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Roadmaster 160 Hour Commercial Truck Driver Training

City Bethlehem

Training Commercial Truck Driver Training

Course Length 4 weeks or 11 weeks

Student Driving the Truck 50 hours

Cost $6,995 - Financial Aid Available

Pia Jump Start Training Center – Pittsburgh / Mifflin

City West Mifflin

Training Jump Start Program for CDL-A

Course Length 28

Student Driving the Truck 20 hours

Cost $5,295

Northampton Community College Driver Training Program

City Tobyhanna

Training Class A Truck Driving Program

Course Length FT: Day program 6 weeks / PT: Night program 8 weeks

Student Driving the Truck 44 hours minimum

Cost $4,200

Lancaster County Career & Technology Center

City Mount Joy

Training Truck Driver Training Program

Course Length 5 weeks [200 hours]

Student Driving the Truck 40 hours minimum between range and road

Cost $5,383

DCS School of Driving, LLC

City York

Training CDL Class A Truck Driving

Course Length FT: 5 weeks day class (40 hrs/week, Mon-Fri 8am-4:30pm) PT (2 options, evenings or weekends): 8 weeks evening class (25 hrs/week, Mon-Fri 5pm-10pm) OR 12 weeks weekend class (18hrs/week, Sat/Sun 8am-5pm)

Student Driving the Truck 44 hours

Cost $5,000

All-State Career School – Pittsburgh

City West Mifflin

Training Class A CDL Advanced Tractor Trailer Driver

Course Length 6 months

Student Driving the Truck 60 hours

Cost $10,200

All-State Career School – Lester

City Lester

Training Class A CDL Advanced Tractor Trailer Driver

Course Length 6 months

Student Driving the Truck 60 hours

Cost $10,200

AAA School of Trucking – Philadelphia Campus

City Philadelphia

Training CDL A Tractor-Trailer

Course Length 4 weeks

Student Driving the Truck 80 hours

Cost $2750 - $5500

AAA School of Trucking – Harrisburg Campus

City Harrisburg

Training CDL A Tractor-Trailer

Course Length 4 weeks

Student Driving the Truck 80 hours

Cost $2750 - $5500

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People of Pennsylvania looking for a career change can enter the truck driving industry. Working as a trucker will offer a significant number of benefits to them. The trucking companies of the state are ready to pay reasonable wages to qualified truck drivers for hauling loads to different parts of the country. According to recently obtained statistics, around 70% of the country’s total freight is carried by trucks. This creates new job opportunities for truckers almost every day. Below, you will find the benefits you can expect while working as a trucker. Read through them and decide whether you should join a trucking school providing truck driver training in Pennsylvania.

Reasonable pay: Trucking companies hire drivers for an annual salary between $36,525 and $45,602. In addition to that, these companies also often offer bonuses and raises to the truck drivers. The long-haul truckers are the ones who enjoy maximum benefits. Most trucking companies offer bonuses to their employees for reliability and safe driving. There are also special bonuses that are offered for carrying a certain amount of load or covering a certain distance. Moreover, upon completion of a predetermined probationary period, the truckers are offered substantial pay hikes.

Employee benefits: The employee benefits offered to truckers may include medical, prescription medication, vision and dental coverage. Some companies also offer retirement and life insurance plans. There are also instances when the truck drivers are rewarded with paid trips by their employers.

Flexibility: A number of trucking companies in Pennsylvania allow the truckers to work on a flexible schedule. Drivers are also sometimes allowed to choose the haul type they would be driving. Depending on their ability or preference, truckers can decide whether they will take up a long distance run, a regional run or a local run.

Job security: Job stability is one of the most prominent features of working in the trucking industry. Once you become a licensed truck driver, there will be very little chance that you’ll struggle to get a truck driving job. This is because trucking companies in the United States, including those of Pennsylvania, are always in need of new drivers. Your chances of getting better paying truck driver jobs will increase even further after driving trucks safely for a few years.

The opportunity to explore new places while working: Commercial drivers going for long distance runs are automatically awarded with the opportunity of exploring unknown places even when they are on duty.

If you feel like changing your career after looking through the benefits of working as a truck driver, your first job would be acquiring a CDL, or commercial driver’s license. To get this license, you will have to pass an exam. Aspirant truckers join trucking schools that provide truck driver training in Pennsylvania for making the process of obtaining a CDL easier. The CDL training provided in these schools will educate you about the skills a person needs to have for working as a truck driver. You will also be introduced to the rules a trucker must take into account while driving heavy equipment.

Most aspiring truck drivers opt for joining truck driving schools that are approved by a trucking company. How does this help? This ensures that they will be hired by the trucking company after completing the training and getting the CDL. In order to find out which CDL school is approved by a specific company, you should first shortlist a few trucking companies, which you want to get as your future employer. Then, call them up or visit their offices to find out the names of the CDL schools they have approved. Now, you have all the facts you need. Pick the company you would like to work at after receiving the CDL and get enrolled at the truck driving school approved by them.

On performing thorough research, you will also come across trucking companies that have CDL schools of their own. Attending the training classes in these schools also guarantees a job in the company after you complete the training. To get trained in these schools, you will need to spend a maximum of $3,000. On the other hand, a private CDL training school charges a minimum of $5,000 for each student for providing truck driver training in Pennsylvania. You can apply for financing of these training programs in case you cannot pay the fees out of pocket. There are also some trucking companies that reimburse the amount spent for CDL training once you join them as an employee.

Individuals who complete truck driver training in Pennsylvania and pass the CDL exam are rewarded with a commercial driver’s license. Once you have your CDL, you are ready to work as a professional truck driver. You may already have a job if you completed your CDL training from a trucking company approved CDL school, or you’ll have to search for one. Whatever the case may be, the steps you will have to complete after joining the trucking company as a driver would be the same. The company will give you a definite hiring date. From the very next day, you will have to again attend several training sessions. The first one would be orientation training. The orientation training will go on for 4 days. Next, the new driver will be asked to go for on-road driving along with an experienced trucker. This step is called driver training and the trucker accompanying the new driver is called the driver trainer. The maximum time period for which the driver training can go on is 8 weeks. Nearly all new drivers complete this step within 3 weeks, after which he or she is allowed to operate commercial trucks and vehicles on his or her own. It’s the duty of the driver trainer to assess whether the new drivers have developed enough skill and power for operating heavy equipment absolutely on their own. Unlike the regular truckers, the truckers undergoing driver training are not paid on a per mile basis. They receive a maximum weekly wage of $500.