Trucker Traps Cargo Thief In Trailer Until Police Arrive


A trucker who discovered a thief trying to take his cargo during a delivery to a liquor store was able to detain the man until police arrived. His quick thinking allowed him to come up with a simple yet creative solution. It doesn’t matter if a thief has your cargo if they’re locked in your trailer with it!

It was just after 8:00am when officers arrived at Captain Jack’s Liquor Land in Bismarck, North Dakota. They were responding to a report that a young man was trying to steal a load of liquor out of the back of the semi-truck that was delivering it to the store.

According to the trucker, the thief had climbed in to the trailer and was trying to make off with the cargo when he was discovered. The thief told the driver that he was stealing the load, but the driver refused. Instead of putting himself in harm’s way however, the driver just closed the trailer doors and locked them before calling the police.

While he was locked inside, the would-be-thief caused $596 worth of damage by tossing cases of booze around the trailer.

Once police arrived however, they were able to subdue him at gunpoint and make the arrest.


Source: bismarcktribune

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  1. Bo says

    The justice system will probably give him a slap on the butt and turn him loose , just for him to do it again

  2. Desmond says

    When will these fools realize that you can’t keep messing with a truckers money and get away with it.

  3. Geo says

    This is one of those instances where a driver did something for his company, so where’s the follow up to find out what the company did for him for stopping the theft?
    I bet they made him pay for the damaged cases of booze knowing how real life is.

      • Reyquan says

        I beg to differ DWK, he wasn’t hired to be a law enforcement officer or a corrections officer. He was hired to pick up freight from point A, transport and deliver said freight to point B safely, and on time. I’m not saying he shouldn’t have done what he did. I applaud his actions, however he is by no means obligated to risk his own personal safety to confront criminal activity. That’s what the police and other law enforcement entities are for.

  4. MR says

    Get over yourself Geo. The driver didn’t have to pay for the damages. What the heck kind of people you working for? The driver did what he thought was the right thing to do. Does he need to be compensated for doing the right thing? Come on man lay off the boo boo and just let the story be what it is.

  5. Mind Games says

    Many companies would have fired the guy because he confronted the guy.
    And I’m sure this guy got done the same way or they at least thought about it.
    No he did not try to fight the guy but he did speak to the guy instead of simply calling the cops.
    Yes we all know it’s wrong but we also know who’s running the country… Lawyers!

  6. Kirby says

    I used to want to be a truck driver. Not anymore. You people are some of the most negative, grumpiest people I’ve ever seen. This is a ‘feel good’ story but you all look for the negative side (“probably got fired”, “probably made him pay for damaged liquor”, etc).
    There are negatives to EVERY JOB. You people act like you are screwed over six ways from Sunday every minute of every day. If it’s that bad, QUIT!
    Y’all seriously need to re-examine your life and attitudes about it. Just sayin’.

  7. Kaiyla says

    Hopefully the thief doesn’t know enough that he can sue for false imprisonment. And he’s not in a state like Florida where people have won lawsuits against homeowners for things like this

  8. Brian lusk says

    Driver: What are you doing?
    Thief: I’m stealing this load!
    Driver: Oh! Okay then! Thanks! (Doors slam) Bye! Have Fun! Good Buddy!
    Driver is a Genious!
    Thief should “STUPID!” Tattooed on his forehead in Big Letters

  9. Jerry says

    No citizens arrest, as it has to be a felony for a citizen to make an arrest of its illegal.

    No false imprisonment either, because the driver has a obligation to protect the freight, which includes closing the doors and locking them, whether someone is in there or not, to protect from theft.

    Both of those laws cover all 50 States BTW.

    Now if it was a reefer trailer, and the driver turned the trailer on with the intention to cause discomfort, he/she could be both prosecuted, and find him/her self in civil court as well.

    • Gumby says

      If alcohol is involved it becomes a Felony. Beer,Wine,Spirits are controlled by Federal Law. ATF will take care of this thief.

    • J Ossowski says

      If the cargo travelled across state lines, and I’d bet at least some of it did, it would then be a felony, if not for the attempted theft then for the damage.

    • John says

      The difference between a misdemeanor or a felony is the dollar amount of the theft or in this case attempted theft. Since the thief said he was stealing the load the total value of the load would be a factor and in this case could be prosecuted as a felony.

    • J Ossowski says

      Not the BATFE, just local authorities unless someone got smart and charged him with interfering with interstate commerce, assuming at least one bottle on the trailer had crossed a state line.

  10. Henry says

    First alcoholic beverages are regulated by the federal government and until delivered are under the protection of federal government hince the federal seals that are on trailers transporting the beverages and it’s already a felony under federal law when the thief climbed into the trailer so this guy most likely will have bigger fish to fry than worrying about wether he can sue the truck driver

  11. Ray says

    Dam! Eather the theft simply ignored the driver or the driver knocked him out first. It takes a bit of time to close barn-doors in which the bad guy had lots of time to jump out. Or was it a roll up door? I could see getting one of those down in short order but not barn doors.

  12. Roadbro says

    I have a friend who did the exact same thing in the Bronx and was charged with Unlawful Imprisonment. Granted it was a refrigerated trailer. He saw the guy, from his passenger mirror, open the trailer door and try to steal meat. He snack around the passenger side and closed the door and called police. He was charged.

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