WSDOT: How Do You Feel About Tolls?


According to the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT), your opinion matters! They’re looking for comments on a proposal that would make a portion of Interstate 90 into a toll road.

I’m really not sure what reactions they’re expecting. What trucker is going to call them up and tell them that they really just have too much cash and would like to spend more of it on tolls? Well, like it or not, we do have to keep our highways maintained somehow, so rather than just flooding their inbox with thousands of “no” answers, we should take a look at what they’re trying to accomplish.

The WSDOT is trying to fill a funding gap of approximately $1.4 billion in the State Route 520 bridge replacement project. There’s no way around it, the bridge is getting replaced, so telling them not to isn’t going to be helpful. Their options are really either to cut $1.4 billion worth of funding from some other project, raise the existing tolls, or, as they propose, start tolling a new section of highway.

In fact, the WSDOT claims that the tolling would actually help resolve some current problems. According to their proposal, since the tolling would be all-electronic it wouldn’t cause any meaningful delays in travel. The proposal also notes that tolling I-90 would encourage local drivers to use alternate routes and help alleviate congestion on the roads.

If you have any input to give on the project, let the WSDOT know what’s on your mind by filling out their form here.


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  1. RonSr says

    Since our Tax money built the Interstate system in the beginning there should never be a toll on any of them, if companies refuse loads to States like New York that have heavy tolls on most of their usable roads then you would see toll booth coming down fast, they can neither eat nor wear that toll and when the shelves at the grocery store are empty you will see a change, this would happen if no delivery’s were made for 4 days.

  2. Paul Brittell says

    A few years ago they wanted to put tolls on the I-90 bridge. The federal government said no. they paid for the bridge, and tolls are not allowed on federal roads. They built a 2nd bridge on the Tacoma narrows. Put a toll on it and it keeps going up. They put tolls on the 520 bridge and they increase the rate 2 to 3 times a year. Always up. You have to ask where does all this toll money. The 520 bridge toll is paying cracked and leaking concrete pontoons that will float and keep the bridge from sinking. They put tolls on the Hwy 167 for the diamond lane. That price goes up and down due to traffic volume. Where does all that money go? If you drive by a city or state construction crew working on the street. What do you see? ONE guy working and 4 or 5 standing around watching, talking leaning on their shovel. Maybe they should eliminate the 4 or 5 guys standing and watching, and keep the worker who is the only worker. Probably save $150.00 to $200.00 a hour. When budget cutting comes along they lay off the firemen/police, and keep the construction guy. When everyone is broke from all these tolls, we’ll still have crappy roads, bridges falling apart, and shinny tolls booths

  3. George says

    The money WADOT is trying to make up is the billions and zillions of dollars that have been blown to dust by the light rail and sound transit black hole.

  4. Jerry says

    Hello, Lived in Nothwest over 40 years. nothing the WADOT, FEDS, or any other gov agencey will ever fill the black hole of Gov spending they could make the entire US Highway system toll roads and it will never be fixed. The only section of Interstate Highway that is in good order is the I 84 from Portland to Hermiston,OR because of the Seneic Area Act. Stop hiring the low bidder with their inferior products for road profit and hire companies with proven road construction durabilty for at least 10 warrenty.

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