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    Ok since I mentioned arthritis from the neck down some may wonder how I ended up with it all over.

    Doing 26 Knots in 30 foot seas for 900 miles to rescue a Polish Fisherman cause his own allie turn their back on him Chasing down a coastal Frieghter with 365 bales of Pot and the ship going down in the troff but your body did not keep up with the motion and when you do stat to go down to meet the deck it on it way back up so you slam down on the deck cause some rich guy did not want to abandon his sailboat when help was offered, or racing across the Aleutian Islands to a Plane crash between Kiska Island and Attu Island from Dutch Harbor. 13 years of that type of treatment takes it toll. If you seen the TV show Deadest Catch, I seen those ship in real life at Sea.
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    Ah, that’s the corporate web site for WD40.

    The home page is at and the page I linked to is found under the About Us > Myths Legends Fun Facts item on the menu. I would think they might know a thing or 2 about their product.

    But go ahead and believe whatever you want.
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    See a Rheumatologist asap before the damage becomes permanent. You may have an autoimmune disease.
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    Get a cortisone shot
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    I have known quite a few that swear by using wd 40 both for authritus and fishing, maybe it is the oil trailing off the bait that makes it work, who knows.

    I hauled hot oil for years, and it is the best I have found for getting it off of anything, including my hands.
    As far as penetrating oil, it is quite possibly the worst product available for that use.
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    My family doctor sent me to a Rheumatologist around 2002 The moment she heard the words trucking and moving 48K in a few hours if need be etc she placed a finger top of my sternum and two finges about a inch below and to left top of same.

    Then she added pressure. I added the OUCH.

    In those days it called "Small Joint" Arthritis and if you needed to wok on it, you had learn how to bypass the other areas where you are also sick. That knife into my chest wall, I could have gotten mean enough to clock her. She saw that too. After some explaining so that I don't get lumped in with anger management classes... (Way to go, you increase the aggravation from people unable to be properly angry over any situation that demands it.)

    RA is a particularly dangerous enemy, from what I can understand that as it progresses your joints are bone on bone.
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    A friend of mine runs a huge padded steering wheel cover to help with his arthritis. Say it helps him a lot.
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    Be carefullof the foods you eat. I was on celebrix for my hip and knee and it was ruining my stomach. I'm getting a new hip shortly but still have it in other joints. I stopped all the processed and big farm raised beef. It is high in omega 6 and low in omega 3. Omega 6 promotes inflammation in our bodies, omega 3 reduces it. Grass raised and grass finished beef is MUCH lower in omega 6 and higher in omega 3. Best way to get it is eat a lot of cold water fish. I did that and found a good fresh omega 3 suppliment ND take 2 a day. No more celebrix just some Tylenol for pain management now.
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