” and “driving in the cradle” Like to understand these.

  20. Kelly Ashley says

    SAIL BOAT FUEL…. Running Empty
    COMIC BOOK…….. Log Book
    DOIN THE DEAL…… Speed Limit
    PARKIN LOT…………Car Hauler
    F@$%ING MORONS………Swift Drivers
    TRUCK MASTER………….Brand New CDL Graduates

    There are really way too many to even mention. As A 20 year vet I’ve seen and heard alot of crap on the radio. I still enjoy listening to it and from time to time participating in the jibberish on it. Every time I turn it on it seens as if its the same ol crap that these young new drivers are whining about or “know everything about” but occasionally I will hear an old timer still out here living his dream or stuck in his own nightmare but either way its fun to listen to them. As I said before, after 20 years I still learn a few things from these old guys and I appreciate them and the traditions they have created. If you’re young and think you know it all, just shut yer pie hole a minute and let the old guys teach you a thing or three. It will be a valuable lesson if you listen carefully and just take it with a grain of salt.

    • says

      I couldn’t agree more with shuttin’ up and listenin’! I’ve only been on the road for 6 months, but I love it and I defer to the old timers about things I’m stuck over. It’s like the phrase, “if you don’t know where you came from, you won’t know where you’re going”. Learn from other people’s mistakes and successes to minimize your own mistakes. I don’t care for the new meaning of ‘good buddy’ and don’t use it that way.

      Live the dream ladies and gents! But if you’ve got nothing but complaints, go do something else. I think the political fights and racial crap needs ‘torn up and left on the scales’ (like the swindle sheets in Convoy!).

      I believe in helping each other.

  21. Dom45ACP says

    @wes (&kalbury) I think you’re mishearing “tin in the wind” (i.e. Jerry Reed, “Westbound/Eastbound and Down.”) You’re on the way, your truck (all of its metal) is going down the road.

  22. Brent says

    The bridge- george washington bridge
    The corkscrew- ramp from major deegan i87 to the cross bronx i95
    Merry-go-round- scale at the 95-495 split in md
    Hugging the steering wheel- nervous driver, usually in the northeast for the first time
    Lie book- log book

  23. Allen says

    Hole in the wall = Tunnel
    Corn Binder or 13 Letter Sh1t Spreader = International truck
    Jimmy = GMC truck
    air ride = suspension on the truck or on the seats
    Box seat = non air ride seat
    Condo = truck with double bunk over and under beds
    day cab = truck that is short haul without a sleeper berth
    container = a trailer that detaches from the frame and can be transported by rail
    Pig Pen = hog trailer
    Thermo King = Refrigeration unit on a trailer
    Thick as bugs on a bumper = a lot
    Needing to squirt the dirt = needing a break to urinate
    Party Row = Back row of truck stop
    OK city = Oklahoma City
    Loop = Bypass around major cities
    Recreational Reptile/ Lot Lizard = hooker
    100 MPH pencil = used by dispatcher who schedules loads faster than the truck can deliver
    Cop Shop = Police headquarters
    Shaky Town = Los Angeles
    Cloverleaf = Intersection between 2 major highways
    Pigtail = Electrical connection between truck and trailer
    Recap = Tire that has had tread replaced
    Check my eyelids for cracks = Going to sleep
    Giving my pillow some head = Sleeping
    Clown Car = Load of day laborers carpooling

  24. Redranger says

    Didn’t hear “Roach Coach” in there anywhere (insulated jobsite food truck)
    Or Jumpy Juice (coffee)
    Waterin’ hole (bar)
    Makin sparks, bumper grinder (overweight)
    Road train (truck hauling 2+ tandem trailers)
    Pencil pusher (logging truck)
    masshole (idiot driver from MA or RI)
    Before winter (fall/autumn)
    Winter (winter)
    After winter (spring)
    Road work (summer)

  25. Michael says

    “What your 20?” – what’s your location, “20” is short for 10-20, the “10 code” for location
    “Back down that linear” – reduce the transmissing power from the linear amplifier used for illegally creating a stronger transmitting signal
    “Bear in the air” – police doing speed enforcement from aircraft
    “With a customer” – police officer with someone pulled over
    “Gum ball machine” – rotating lights on police car
    “Got your ears on?” – is your radio on
    “Super slab” – multilane highway

    I had a CB license in the late 1960’s, a Heathkit base station. Used mobile CBs in the 70’s through the 90’s, but it kind of died off when satellite radio came in early 2000’s. I’ll have to dig out my old rig, and see what’s on these days.

    • says

      You’ll find mostly the old timers left and those of us newer guys who long to keep the tradition alive…. but you’ll also find the occasional odd-ball singing… and of course there’s the racial and/or political fights going on between the CB Rambos.

      Mostly, though, it just seems to be dead air. I’ve only had my ears on for about a day now, so hopefully it’ll get better.

  26. Rhinoceros says

    Electric Indian shooting arrows……Electric sign in construction area indicating lane closure
    Baby Schneider……Orange construction barrel

  27. Pinball says

    Zipper – white dotted center line
    Laser Tag- radar
    Three ring circus- DOT check point/with all the trailers
    SWIFT – Sure wish I Finished Training
    CRST- Crash & Roll Stunt Team
    YIELD= Yankee Individual Entering Lane Dangerously

  28. Birdy says

    Full Grown – Is state trooper
    Portable Parking Lot – Is a car hauler
    High Speed Chicken Feed – Is Crystal Meth
    Standing on the Binders- Is hitting your brakes hard
    Side walk sissy – Is a gay person

  29. jason says

    digger- hidden police unit
    carols cream- carols ice cream shop
    paper towel- sheetz gas station
    marty- martin oil station
    string em` up- make a convoy
    barricade- protecting someone from cops
    just some local terms for Altoona Pennsylvania hope it helps yall out

  30. Whiplash says

    Got my tin in the wind – rolling to p/u or del. load.
    Flying hook – Flying J truckstop
    Illegally parked – in the median or in the ditch.

  31. Louisiana1979 says

    Chickens Loose On Scale – Scales closed
    Two things I was fortunate enough not to have to deal with: Lot Lizards and Buffalos.

  32. Casey "Trouble Maker" Loftice says

    Don’t forget about these:
    Draggin’ Wagon- wrecker
    Greasy Spoon- truck stop diner
    Steering wheel holder- rookie driver

  33. Memories says

    My daddy was a long hauler for a bit when I was a kid. I can remember him putting that radio in my hand and teaching me things . My handle was ” shortstop” because that was my position in softball. Yeah those were some good memory’s there. We called the state troopers smokeys tho… Is that still appropriate ? . And good buddy was everyone but now it means a homosexual? My daddy would always say we gotta stop , plop ,and top . Meaning pit stop for bathroom food and filling up. Maybe it was just one he used . It was 24 years ago….
    I’ve never had as much fun talking to a bunch of Long haulers and ” shorties”?? ( local drivers?)… I loved letting them know when to be on the lookout for bears. I didn’t get to see my dad much but when he’d ask if I wanted to go I made it up into that truck faster than he did.
    I say keep the cb going as long as you can… It’s a traditional god given and earned art and the young ones that refuse to participate should be ashamed!
    Stay safe , pull the cord ? ( blow the horn) for ” short stop” here. A girl grown up and still loves the times Rollin in a stinky rattling old heap and squawk talking to some good fellas and felines :)

  34. Snowbird says

    “Schneider Eggs” = Orange and white striped construction pylons
    “Got your ears on” = Are you listening/on the CB channel?
    “Smokey Bear/ Smokies” = Cop

  35. Debbie says

    My dad once told me that I liked driving the “monford” lane (also known as the hammer lane) but he never told me why it was called that. Does anyone know?

  36. Peter says

    About thirty years ago I had a charter boat. One of our constant means of communication was by CB. For a ten year period my CB slang was up to date but with the passage of time I realize it would now be considered 16th century English.

    I have been a writer all these past years and now need to know if there is a new way of describing a CB. We use to call it Mickey Mouse. Is there any other term in present day use?

    I hope someone has answer for me. Cheers, Peter.

  37. Frank says

    I’ve heard a few also in my time. Here are a few I haven’t seen anyone mention.

    Twin screw – tractor with 2 drive axles connected to drive shafts
    Tag – tractor with 2 axles only one connected to a drive shaft.
    Schneider egg – orange road cone
    Evil kineivel – motorcycle cop
    Bear on a bubblegum machine – another term for mc cop
    Deputy dog – sheriff deputy
    Brake check – traffic jam
    Yanker – tanker truck
    Reefer – refrigerated trailer
    Walking the dog – driving as fast as the truck will run
    Mash on it – put on your brakes
    Captured – cop has someone pulled over (normally used in conjunction with other terms)
    Local yokel – city cop
    Seat cover – a chick
    Tom – a dude
    Lot lizard – prostitute
    Buffalo – the guy version of a lot lizard

    That’s all I can think of off the top of my head. Y’all have a good one, keep the shiny side up and the rubber side down.

  38. Floyd says

    Some tanker terms for ya!
    Sand Can: Dry bulk Tanker
    Tin Can: Uninsulated tanker (visible ribs)
    Soup Can: Insulated tanker (no visible ribs)
    Gas Jockey: Fuel hauler
    Toilet on wheels: Septic Truck
    Donut Dunker: City Cop
    Albino Pumpkin: a non-orange Schneider truck

  39. Many Foot says

    F-ing J – Flying J truck stop.
    Hongcouver – Vancouver.
    The Rock Pile – Rocky mountains.
    Between the Mustard and Mayo – keep it between the yellow and white lines.
    Big sprocket – high gear.
    Steerin’ an Gearin’ – driving
    Rollin’ an Strollin’ – leasurly drive or running on time.
    Bungalow bound – going home.
    Banana rack – light spec highway truck with a big bunk.
    Pinch and wicker outfit – rig moving company (winch and picker which is a crane truck)(wicker is a sharp piece of wire sticking out of a worn cable).
    Off roader – heavy spec truck that work in logging or oilfield / Driver of these trucks.
    Highway maggot – driver with no off road experience.
    Jewellery – tire chains.
    Barefoot – driving without tire chains.
    Throw jewellery – put on tire chains.
    All 4’s on – four tire chains on and locked up power divider and both axle locks ready for ice or mud off road.
    Bush man – experienced off road driver.
    Squawk box – CB.
    Paper and Tin – Plates (registration) and insurance.
    Tin in the wind – driving with licence plate on the front or ‘leading the show’.
    Working the north shore – rig moving in the arctic.
    Corduroy – ice road built over logs for a base, muskeg crossing.
    Breaking trail – first truck to go up a road / leading a convoy.
    Rototilling – spinning your wheels but still moving (if you rototilled the hill you spun all the way up).
    Piggybacking – hauling your pilot car and the pilot driver is your passenger.
    Running lights and flags – hauling a wide load.
    Blue cops – RCMP
    Brown cops – DOT
    Yellow cops – Sheriff (white car with a yellow stripe)

  40. Morgan says

    You guys are halarous. There has been alot of people in my family that drives and I want to carry the family legend… There all like… “You cant drive no truck your a girl”!!! Anyway… I can do it! I believe in myself!

  41. Explosion says

    Trains-doubles, usually referring to steel haulers
    centipede-a trailer with 8 axles
    skateboard-a flatbed trailer with axles spread 10 ft apart
    donut-steel coil
    thermos bottle-insulated tankertanker
    suicide jockey-a trucker hauling hazmat
    powder-usually referred to anfo/blasting agents
    thin skin-fuel trailer
    play in the mountains-mountain driving/delivering in the mountains
    incognito-going around the scales
    gearhead-a driver that is mechanically inclined and usually has a nice fast truck
    conastoga wagon-a flatbed trailer with curtain sides or a big tarp rails that folds

    That’s just to name a few. Be safe out there

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